Devin Cooper

by (@missmuttoo)

Busta Rhymes Back In Court For Battery And Assault

Way to control the angers issues! Not. Busta Rhymes is in trouble for allegedly throwing a glass of water at a woman called Devin Cooper at Mr Chows in Beverly Hills.

The lawsuit states that the rapper’s (real name: Trevor Smith) entourage started the bust-up. A woman seated with him started yelling at Ms. Cooper and her friend because they were apparently “too close to their table.”  Excuse you! And even though they did move, Devin and her friend allege that Busta’s lady pal didn’t stop making “loud and aggressive” comments. And when Cooper and Co. asked the woman to chill Busta apparently popped a vein and screamed, “That’s my sister, that’s my blood!”

He then supposedly got increasingly aggressive and threw a glass of water at Devin, which missed her by a hair’s breadth, leaving her “shocked and afraid for her safety.” The result, they relate, is that they bolted from the restaurant, but are now hitting back with claim for $25,000 for assault and battery.

What, say you, is the consensus? True or false? This isn’t the first time he’s being sued for losing his cool. Busta was sued by Roberto LeBron for allegedly spitting on his car and beating him up  in 2007. And lets not forget that he was also sued earlier that year for kicking his driver, Eddie Hatchett. The odds don’t look good!