Dawn Simorangkir

by (@hallekiefer)

Courtney Love To Fork Over $430,000 In Twitter Defamation Case

It turns out that acting a fool on Twitter not only immediately let’s people know you’re a jerk; it can also cost you close to a half mil. Allegedly Courtney Love must pay $430,000 in a Twitter defamation case brought against her by designer Dawn Simorangkir. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Love reached a settlement with Simorangkir that will have the former Hole singer making payments out the wazoo until 2014. The dust-up began when Love went on a 20 minute tweet tirade in 2009, which included calling Simorangki an “a–wipe nasty lying nosebag thief.” You can be sued for that? That seems a bit harsh. Who’d have though you could be taken to court over things you’d write inside your high school Burn Book?

Love has already shut down her Twitter, despite the many delicious scandals it gave us in the past few years. Remember when Love tweeted a nude photo of herself? Ah, memories. “The amount of the settlement says it all,” said the designer’s attorney Bryan Freedman. “Her reprehensible defamatory comments were completely false and $430,000 is quite a significant way to say I am sorry. One would hope that, given this disaster, restraint of pen, tongue and tweet would guide Ms. Love’s future conduct.”  Let’s just hope Courtney deleted all of her tweets while she was at it. Something tells us there’s probably enough ammunition there to clean out every bank account she has.

[Photo: Getty Images]