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Forget the Movies, Which YA Hero Could Actually Save the World?


They’ve started revolutions, fought unearthly beasts, and have been players in some pretty messed up games. From Maze Runner to The Hunger Games and Divergent, each of these stories’ leading men and women kick total ass, and bring a little something different to the table while doing so. But who would you truly trust with your life and the future of mankind?

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Very VH1: Veronica Roth Joins Us To Talk Allegiant, Divergent And Answer Your Questions!

Are you ready to fangirl with us? Bestselling author Veronica Roth will be joining us for our Very VH1 spreecast this Thursday at 8:30PM/7:30C, to discuss her new book Allegiant, the upcoming Divergent movie and to answer your questions! We’re huge fans of the Divergent series around here and we could not be more excited. *deep breaths*

If you haven’t participated in one of our live video chats before, it’s simple: Come to this page on Thursday at 8:30PM EST, and if you want to chat with fellow fans AND ask Veronica questions yourself, just click on those talk balloons and sign in. If you’re feeling Dauntless you can even join us on video to ask a question. And just a heads up – while we will be discussing all things Allegiant, we’re going to try to keep the spoilers to a minimum out of respect for those who may not have yet finished the book.

Remember: Allegiant is out tomorrow, so grab a copy, binge read it, and join us here on Thursday to chat live with Veronica!

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Divergent First Look: Does Theo James Get Everyone’s Approval?

Whether or not you were already a fan of Divergent, we suspect the first look at the 2014 dystopian movie that aired during the VMA preshow made you take notice. Kate Winslet! Maggie Q! Shailene Woodley jumping off of buildings. And … who is that guy teaching her martial arts and kissing her? Oh, world. We hope you’re really ready for Theo James.
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Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller Get Spectacular-ly Awkward In Bed

There are many ways to approach sex scenes in a coming of age movie: There’s PG fade to the next scene. There’s the super hot fantasy sequence. And then there’s the one closest to our hearts: the awesomely awkward, fumbling mix of bodies that very closely resembles our own first time. In this weekend’s entry into the teen romance genre, The Spectacular Now, Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller went with option C. Our own Kate Spencer asked why and how they made it all so, er, realistic.
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Divergent Star, Author Didn’t Realize You’d Love Them

“I wrote the first draft in my rubber ducky pajamas in my parents’ house, which is where I lived,” Veronica Roth says of her best-selling book Divergent‘s adorably humble beginnings. She can be forgiven for never imagining that the first look at footage of its film adaptation would be one of the hottest tickets at San Diego Comic-Con. On Thursday, Hall H attendees were treated to glimpses of Four, Tris and the other characters in a dystopian version of what was once Chicago.

In this mecca of fandom, we asked Roth and the movie’s stars, Shailene Woodley and Theo James, to tell us about the first time they realized they even had fans.
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Divergent Stars, Director Get The Comic-Con Giggles

Right after they debuted the first footage from their movie over in Hall H, we were super excited to talk to Divergent stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James, along with director Neil Burger and author Veronica Roth. Little did we know they were delightfully punch drunk after a big day at Comic-Con. A simple question about the fandom wound up in Burger being reduced to tears. “They call themselves Initiates,” Roth began as the laughter continued. We’ll give you more of the real answer in the morning, but this was too cute to wait on.
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Kate Winslet In Talks To Make You Cry In Divergent (We’re Assuming The Crying Part)

Kate Winslet In Talks For Divergent Role

We’re stuffing our jacket pockets with Kleenex as we speak! Variety announced today that Kate Winslet is currently in talks with Divergent director Neil Burger to joing the upcoming film based on the YA novel of the same name. While there’s no word as to what role the Academy Award-winning actress might take, based on what fans are squealing online we’re guessing Winslet would be awesome as Natalie Prior, wise, protective mother of Shailene Woodley‘s teen protagonist Tris. Alternately, Winslet could potentially be eying the role of Jeanine Matthews, the cunning, war-mongering leader of the book’s Erudite political faction. In either case…well, we won’t spoil the entire movie, but let’s just say there’s a reason Veronica Roth’s book series is described as “dystopian.” Things do not pan out for all the film’s major players.

The casting news comes just a few weeks after word that Alex Pettyfer, Lucas Till and Jeremy Irvine are still in the running to play Four, fellow future dweller and romantic interest to Woodley’s Tris. What do you think? Is Winslet destined to play Natalie? Are there any names you’d like to throw in the hat before the cast is confirmed (knowing of course that we are the only ones who will be reading from said hat)?

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Divergent Casting News: What’s Up With People Still Testing Alex Pettyfer For YA Roles?

Jeremy Irvine, Lucas Till and Alex Pettyfer are reportedly testing for Divergent

It’s been months since Shailene Woodley landed the role of Tris in Divergent, and the studio still hasn’t settled on who will play her hot older Dauntless mentor Four. Today, Variety reports that after testing four actors — Lucas Till, Brenton Thwaites, Luke Bracey and Jack Reynor — back in November, they’ve decided to retest Till along with Jeremy Irvine and Alex Pettyfer at the end of this week.

Till first came to our attention as Miley Cyrus‘ love interest in Hannah Montana: The Movie, and then in X-Men: First Class. We haven’t caught War Horse or anything else that Irvine has been in, but he wins over the others in the looks department (in our humble opinion). Pettyfer is the most troubling to us. Even though he’s the same age as the other two, 22, he reads older to us (and Four is supposed to be 18), maybe because the I Am Number Four star has been considered and rejected for just about every other male lead in a YA adaptation for the past three years. Also, he’s developed something of a nasty reputation in Hollywood, most recently for feuding with Channing Tatum on the set of Magic Mike. He’s undeniably good looking, with a tough Dauntless-worthy exterior, but we just wonder if he could capture the softer, Abnegation side of the character.

Even though we are offended that the filmmakers appear to be ignoring our choices entirely (and what ever happened to Evan Peters?), we’re super excited that this is one step closer to reality. The movie’s set for release on March 21, 2014.

Now tell us, which of these guys would you most want to see play Four?

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Happy 21st Birthday, Shailene Woodley! Here Are 21 Reasons Why We’re All Going To Be Talking About Her

Shailene Woodley turns 21 years old

If you aren’t a huge fan of Shailene Woodley, you’re gonna be. And soon! Seriously, we’re predicting K-Stew level fan hysteria in a very sort time. We caught flashes of the young actress’s huge talent when she took the lead role of Amy Juergens in The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, and her critically acclaimed role along side George Clooney in The Descendants last year blew us away. She’s on the brink of inking deals in two  major movie franchises, and…she’s got really awesome hair. Yes, we’re more than a little obsessed with the gorgeous Ms. Shailene (even though it took us three tries to pronounce her name correctly), so in honor of her 21st birthday today, we’ve assembled 21 reasons why the world is about to go nuts over her. Enjoy!

1. She’s negotiating to star in the upcoming franchise, Divergent.

Trust us, this will go far to fill the void left by Twilight.

2. She’s also in “early talks” to play Mary Jane Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man 2


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We’re Going To Go Ahead And Say We Called It: Shailene Woodley In Talks For Divergent Lead

Shailene Woodley In Talks To Star In Divergent

Uh, didn’t we (almost) call it? Our own Kate Spencer totally had Shailene Woodley as one of the possible actresses in our epic Divergent fantasy casting post. It’s times like these when we feel like we can see into the future. Like wizards! Like sexy, sexy wizards. So with apologies to Saorise Ronan (the fan favorite amongst you guys), we’re happy to report that the Descendants star is currently “negotiating” to play the lead in the film version of Veronica Roth‘s YA dysopia novel. Now we just got to get American Horror Story‘s Evan Peters onboard. You all saw the Asylum season premiere last night! You know you want to see him on the big screen!

In case you needed further proof Shailene’s going to be the next Jennifer Lawrence, might you remind you that girl might also be playing Spidey’s future wife Mary Jane Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man 2? Sorry Emma Stone! Oh, and we totally called Shailene’s Spider-Man 2 role too. At some point in the past. Just don’t ever go back and check to see whether we actually did or not. Just trust us. We mean, look at our cloaks, crystal balls and insanely long beards. Would we ever lead you astray?

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