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Betty White Turns 91 And Is Still The Cutest Person On The Planet! Here Are 25 Pics To Prove It

Betty White Celebrates Her 91st Birthday

Betty White turns 91 years young today, and she is still without question the cutest human being in the known universe, ever, of all time, period, end of story. Don’t believe us? Then just head down to the gallery below and check out our collection of her 25 most adorable photos. Sure there are a zillion cute pics, but if we didn’t cap it at 25 we might be working on it until her 92nd birthday. So 25 it is!

Betty’s a lover of puppies, hot dogs, Christmas, stuffed animals,  romps in the snow and (apparently) shirtless buff dudes. What’s not to love?! This year the world was gifted with a wax statue of everyone’s favorite Golden Girl (sorry Rue), thus giving us twice the sweetness – but nothing compares to the real thing. So here’s to you Betty, and may you be here for another 91 birthdays! And we’d like to take this opportunity to ask if you’d consider adopting our entire editorial department. Please?


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Robert Downey Jr.’s Avengers Success Pales In Comparison To The Cuteness Of Baby Son Exton

Robert Downey Jr. Shows Photos Of  Baby Exton On Leno

Robert Downey Jr. has been on a roll recently (despite what some New York Times reviewers might claim!), what with The Avengers pulling in $18.7 million on their opening night and everything. All of that pales in comparison, however, when stacked up against the little adorable pumpkiny- blob that is RDJ’s three-month-old son Exton Elias, who the actor proudly showed off on Leno last night. “I would get in huge trouble. I have to exercise just a little restraint. I’m sorry. I mean. . .if you want me to, I will,” the Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows star slyly joked. He then revealed two baby photos with glee, reminding us that, in the end, all of that Iron Man money is just a means to buy more tiny soft hats.

“He’s so darn cute, isn’t he?,” Downey sighed to Jay. Exton is RDJ’s only child with wife Susan Downey; the actor also has son Indio with ex-wife Deborah Falconer, who’s cuteness must have made Natural Born Killers seems like just another way to finance a constant stream of fresh onesies. Either way, good thing Downey is already signed on to shoot Iron Man 3 . Tiny socks the size of a Sacajawea dollar coin don’t buy themselves, you know!

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Josh Hutcherson’s Pit Bull Pup Joins Our Long List Of Squee-Inducing Celeb Pets

If you could hear us right now, you might suspect we’d run a marathon up the side of Mt. Everest. If you could see us, however, you’d know we would never, ever, ever do that, and are instead hyperventilating over how insanely cute Josh Hutcherson looks with his new puppy in these photos on ONTD. “Way to go Josh! Josh just adopted a Blue Pit puppy from a pit rescue!!,” the Hunger Games actor’s official fan Facebook page said today. “Thanks to Josh, he now has a full stomach, warm bed and a loving owner!” Seriously, would you just look at those little eyes and that adorable nose!? And the dog’s cute too! Just kidding! Just kidding again; we really do want to eat both their faces, but in a nice way.

Of course, Josh isn’t the first famous dog owner to give us a cuteness-induced asthma attack. In fact, he is now one of many in our 30 (now 31) cutest celeb pets gallery. Just as a warning: if you go through this entire gallery, you will squee so much you lose consciousness.

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Ready Your Ovaries For Detonation: Bieber Duets With His Toddler Sister

3…2…1…Squeeeee! Justin Bieber has picked you out something nice for the holidays,, and it’s cuter than eight puppies pulling a kitten Santa Claus in a tiny sleigh through a daycare center. A daycare center that cares only for babies that laugh too much. And then maybe there’s a baby duckling in there for good measure. During his Justin Bieber: Home for the Holidays concert special in Toronto, Justin brought his three-year-old sister Jazzy on stage for a heart-meltingly (and, okay, ear-splittingly) cuddly duet of “Baby.” It will make your heart grow three sizes this day….and your ear drums basically close of. Which only makes the video that much cuter. It’s like we always say: every time an adorable toddler shrieks, Justin Bieber gets his wings.

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Selena Gomez And The Biebs Channel Their Inner Brangelina

How amazing would it be to be rich and famous enough to rent adorable chubbular infants at your leisure? “Hey girl, let’s go hang out at the park and have a picnic. I’ll bring, I don’t know, half a dozen assorted babues?” We won’t even pretend we aren’t squee-ingly jealous of this Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez baby photo, which Biebs posted to InstaBieber. Look at those cute smiles and teeny little outfits. And the babies look cute too! “Brangelina 2.0 hahahahahaha,” Justin joked under the picture. Oh man, Justin, you are fulfilling so many people’s fantasies. And destroying so, so many more.

[Photo: InstaBieber]

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Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Brought His Adorable Dog On Fallon For You

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling’s Jimmy Fallon interview was super cute last night, probably because he knew you’d be watching it today. While visit the show to promote his upcoming movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, your boyfriend brought his floppy dog George along to the set, complete with a sock over his leg to prevent him from chewing on his foot. Ryan even taught that dog to eat an adorable apple as opposed to a big sloppy bowl of Alpo for you. The only reason we don’t think Ryan is a cyborg programmed to make us fall in love with him are those loafers. No man can be completely perfect.

If earlier  this week you were wishing you were a middle-aged weather man after Ryan Gosling lifted Al Roker a la Dirty Dancing, today you’ll wish you were a Turkish bath employee, who’s stomach apparently got wedged in Ryan’s mouth during a scrub-down, according to his anecdote. ““Don’t judge me, but you know how when you eat something weird your brain sends your tongue to investigate?” Gosling timidly admitted. Oh, to be that hairy, sweaty man-belly for a day!

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Knox And Viv: Darling Squared


In today’s edition of the “The Jolie-Pitts Do Venice,” we’re presented with the littlest of the brood going to and from lunch with the ‘rents, via gondola of course. The chubby-cheeked 20-month-olds were stylishly bundled with Knox in a leather bomber coat and Vivienne in a gray peacoat. Both tots carried their blankies and donned winter caps. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again; dang, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie make cute babies! [Photos: Splash News]

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