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15 TV Shows That Premiered 15 Years Ago

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It felt like yesterday that we were sitting down to find out if Joey and Dawson would ever go all the way or learning about the crazy life of strangers on True Life. Fifteen years ago I was definitely too young to understand what Sex and the City was actually about or appreciate the impact of TRL (then Total Request Live). The same year brought us Felicity, who won the heart of America and later lost it when she cut her hair. It was TV’s first introduction to Aaron Sorkin who launched his small screen writing career with Sports Night. It was also the year that introduced us to Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling. It was 1998. And it feels like forever ago.


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Keri Russell’s The Americans Makes Us Wish These 5 Other Former Teen Stars Would Turn TV Spies

Keri Russell, Kristen Bell, Katie Holmes, Alexis Bledel, Linda Cardellini, Neve Campbell

Former TV teens we love: Keri Russell, Kristen Bell, Katie Holmes, Alexis Bledel, Linda Cardellini and Neve Campbell

Now that we’ve seen how much potential Keri Russell’s upcoming FX series, The Americans, has — thanks to a trailer posted last week and an eerie scene up on Buzzfeed this morning — we are crossing our fingers that she is part of a trend. With former My So Called Life star Claire Danes busting terrorists on Homeland, and Felicity alum Russell working as a Soviet spy living deeply undercover on this new show, the way has been paved for other former TV teens to make huge comebacks in dramas of their own.

Kristen Bell’s been making a career of quirky romantic comedies, but now that she’s expecting her first child, we can imagine her going back to her Veronica Mars roots and settling down into another sassy detective role. (It doesn’t have to be the long-promised grown-up version of VM, but pretty please, TV gods, can it be?) We got all excited for Alexis Bledel’s small guest stint on Mad Men — could the Gilmore Girl have been testing waters for a bigger part on the small screen? Seeing that Vanity Fair Freaks and Geeks reunion made us eager to see more of Linda Cardellini. And though Neve Campbell and Katie Holmes probably got their fill of soapy angst on Party of Five and Dawson’s Creek, we think they could thrive in good procedural mysteries or the like.

What kinds of TV shows would you pick for these ladies? Flip through photos of them in their memorable roles and today, and then share your ideas in the comments below!

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Katie Holmes Has An Idea For A Dawson’s Creek Reunion; We Have A Better One

Every time we’ve talked about a Dawson’s Creek reunion, we’ve been so feverishly gung-ho about it that we kind of forgot a key obstacle to bringing the gang back together: Jen Lindley’s series-finale death from pulmonary congestion. I mean, Michelle Williams has actually brought it up in interviews before, but we ignored that minor detail until Katie Holmes brought it up again last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

“I love everyone from the show,” she said. “We have kind of talked about it here and there, but we’re like, ‘What do you do?’ Because our last episode, Michelle’s character passed away.”

Fallon was having none of that excuse, saying, “She comes back as a ghost! Problem solved.”

Katie Holmes reveals her idea for a Dawson's Creek reunion
Katie also seemed to feel like the fact that the finale had already fast-forwarded five years made any kind of reunion plot redundant. Because we all know everyone’s lives become completely settled in their 20s and there is no more drama after that. We do kind of like her solution, though: “But maybe we’ll go on vacation. That would be fun.”

Vacation with Jen’s ghost? Could work. Personally, I think they could do better: Hire some soap opera writers who’d reveal that Jen faked her death to escape a stalker, maybe. Forget that finale ever happened. Write it off as a dream sequence. Better yet, turn the whole thing into a zombie/vampire/witch story — hey, this is a Kevin Williamson show, after all!

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Katie Holmes Reconnects With Dawson’s Creek Love Joshua Jackson Following Tom Cruise Split

Cast your minds back to 2001 dear readers. Back to a time when Katie Holmes was the adorable dream girl next door. She was on Dawson’s Creek, young, happy, and didn’t seem totally zapped by an impossibly high-profile celebrity marriage. Don’t you just want to pretend that the intervening decade didn’t happen? Well now you can! Apparently the actress has reconnected with her Dawson’s Creek costar and former onscreen/off screen love Joshua Jackson. Are Pacey and Joey finally going to be together forever, just like we were hoping back in season four!?

Errr, probably not. First of all, there’s the small matter of Joshua’s girlfriend of six years, the lovely Diane Kruger. But the two old friends did get reconnected recently following Katie’s split with husband/megastar Tom Cruise. Jackson spilled the details on Canada’s George Strombolopolous Tonight. “Like any old friend, it was like, ‘Oh, hi how are ya? What’s going on?’ ‘I had a kid.’ ‘Yeah, that’s crazy, I heard!'” he says. “It was nice, it was very nice, actually.” The pair dated for a short time back in 1998, and apparently remained friendly after the split. But they drifted during her time with Cruise, who also put the kibosh on a proposed Dawson’s Creek reunion movie.

“[Producers] were begging her to sign on for a reunion movie,” a source told Us Weekly. “Tom said absolutely no way and thought going backward would be bad.” But now that she’s off Cruise control (zing!), perhaps the film will come together after all. Right, Joshua? Right?! “Well, we killed the show so I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, he continued. Nooooooooooo! But wait, he does throw us a hopeful lifeline. “Never say never. If I’m out of work for enough years, absolutely. We’ll be old and grey and nasty by the time [that happens].”

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Possible Dawson’s Creek Reunion On Apartment 23 Inspires This Latest Nostalgia Check-In

Dawson's Creek stars then and now
If you are a true Dawson’s Creek fan, you may have been walking around lately with a huge grin on your face because … drumroll … Dawson’s Creek is having a reunion! Sort of! TVGuide.com shared the exciting, pee-in-your-pants-worthy news that Busy Philipps will guest-star on Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23‘s second-season premiere. Busy, who played Joey’s roommate and Pacey’s love interest Audrey Liddell on Dawson’s, will play herself alongside her former castmate, James Van Der Beek, who also plays himself on the show. In the season premiere, James will attempt to reunite his Dawson’s co-stars, who, according to Apartment 23‘s creator Nahnatchka Khan, could (hopefully) include Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson and our homegirl, Katie Holmes.

The potential get together of such definitive ’90s TV characters seems quite overdue for those of us who’ve cried, screamed, laughed and awwwed throughout Dawson’s Creek‘s six seasons. But let’s not complain, guys: We gotta take what we can get. This series’ cast certainly impacted us from crushes to heartbreak to the constant love triangle of Joey Potter, Dawson Leery and Pacey Witter, and we cannot wait to see how the actors might interact on Apartment 23. They may be playing themselves rather than their high school alter-egos in this new TV series but we are thrilled to see just how strong those Dawson’s bonds truly are, and if any lingering chemistry between these stars remains.  

In our anticipation of this reunion special, we are taking a look at the actors of Dawson’s Creek, where they were then and where they are now.

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Worst Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes Rumor Yet: He Prevented A Dawson’s Creek Reunion

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, James Van Der Beek and Katie Holmes

Forget the stories of Katie Holmes being afraid of handing Suri over to Scientology’s Sea Org, or the amusing-but-completely-unfounded story about her walking in on Tom Cruise getting it on with David Beckham (best image in our head right now!). Us Weekly has the most plausible explanation for TomKat’s split: He nixed her participation in a Dawson’s Creek reunion. The horror!

“[Producers] were begging her to sign on for a reunion movie,” a source told the magazine. “Tom said absolutely no way and thought going backward would be bad.”

This coming from a man who loves reprising his famous Risky Business dance and who’s made four Mission: Impossible movies? To be fair, his career is in a much better place than poor Katie’s is. But we think maybe the post-Dawson’s success of James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams might rub off on her if she joined them onscreen again.

This goes along with the stories that Cruise didn’t allow his wife to be in anything too “sexually compromising.” Pacey would never have dared be so controlling of Joey’s career! Anyway, now we have hope that one day, the kids will head back to the creek, and Katie will live up to the promise she once showed in movies like Pieces of April.

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Michelle Williams Is Open To A Dawson’s Creek Reunion; Let’s Make This Happen!

Michelle Williams and your fan fiction journal have a lot in common: they’re both totally into a Dawson’s Creek reunion.  Based on her comments at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new film, the Take This Waltz star seems more than willing to hope a bus back to Capeside with former costars Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek. “He could totally ask!,” Williams told Vulture after they informed her that Van Der Beek was down to reunite. “I’ve always said, I’m totally up for reunion tours, reunion shows, so we can do that. I’ve always wanted, my best friend [Busy Philipps] is on Cougar Town, and we’ve always talked about wanting to go be on that show, too. It’s just timing, because of L.A. and New York, and it hasn’t happened.” A Dawson’s Creek reunion is happening, however, even if we have to play Jen’s grandma Gram ourselves! Especially if we have to play Gram ourselves!

The only problem? If your memory extends all the way back to 2003, you might recall that Williams’ character Jen Lindley totally died in the show’s finale. Mwuh oh! Don’t worry; we’ve given it some thought about how we can still make this reunion a reality. For example:

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From Glee To Beverly Hills: TV’s Best Virginity Losses

According to TVLine.com, on tonight’s episode of Glee, “The First Time,” both Rachel and Finn, and Kurt and Blaine will have sex for the first time. Given the way the show has been hit-or-miss this season, we’re crossing our fingers the episode lives up to the buildup, kinda the way young couples cross their fingers about losing their V-cards. And as we wait for the big moment, we thought we’d bide our time by looking back at all the other great “losing it” moments in TV teen history.

Beverly Hills, 90210: Brenda loses it to Dylan in “Spring Dance” (Season 1)
“How many girls get to have sex for the first time with someone they love?” Brenda asks Dylan, before they do the deed in a hotel room while the dance is still going on. His smooth reply: “I don’t know. I’ve never really taken an opinion poll.”
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The Style Evolution Of Katie Holmes

Who hasn’t been madly in love with Katie Holmes at some point in their lives? Ever since lighting up the small screen as Joey on Dawson’s Creek, Katie has staked a claim on the heart of our inner teenager and never given it up. She remains the ultimate girl next door, even though she’s currently married to the creepy boy next door who won’t shut up about aliens. We’ve watched her go from cute apple-cheeked creek dweller, to willowy brunette bombshell and Hollywood A-lister. In honor of her staring role in Guillermo del Toro‘s latest horror flick Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, let’s take a trip down to Capeside and look back on her hottest looks. Enjoy!

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Michelle Williams Says Dawson’s Creek Made Her Feel Like A Mobster


It’s still hard to believe that Michelle Williams, star of films like Blue Valentine and Brokeback Mountain, is the same actress who played Jen Lindley on the Dawson’s Creek. Of course, the real lives of pretty much everyone on that show are surprising—just look at Katie Holmes. In an interview with PopEater, Williams admitted that even while she was on Dawson, the show was miles away from where she wanted to be, career-wise. “Being on Dawson’s Creek was kind of like being a mobster. You set up a shop selling pizza but in the back you’re laundering money. You’re doing one thing in plain sight and secretly plotting something else. I was plotting my tastes, my interests, my beliefs and hopes for what I could be.”

Though Williams did appear in a couple of movies that could be considered fluff (Halloween H2O comes to mind), for the most part she has only taken roles she believed in and lent her credibility. She explained, “It was never an option to me to make a lot of money or do work I couldn’t get behind. That’s not my nature. What is hard is living up to your own expectations. Yes, it was hard getting jobs I wanted. I was a pop tart. It took patience and baby steps.” Michelle has certainly has come a long way since Jen Lindley took Dawson’s virginity and then died in Grams’ arms. (R.I.P. Jen.)—could she take Best Actress at this year’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards?

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