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Whitney Houston Goes Diva On Delta Airlines, Almost Gets Kicked Off Flight

Whitney Houston may be sober now, but she’s still a diva. Her latest shenanigans happened on a Delta Airways flight, where TMZ reports that she almost got kicked off due to refusing to put a seat belt on! The incident happened yesterday afternoon, when she got on a plane in Atlanta. Sources say that when approached by a crew member and asked to buckle up, Whitney unleashed her diva. Because sometimes egos are so big that seat belts can’t contain them.

It got so out of hand that another crew member had to intervene to give the songstress a warning — either buckle up or get off the plane. The story is that Whitney finally calmed down enough to allow a crew member to fasten the seat belt for her. Shall we even ask why she couldn’t do it herself?

The plane was only allowed to take off once Whitney had been buckled in, so we can’t imagine what the mood of the rest of the passengers was like during this ordeal. Sources close to the singer say that this behavior had nothing today with any substances whatsoever, revealing that she just, “overreacted a little bit after missing an earlier flight, but she’s still 100% sober and was on the way to Detroit for her first day of shooting a new movie.” Overreacted a little bit? Seriously? What would overreacting a whole lot be then? We don’t even want to go there!

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Who Wants To Be Paula Abdul’s Assistant? (Hint: Not Us)

We’ve heard about weird demands of celebrities and it makes us giggle every time. More importantly, when any diva shiz goes down with any of their people — those are the best, stories. PerezHilton gave us this snipped about Paula Abdul‘s behaviour with her assistants today, but we’re wondering if this is true? It sounds like Paula, so we’re hoping this isn’t sources making up bullshiz! Either way, we just had to share with you guys. Apparently, Paula’s assistants must always…

• Have a tape recorder on because “she doesn’t trust her own conversations”

• Check TiVo for mentions of her and burn them onto a DVD

• Go through Paula’s email and send responses out in her voice

• Constantly remind her that she’s a “warrior, survivor and gift”

The last one’s obviously our favorite and does totally sound like something she would. So how many of you are lining up to be Paula’s assistant now, huh?


Budding Star Alex Pettyfer Already Showing His Diva Attitude

Alex Pettyfer made our list of Ten Stars To Watch For in 2011 because he’s the complete package: good-looking, talented, starring in a sure-to-be blockbuster (I Am Number Four), and boyfriend to Glee star Diana Agron. One thing he might also be is a diva. The Hollywood Reporter writes today that Pettyfer had been difficult while working on I Am Number Four, clashing with the director, D.J. Caruso, and attempting to renegotiate his contract when he learned another actor was making a higher salary. He reportedly would not cash any of his paychecks in protest when DreamWorks refused to bump his salary. (Which, sure, if that’s your form of protest that’s fine, but you’d think the guy has direct deposit, wouldn’t you?) One producer who has worked with Pettyfer has said of the young Brit “Pick your words: ambitious, hungry, cocky, very ahead of himself … But if he delivers, he’ll be worth it.” For his next project, Mortal Instruments, he reportedly asked for $10 million, a number that “outraged” the studio, although he’s still in negotiations.

The question is, will his diva-tude escalate? Will he end up being a phone-thrower like Russell Crowe and Naomi Campbell, or just a perfectionist with a rider to boot, like Jennifer Lopez? It’s too soon to tell, but it sounds like he’s well on his way.

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It’s An Idol Diva Battle, J.Lo Vs. Seacrest

We should have seen this coming – Jennifer Lopez, the world’s most notorious diva, what with her crazy tour rider and rumored demands from the American Idol producers, is reportedly clashing with Idol‘s other diva Ryan Seacrest.

A source said the tension between Seacrest and Lopez has arisen over everything from dressing rooms to who is going to receive top billing on the show. The source says “Ryan was the one who first suggested Jennifer, but now he’s starting to regret it, because she’s acting like she’s a much bigger star than he is. Ryan knows the diva behavior is likely to get worse before it gets better. Producers are trying to get them to make peace, but their egos are both pretty big.” Sounds like someone used up the last of the blonde highlights, and someone else stole all the tooth-whitener in a fit of vengeance.

Don’t you wish it was the olden days of two years ago when Ryan, Paula, Simon and Randy were just one big happy family and there was no one else involved? Back when the most drama on-set was Simon calling someone dreadful and wondering if Paula was drunk? We miss that.