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Celeb’s Best Friend: 50 Dogs Hanging Out With Their 50 Famous Owners


Some people say that in Hollywood that you can never tell if you’re friends are real or fake. That might not be true, because any celebrity who has a dog has at least one loyal canine companion they can rely on.

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The Top 30 Cutest Celebrity Pets

Breaking news flash: Kittens and puppies are cute! In fact, the Internet was developed as a giant database for adorable images of cats and dogs. Everyone knows that there’s nothing better than looking down into a little furry face. Even celebs know it. Taylor Swift became the latest A-lister to boost her squee-quotient by tweeting a pic of her new “roommate,” a kitty named Meredith. She follows in the footsteps of her friend Selena Gomez, who recently adopted a puppy with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. And if you think those pets and peeps are cute, check the gallery below for a whole host of hot animal lovers!

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