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Your Next Katniss Or Aria Stark? Defiance Introduces A New Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Heroine

The number of ladies we saw at Comic-Con dressed as Brave‘s Merida should tell you something about how much everyone loves a defiant girl who can wield a weapon and look good doing it. Come August, we might all fall in love with a brand-new such heroine in C.J. Redwine‘s novel Defiance. We have the exclusive trailer premiere above, to reel you in.

Defiance by C.J. Redwine

Rachel Adams lives in a post-apocalyptic village of Baalboden where women have to be accompanied by male protectors at all times, and everyone lives in fear of their leader, Commander Chase, as well as the giant monster that dwells outside the town’s walls. When her father, Baalboden’s best courier, goes missing, she’s placed in the custody of his apprentice, Logan. That makes things pretty awkward, since she professed her love to him a couple of years back. But since both of them have a shared mission, to find Rachel’s father, they’re willing to put aside any weird tension and embark on a seriously dangerous journey. The mood is a little bit Game of Thrones-y fantasy, a little bit Hunger Games dystopia and a little something else we can’t put into a box yet. We’re too busy racing through the pages to find out what’s next.