Reports: OxyContin Pills Found In DJ AM’s System


While the toxicology reports are still inconclusive, authorities have released additional details about the drugs found in DJ AM‘s system the night he died. The DJ, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, was found next to a crack pipe and was thought to have smoked an unknown amount of crack the night of his death, but new reports have revealed that in addition to crack, nine OxyContin pills were also in his system. It appears that he ingested eight of the prescription pills and fell unconscious before swallowing the ninth. This incredibly disturbing fact seems to raise the question of an intentional OD, but it is still considered an accidental death as of now. When paramedics arrived to his apartment, both the front door and bedroom door were barricaded and had to be broken down.

Friends and family continue to mourn the loss of Goldstein, whose body has been flown to L.A. for burial. A memorial service will be held tomorrow at the Hollywood Palladium. [Photo: Getty Images]


DJ AM Died Of An Overdose, Suspect Police


It’s now being reported that police found a crack pipe and prescription pills in DJ AM‘s Manhattan apartment after breaking down his door yesterday. An autopsy is underway, but police suspect the cause of death was an overdose.

DJ AM was reportedly dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder after surviving a plane crash with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker last September and was “completely devasted” by his recent breakup with his American Apparel model girlfriend Hayley Wood, who’s pictured above leaving the DJ’s apartment in tears after learning of his death.

DJ AM, whose real name is was Adam Goldstein, had opened up about having serious addictions to Ecstacy and crack, but claimed he had been clean for years. The fact that DJ AM had been working on a new MTV show (“Gone Too Far”) about helping drug addicts only makes his untimely death even sadder. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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DJ AM Found Dead


We’ve just learned some very sad and unexpected news: TMZ is reporting that DJ AM, also known as Adam Goldstein, was found dead today around 5:20PM in his New York City apartment. He was 36 years old. Police broke down his door after concerned friends reported that they hadn’t seen or heard from him in days. Drug¬†paraphernalia (possibly pill bottles) was allegedly also found at the scene.

The former fiance of Nicole Richie, AM was a recovering addict and sobriety advocate. According to Perez Hilton he was working on a TV show that focused on helping young people get clean. Last September AM survived a harrowing plane crash with drummer Travis Barker that left no other survivors.

His last Twitter post, dated August 25th, was “New york, new york. Big city of dreams, but everything in new york aint always what it seems.”

More details to follow. [Photo: Getty Images]


Happy Birthday DJ AM!


After surviving a horrific plane crash last year that left four others dead, DJ AM surely had a lot to be grateful for while celebrating his 36th birthday last night.

DJ AM (full name: Adam Goldstein) is suing for $20 million after he and pal Travis Barker were the only survivors of the plane crash. His suit seeks $10 million in damages for injuries and lost earnings and an extra $10 million for pain and suffering.

What did he wish for when he blew out his candles?! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Crash Survivor DJ AM Wants Millions From Plane Company

DJ AM, who survived a harrowing plane crash last summer along with drummer Travis Barker, is suing Learjet (and others, apparently) for at least $20 million. The former boyfriend of Nicole Richie is demanding $10 million for “medical damages, lost earnings and profits,” and another $10 million for mental and physical pain and suffering. Seeing as his body was super burned and he lost friends in the crash, we think this seems like a reasonable request.

The defendants in the case have denied any wrongdoing, but AM’s not buying it, and neither is Barker. He and the families of his assistant and bodyguard (who both died in the crash), have filed wrongful death suits against the corporations involved, and are also suing the estates of the two deceased pilots.¬† [People. Photo: GettyImages]

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Mandy Ditches Lesbian Mom, Gets Back With DJ AM

Mandy Moore is apparently on the outs with her mother, while getting closer with her ex DJ AM. The singer/actress has refused to speak with her mom since she came out in March, when she left Mandy’s dad for tennis player Claudette Laliberte. Now the once-close mother-daughter pair are estranged, and Mandy’s threatening to ditch her older brother’s wedding if her mama’s in attendance.

Luckily she has the gentle, sensitive arms of super-rich music guy DJ AM to hold her as she battles it out with her fam. Mandy and AM have been inseparable since the plane crash last month that left him with second and third degree burns. An insider reveals that Mandy apparently said recently, “I like this guy a lot and I want to see where it can go again. Life is too short to not be with someone you really care about.”

Hm – shouldn’t she apply that same logic to her mother? We’re just sayin’. [Photos: WireImage, FilmMagic]

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DJ AM: Crash Saved My Life

Plane crash survivor DJ AM reveals he cheated death twice. While he was being treated for burns from his plane crash, a potentially deadly blood clot was discovered. “In the burn center, they did a scan and found that I had a blood clot that in this flight could have traveled to my heart and I could have died,” says AM.

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UPDATE: Travis Barker To Go Home ‘In About 2 Weeks’

Plane crash survivor Travis Barker is healing well and will reportedly go home in about two weeks, according to his pal and business partner Jermaine Dupri. “He’s doing good, he’s gonna be alright. He’s just got a lot of healing to do,” Jermaine, who visited the former Blink 182 drummer in the hospital last Sunday, said. Travis and DJ AM, who was released from the hospital today, survived a fatal plane crash that killed four others last Friday; and left the two performers with burns.

Travis will reportedly send a message out shortly to his fans from his hospital room. “He’s definitely feeling the love from everyone,” Jermaine said. [Source: People, Us; Photo:Getty]


Travis And DJ AM’s Exes React To Plane Crash

Singer Mandy Moore visits ex-boyfriend DJ AM at the Joseph Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia. DJ AM is currently recovering after Friday’s plane crash that killed four and left him and Travis Barker in critical condition.

Travis’ ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, made a statement today regarding the crash:

“There are not enough words to express how thankful we are for the outpouring of love and support we have received during this very difficult time. We can only ask for prayers as we heal and mourn the loss of our dear friends who we considered part of our family. Our lives will be changed forever.”

[Source:Us; Photo: Splash News online]

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Update: DJ AM and Travis Barker To Make Full Recovery

Doctors have now revealed that they expect both Travis Barker and DJ AM to make a full recovery from the burns they sustained in Saturday’s tragic plane crash. In a press conference, their doctor at the Joseph Still Burn Center in Georgia¬† told reporters that Barker is burned on his torso and the lower portion of his body, while AM reportedly suffered burns on his arm and head. Rumors that they had chartered the plane because the wife of Barker’s assistant, Chris Baker, was in labor were false, AM’s rep asserted over the weekend. The lear jet had been chartered to get the celebrity DJ backto LA for a previously scheduled commitment. Baker died in the crash.

Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler flew to be with the Blink-182 drummer on Saturday, and singer Mandy Moore (AM’s ex), and Jermaine Dupri have also visited. A statement from the families was released over the weekend, which reads, “The families wish to thank fans from all over the world for their prayers and concern. Deepest sympathy is expressed to the loved ones of those who perished in the crash. As the two recuperate and mourn this loss, privacy for them, their families and friends is requested at this time.” [Us, E!. Photo: Getty Images]