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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s 15 Fiercest Hair Styles


Dog & Beth: On The Hunt premieres this Sunday at 8/7 C on CMT and we could not be more pumped! We can’t wait to see what kind of criminals Dog The Bounty Hunter and the love of his life, Beth Chapman, track down and bring to sweet justice. We can’t wait to watch the intense action sequences and to find out what kind of scopes Dog uses on his rifles. We can’t wait to debate within ourselves over whether or not we’re attracted to Leland. We can’t wait to learn if Dog will have more amazing bounty hunting tips for Boba Fett. We can’t wait to discover more about Dog’s Guy Code. But most of all, we can’t wait to find out what Dog’s hair is going to do next.

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Nicolas Cage Arrested For Domestic Violence, Bailed Out By Dog The Bounty Hunter

More bad behavior to report, and it ain’t about Charlie Sheen this time. Nicolas Cage was arrested on Saturday morning in New Orleans for domestic abuse and disturbing the peace. The actor is in town to film a movie called Medallion. Apparently, Cage was so “heavily intoxicated” when the po-po got to him, that he couldn’t remember where he lived. The New Orleans Police Department revealed, “Cage and his wife [Alice] were standing in front of a residence that he insisted was the property the couple was renting.  She disagreed, and Cage grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her to what he believed was the correct address. There were no signs of injury on his wife’s arm.”

Sources say Nic was on his own trip, yelling up and down the street and very stupidly told cops, who were alerted about the disturbance, “Why don’t you just arrest me.” Sure, Cage! Luckily for him, help came in a most unusual form. Duane Chapman aka  Dog the Bounty Hunter posted the $11,000 bail because he’s a fan of the actor. Dog’s official statement about the matter reads, “…I am a truly dedicated fan of Mr. Cage and will not be granting any interviews about my client as I wish to respect his privacy. I performed my duties as a bail bondsman and not in connection with our show. This is what I do for a living…”

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