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Ex-CSI Star, Gary Dourdan, Arrested For Ecstasy Possession

You would think he would have got it down to a science by now. Didn’t learn anything from your time with forensics? Ex-CSI actor Gary Dourdan was arrested early morning yesterday in L.A for ecstasy possession. He apparently had “a few pills” on him when cops got to him around 3.30am. Someone had called into to report that the actor had crashed into two parked vehicles. Gary was booked at a nearby police station and released around noon on $10,000 bail.

Needless to say, he’s pretty stupid to drive when that amped up. This isn’t the first time he’s been in trouble with the law regarding drugs, either. Gary was found with┬ácocaine, heroin, ecstasy and prescription pills on his person after police found him asleep in his car in Palm Springs back in 2008. He was discovered around 5 am then. parked on the wrong side of the road, was subsequently arrested and released on $5,000 bail. Prices have gone up since then! Clean your act up, Dourdan. This is really dumb behavior.

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Laurence Fishburne Leaving CSI Despite Plot Cliffhanger

Unresolved plot threads? Sounds like a problem for someone who gives a crap! Laurence Fishburne is leaving CSI, according to Deadline, despite the opportunity to renew his contract. The Matrix actor joined the cast in 2008, following the departure of long time lead William Petersen. Fishburne has two high profile movies, Thurgood and Contagion, planned for release this year. Coincidentally, Law & Order SVU lead Christopher Meloni also decided to not to return to his hit crime procedural for the 2011-2012 season.

While the site’s source doesn’t sound shocked, “nobody expected him to be on the show for 7 years, it’s Laurence Fishburne,” they obviously didn’t see it coming when they filmed last season’s finale, in which his character murders a serial killer in cold blood. Apparently any resolution to that plot will have to happen off screen, presumably with his Ray Langston being sent to the slammer unseen. Hopefuly CBS will remember this lesson with Ashton Kutcher—Charlie may have been on a plane to Paris at the end of last season, but Two And A Half Men can’t hope to be so lucky again.

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Justin Bieber Shot To Death On CSI

Between Justin Bieber‘s abortion comments and countless Never Say Never premieres we almost missed the kid getting blown away on CSI last night. Thankfully, the folks at Popdust crafted a suitable memorial, slowing down Bieber’s bloody prime-time death and tacking on Imogen Heaps‘s “Hide and Seek” for good measure. If you think his stance on health care is anti-American, wait until you see him pull a piece on our boys in blue!

Apparently the producers originally planned to blow Bieber’s Jason McCann up (“badass,” tweeted Bieber about the role), but decided on a less “grisly” ending—though it’s hard to imagine a fate grislier than what he gets in the clip. Hopefully this won’t be his last appearance as a murderer. Maybe Bieber would consider playing Patrick Bateman in American Psycho: The College Years?