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Rihanna Is Sad That She Doesn’t Get Any Booty Calls

Even though she’s officially been named the Sexiest Woman Alive, Rihanna still deals with the ups and downs of dating just like the rest of us. The singer recently stopped by Ellen, where she donned a snuggie and discussed her (strong) feelings on the single life. “It sucks!” she says. “I’m not dating at all. It’s kind of whack.” She fears that her prestigious title, fame and consistent lack of pants might scare off any potential suitors. “I would say at times it can be intimidating, but then it’s no good,” she explained. “I can’t have guys that are intimidated by me.”

So what does the Barbadian beauty look for in a man? “I like men that are more aggressive,” she revealed. “I like them to be sure of themselves and know that you’re the man. I’m the lady and the only way for us to make this work is for us to play our role. … I can’t be the man for you.” You’d think that dudes would be lining up to be Riri’s man, but sadly her career makes looking for love extremely difficult.

“I do put a lot into my job; most of my time if not all of it. … It definitely affects my personal life,” she said. And she feels it, both in her heart and in, err, another place too. “My personal life is pretty much non-existent, which is not good, not for the long run. Not for me, not for ‘her,'” she says, pointing to her crotch. “It’s not fun. That’s why I stay on Twitter a lot, so I can [chat] with my fans. Because I don’t get any booty calls.” Are “booty tweets” a thing yet? At least she channeled her sexual frustration into making her new record Talk That Talk one of the naughtiest albums in pop history!

But Rihanna doesn’t let her relationship woes get her down. After talking with Ellen she wheeled on over to the X Factor stage and tore into a killer version of her latest hit single, ‘We Found Love’. Check out the vid under the jump!

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Courteney Cox Arquette Offered $1 Million To Be Official Queen Of The Cougars

The ink has barely dried on David Arquette’s thousands of apology letters and already the cougar community is roaring to claim wife Courteney as their queen. Following the news of their separation, Courteney Cox Arquette was offered a $1 million contract to represent, a dating site for older lady “cougars” looking for younger male “cubs” and oh god, is that Aunt Karen on here?! Considering the couple is not technically divorced yet, we doubt Courteney will go for it. And guys, didn’t she just say she didn’t want to be anybody’s mother? We know this isn’t exactly the same, but we’re sure Freud would say we’re close.

The contract, should she sign it, would require Courteney to voice 12 radio ads, appear in 4 TV ads, and make at least 30 public appearance over the course of the year. Dang, that’s a lot of work! We though cougaring was all about squeezing into leopard skin dresses and chugging mai tais. Who knew? We say go for it, Courteney. The worst that could happen is that you’ll make a million dollars. Besides that, you’ll be helping people like your friend whose name rhymes with Shmennifer Shmaniston find hot young studs to be dumped by.

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Liam Neeson Is Dating Again, A Year After Wife’s Death


It’s always great to see people picking themselves up after suffering a crippling tragedy. When actress Natasha Richardson passed away a year and a half ago, the news was shocking. We can only imagine how hard it was for her husband, Liam Neeson and their families.

That’s why this puts a smile on our faces: Neeson is now dating Freya St. Johnston. She’s a U.K.-based PR exec and also has two kids, like Neeson. You know you’re cool when your ex gives you a great recommendation. Her ex, a bloke called Matt Winton, nicely, but also kinda randomly, has said, “She’s a wonderful person and a fantastic mother. She takes life seriously in a free-spirited kind of way.”

This is totally like his character in Love Actually, where he’s hit hard because of losing his wife but eventually, things start looking up for him again. Good luck, you two!

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Jessica Simpson’s Boyfriend Skips Grad School To Spend More Time Listening To Her Fart


Someone needs to tell Jessica Simpson to stop thinking with her hormones. Her new boyfriend, ex-NFL player, Eric Johnson is obviously giving her lots of lovin’ (heehee, he used to play tight-end). This picture and message tweeted by J.Simp is evidence of that. She gushed, “Romance 101..getting kissed by my Yalie…me not lookin’ so smart…:) but YUM!”

Eric is apparently a secret nerd, but he’s dropped the idea of going to Wharton for the MBA program (yeah,Wharton) so he can spend more time with his lady love. A source says, “There were a lot of factors that went into his decision. Jessica supports him in whatever he wants to do. He has a lot going on.” Oh come on…it was totally her! She’s so not going to let him get away and you know it. They can’t take sexy time off in Italy if he’s plugging for a mid-term. Jessica Simpson ALWAYS wins (unless pitted against John Mayer, natch).

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Daniel Radcliffe’s Mystery Girl Revealed

Daniel Radcliffe‘s mystery lady is a mystery no more. We were miffed that Harry was hanging out with people other than us, and were wondering who his latest “friend” is. She’s 19-year-old Olivia Uniacke and she and DanRad have history!

Turns out her real dad, Robert Uniacke is a total society man, who happens to be dating actress Rosamund Pike. Her step-dad David Heyman is like this gazillionaire in London. And he’s the producer for the Harry Potter franchise, so those two have known each other for years now. Apparently there was a spark initially too but as a source explained, “They were close a few years ago but the relationship fizzled out.” Oh well, things are always different a second time around.

Olivia is quite the heiress and party girl, as the chatty source revealed, “Oliva is renowned for holding some of the best house parties, really great bashes. She can be quite wild. She loves to drink champagne, particularly Moet, and she chain-smokes Camel cigarettes. She also loves to go nightclubbing.”  Hah. Now we know everything! Good match, or not? Sound off!

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Harry Potter Goes Accio On A Brunette Girl


We dig Daniel Radcliffe. We can admit it without creeping ourselves out, now that he’s legal.  He comes across as funny and intelligent with that lovely, inherently British self-effacing streak. He even dissed Justin Bieber without making it sound like a diss.  The Chosen One can do no wrong. Point is, if we were any younger we’d totally be all, “You. Me. The Shrieking Shack?” on him. And it would be wonderful, okay?

DanRad’s decided not to wait for us though, and is stepping out with a young brunette… a lot. Apparently he even asked Ms. Mystery Girl to come celebrate his 21st birthday with him in Russia. She did and they got their vodka on in St. Petersburg. They’ve also been spotted catching a spot of cricket together and strolling out and about in West London. Three time’s a charm?

Out with it, Harry. Who is she?  And we’d suggest watching out for Ginny….she’s got fight in her.

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Meet Shay The UK Bombshell, Kanye West’s New Squeeze

shay-uk-bombshellrnrnIn order to achieve (not to mention maintain!) “larger than life” status in the entertainment world, today’s image-conscious stars go to extreme length to ensure that all facets of both their careers and their personal lives are outsized. Kanye West is, at this moment, perhaps the best embodiment of this desire: From his concert tours to his clothing collection to, yes, his girlfriends, nothing Kanye does is understated. After parting ways with bald beauty Amber Rose, Bossip is reporting that his new ladyfriend is none other than British pin-up girl and hip-hop video girl, Shay the UK Bombshell. While Rose was perhaps best known for her, um, healthy booty, his new arm candy is best known for her soon-to-be infamous 30 JJ bra size. Oh, and did we mention that Shay the UK Bombshell is on Twitter, too?rnrnAs a means of helping you get to know Kanye’s latest flame, we here at The FABLife have put together this gallery of pictures that Shay has posted to her Twitpic account of late. Enjoy!rnrn

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9-Year-Old Is The Next Pick Up Artist

Mystery better watch his back! There’s a new Pick Up Artist in town, and he’s a whopping nine years old. Colorado native Alec Greven wrote a book entitled “How To Talk To Girls” for the creative writing portion of his third grade class. His teacher liked the book so much that she suggested it be published and sold at the school book fair. A local news team picked up the story, which then made its way to Ellen DeGeneres. The superstar talk show host invited Alec on her show, hooked him up with publishers, and here we are.

The budding author’s advice is cute and kid-like, yet also surprisingly wise. “You want the girl to notice you,” he writes. “But you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself or she will think you are a crazy madman who doesn’t even know where his brain is.”

Sound familar ladies? For more Alex adorableness, check out the video above.