Dirty Dancing

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Bunk Beds And Bug Spray: The 10 Best Summer Camp Flicks Ever!

Little Darlings Meatballs Parent Trap

With most of America’s kids shuttled off to sleepaway camp right now (and thank heavens), is it not a perfect time to celebrate our favorite camp flicks? So pull up your favorite sleeping bag, slap on some calamine lotion…and let’s reminisce on movies where the nice guy actually scores the girl, the outcasts always win, and even a dork can get some ass.

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Nicki Minaj Fined $1,000 For Swearing, Sexy Dancing In Jamaica

Not that she wouldn’t be a profoundly talented artist even without the foul mouth and booty shaking that can be seen from space, but having Nicki Minaj fined for “sexual dance moves and explicit lyrics” kind of seems to defeat the entire purpose of a Nicki Minaj concert, right? While visiting Jamaica’s Sumfest 2011 this past weekend, the Pink Friday rapper got served with a summons upon leaving the Catherine Hall complex in Montego Bay. Her crime? Basically just putting on a concert most of us would actually shell out $75 to see.

Instead of arguing that you can’t very well ask the sun not to shine or a bird not to dutty wine in a skin-tight bodysuit, Nicki Minaj, the new face of MAC Viva Glam along with Ricky Martin, plead guilty and paid the fine. What else could she do?  She’s just lucky the cops didn’t get their hands on the “Super Bass” video, or Nicki would be serving three consecutive life sentences.


Nobody Puts Rokey In The Corner

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Cutie patooties Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling hit Rockefeller Plaza this morning to promote their promising rom-com Crazy, Stupid, Love. and nobody could have predicted what ensued. As the Today Show quartet chatted up the good-looking duo, it was suggested that Gosling reenact his Dirty Dancing-style lift he does in the film with Ann Curry. While she bashfully (and insanely!!!!) denied the opportunity for Gos to grab her waist, Al Roker gleefully stepped up to the plate. Buff Gosling didn’t turn down the challenge, and though it took three attempts, he finally got Roker airborn.

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