Diana Bianchi

by (@katespencer)

Hurray! The Tape Of Peter Cook Bangin’ An 18-Year Old Is Real!

Christie Brinkley must be having a great day. Word is that rumored sex tape starring her ex-husband Peter Cook and his then 18-year old mistress, Diana Bianchi, is real, and the people at the NY Post have seen still shots from the masterpiece. Lucky! In it, Cook’s then 18-year old lover strips down to a g-string while he gropes his man-parts. Other pictures capture the two having sex on a brown loveseat and Cook resting his head on Bianchi’s ass. The Post hypothesizes that Cook settled for basically no money in their divorce trial because Christie had seen these pics and used them as leverage in the case. Bianchi, meanwhile, apparently had no idea that her ass was captured on film, and may sue Cook over the images.

In other news, Peter Cook is totally single. Ladies? To see a Diana Bianchi photo, click the thumbnail image below. [Top Photo: WireImage]

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