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Step Up Revolution Wants Your Dance Moves For Their Virtual Flashmob

Step Up Revolution is the latest dance film in the now-iconic Step Up franchise, which we can all thank for giving us the glory that is Channing Tatum’s taut backside. The new movie is a romance (yay) set in Miami (caliente!), with Kathryn McCormick as an aspiring dancer who falls in love with a sexy dance mob leader, played by Ryan Guzman. To celebrate, the stars of the film are leading the internet in a virtual flash mob, and they need you to dance your little hearts out on video for them. Film and tweet your moves using the hashtag #stepupmob and you may be featured in the new music video for Timbaland‘s “Hands In The Air.” Sounds fun to us! Watch the video above to learn the steps and read below the jump for more deets.

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Benjamin Millepied Busts A Move For YSL

This sprightly high-kicker happens to be  Benjamin Millepied, Natlalie Portman‘s fiance and babydaddy. We were wondering what the hell he was doing busting ballet moves out on the streets of New York, but as it turns out, he’s shooting a commercial for YSL.  It’s a good thing Benjamin’s a ballet hotshot, because those moves could seriously damage a guys, uhhh, equipment. Not that there’s any problem with twinkletoes here, considering Natalie’s walking around with a massive baby bump. We wonder how many people he freaked out while filming this. It’s not often that you see a dude prancing around doing Swan Lake on the streets. Or is it? Hey… it’s New York!

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James Franco To Direct Dance Show, Be Most Productive Person Alive

We want an Excel spreadsheet that is labeled, color-coded and cross-referenced with exactly how  James Franco spends his time down to the minute. Mere days after we find out about Franco’s doctorate program at University of Houston, word of James Franco’s dance-theater directorial debut pops up in the internet. It literally takes us 2 1/2 hours to pull ourselves together to go to the gym; the Your Highness star could get an associate’s degree in half that time, plus do re-shoots on Rise of the Planet of the Apes without breaking a sweat. Oh how we resent him for his efficiency!

In addition to directing the multi-media show entitled “Collage” at the Stella Adler studios in New York City next month, Franco will narrate the piece, which is reportedly a mix of dance, theater, poetry and music. Which we’re sure Franco wrote himself, in the amount of time it took us to wait in line at Taco Bell.

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Elisabetta Canalis Looks Hot, Sounds Less Hot During “Like A Boy” Dance

It’s pretty clear what George Clooney looks for in a girl having seen Elisabetta Canalis dance to Ciara’s “Like A Boy,” which she performed at the closing night of the 61st Italian Song Festival in San Remo, Italy. George’s girl looks so fierce with her black leotard and cane, we don’t even have time to wonder why a four-year-old American pop song was being performed an Italian concert in 2011. The vocals, however, have us wondering if Ciara is doing a spit-take in front of her computer right now. Put down your coffee before you press play, girl! We’re sure it’s just the audio, but don’t the first few lines sound like twelve different women thought it was their turn to sing, and then also they forgot what language they were speaking?

Elisabetta bumps and grinds through Ciara’s hit, finally stripping off her erotic tuxedo jacket to remind all of Italy what we already knew: Canalis looks great if the number of pieces of clothing she has on hovers around one. Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered what Clooney sees in the Italian model and dancer, we refer you now and forever to the full split at 1:27, which also explains why Canalis was unable to incorporate pants in her wardrobe selection.

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Mila Kunis On Her Extreme Black Swan Weight Loss: “All You Saw Was Bone”


Black Swan, the holiday film we’ve all been waiting for, is coming out next week and to get you ready, here’s more upsetting news about Mila Kunis’s Black Swan weight loss. Though Mila’s spoken about their punishing ballet routines before, now she admits that weeks of intense practice drove her weight down to a minuscule 95 lbs. Meaning she lost, what, three pounds? We gained that much just looking at pictures of pie online this morning.

Says Kunis, “My mom freaked out, She was like, ‘You have to promise me this isn’t going to affect you.’ I was like, ‘I promise it won’t, but it might take me a little time to be OK with having a little more fat on me.'” After seeing the toll the movie took on her body, Mila had to admit, “I could see why this industry is so f****d up, because … I would literally look at myself in the mirror and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I had no shape, no boobs, no ass … all you saw was the bone. I was like, ‘This looks gross.'” Ew, that’d be like looking in the mirror each morning and seeing a left-over Halloween decoration. Or Rachel Zoe.

However, despite the fact that Mila had the sensual appeal of a coat rack during filming, she claims her Black Swan sex scene with Natalie Portman is still going to everything we hoped for. Says Kunis, “In real life, I looked disgusting, but in photographs and on film, it looked amazing.” The magic of movies! In real life those ladies might look like two broomsticks tumbling around in a cement mixer; on screen they look like $12.50 well-spent (does not include popcorn/soda expenses). [Photo: Getty Images]

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Michael Jackson Gets His Own Cirque Du Soleil Show


A Michael Jackson World Tour in 2011? Leave it to the Cirque Du Soleil people to make miracles happen. A year and a half after the King of Pop’s death, the famed acrobatic illusionists are building a big-top event around his music and signature dance moves.

Aptly dubbed “The Immortal World Tour”, the production is slated to kick off in the Cirque’s native Canada next fall. It will then circle the world before ending up permanently at the MGM Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, the current home Beatles-themed Cirque show, Love.

Some fans worry that the show might not do MJ justice, but we hear Jackson’s legacy is in good hands. Michael’s mother Katherine  Jackson has given her blessing, and it will be choreographed and directed by former Jackson backup dancer Jamie King. More recently, King as has directed tours for Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin and Madonna.

What do you think? Will a dozen of the best dancers in the world be able to measure up to a single Michael Jackson? We think not. But we’re still excited anyway!

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