Dianna Argon

by (@hallekiefer)

Marie Claire‘s Glee Covers Look Fierce, But Hit A Wrong Note

There’s no doubt the new Glee Marie Claire covers look banging. Dianna Agron, Lea Michele and Amber Riley have amazing hair, clothes that make our Target dresses look like rags, and glowing skin that bares only the mildest kiss of Photoshop (for the most part). We really hate to point out the flaws in such fabulousness, but what is up with Riley’s cover headline being different than everyone else’s?

On their solo covers, Agron and Michele offer written promise that they’ll discuss “the rumors! gossip! drama!” of their hit show. Yet on Riley’s cover, the actress is quoted saying, “I show girls how to be comfortable with their bodies.” Of all four covers, Amber’s is the only one highlighting the actress’s body, rather than the insanity that must come with working on one of the hottest shows on TV. Riley is definitely a gorgeous woman, but it’d be nice of Marie Claire could single her out for more than just her pants’ size. Like, for example, how she clearly needs to be given a major story line when Glee‘s Lady Gaga episode drops April 26. If it wasn’t for that one glaring difference,  the four covers would make for a near-flawless gallerGlee.

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