Domestic Violence

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Rihanna’s Most Reassuring Quote About Chris Brown So Far

Rihanna speaks candidly about her reunion with Chris Brown

We really, really want to believe this one, for Rihanna’s sake. Not that it’s not something you hear from women who go back to the men who abused them all the time, but at least this quote is better than the brush-off “none of your business” statements she’s made in the past. After appearing all over the place with Chris Brown and writing cryptic tweets about their time together for the past few months, RiRi spelled things out for her Rolling Stone cover story.

“He doesn’t have the luxury of f—ing up again,” she said, by way of assuring the world that she won’t stand for any hint of abuse again. “That’s just not an option. I can’t say that nothing else will ever go wrong. But I’m pretty solid in the knowing that he’s disgusted by that. And I wouldn’t have gone this far if I ever thought that was a possibility.”

She also reiterates what she’s been saying all along about this: that she doesn’t care what we think about her reunion with the man who assaulted her in 2009. “I decided it was more important for me to be happy,” she said. “I wasn’t going to let anybody’s opinion get in the way of that. Even if it’s a mistake, it’s my mistake. After being tormented for so many years, being angry and dark, I’d rather just live my truth and take the backlash. I can handle it.”

We hope so, Rihanna. We really do.

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Ex-Footballer Kwame Harris Not Doing Much For Gays In Sports With This Assault Lawsuit

Kwame Harris is accused of assaulting an ex-boyfriend

Here’s an unfortunate one-step-forward, two-steps-back scenario. As gays are serving openly in the military and the Boy Scouts are considering a teeny-tiny advancement toward allowing gay members and leaders in the don’t-ask-don’t-tell vein, gay men in sports are still overwhelmingly remaining in the closet. And now they’ve got the story of former Oakland Raider/ San Francisco 49-er Kwame Harris as an example of what not to follow. According to the San Mateo Daily Journal, Harris is charged with felony domestic violence and is being sued for assault and battery by an ex-boyfriend over an altercation that allegedly began over an argument about soy sauce and stolen underwear. Really.

In August 2012, Harris and Dimitri Geier, who were no longer romantically involved, their lawyers say, were having dinner at a Chinese restaurant before Harris was going to take Geier to the airport. Apparently Geier upset Harris by pouring soy sauce on a plate of rice. Which, again, this is really doing a lot to advance the public’s perception of gay men. The argument continued outside, where Harris reportedly pulled down Geier’s pants and accused him of stealing his underwear (OK, now this is sounding like a fight among sorority girls or something).
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Dina Lohan Reveals Black Eye Pics, More Michael Lohan Abuse Details To Entertainment Tonight

Dina Lohan with a black eye

Dina and Lindsay Lohan in 1986, following the alleged assault.

After Dina Lohan went to the New York Daily News with her story about how ex-husband Michael Lohan assaulted her in 1986 and raped her in 1990, Lindsay’s mother gave Entertainment Tonight three photos of herself with a black eye following the 1986 incident. Dina had actually spoken to the show back in September about the abuse, but the photos seem to have caught everyone’s attention now. And Michael Lohan, of course, was quick to respond.

“I didn’t punch her,” Michael told ET, reiterating his version of the incident, which he said started when Dina hit him in the back of the head with an ice tray. “I didn’t do anything deliberately to attack her. I swung out of reflex … she’s twisting everything.”

We kind of fail to see how swinging “out of reflex” is any less of an assault to a woman, by the way, especially when this reflex results in the black eye we see above. But since it’s a little too late for Dina to do anything about this, we do see his point that her timing is suspiciously self-serving. Ugh, they are both the worst.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Blames Everything On Michael Lohan’s Abuse, Dating Back To 1986

Dina Lohan brings up her ex-husband's past assaults on her as a reason their daughter has so many problems

As Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer headed to court today for a hearing on charges she assaulted a woman in a Manhattan night club in November, her mother has brought to light a very different defense of the troubled 26-year-old. And it actually makes a lot of sense to us, in the saddest way. Dina Lohan went to the New York Daily News on Sunday with her story of how ex-husband Michael Lohan abused and raped her in the late ’80s and early ’90s, and brought along police reports and medical documents to prove it.

“Lindsay saw her dad abuse me — that’s why she’s so screwed up,” Dina told the paper. She described how Michael punched her in the eye during a drive home after he been drinking and snorting cocaine. She also told of a time her husband raped her in her parents’ home, where she and her kids were living apart from him. On both occasions, Dina didn’t press charges because Michael was heading to prison for fraud and insider trading.
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Depressing Celebrity Beef Alert: Dominic Monaghan Claims Lost Costar Matthew Fox “Beats Women”

Dominic Monaghan Claims Matthew Fox "Beats Women"

Kate! We have to get back to the weekend, before we heard all these horrible allegations about Matthew Fox! While you were getting sunburned in a hammock, Lost actor Dominic Monaghan was on Twitter accusing former costar Matthew Fox of violence toward women. “he beats women. No thanks.” the FlashForward actor replied when asked to pester Fox to get on Twitter. When an outraged fan asked how he could make such claims considering all the good times they must have had on the set of Lost (note: people on Twitter be crazy!), Monaghan tweeted, “how do you know we ever did?you don’t know either of us.he beats women.not isolated incidents.often.not interested.” Oh, well, if it was isolated incidents, that would be totally different! Horrible, horrible different!

TMZ reported today that “sources close to” Fox have denied the charges, but the actor has yet to issue a statement himself. This isn’t the only cringe-worthy part of Fox’s life recently; in addition to a DUI arrest earlier this month, the Alex Cross actor was also accused of, well, punching a female bus driver in the groin late last year. Hey, maybe at the end of this feud, we’ll find out we were all dead this whole time and this beef never happened? And then we’re in a church for some reason? Oh, you’re right. That would make literally no sense.

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Debra Messing, Ice-T, Coco, Sam Ronson Party With Mariska Hargitay For Real-Life Special Victims

Hilary Swank, Mariska Hargitay and Debra Messing at the 5th Annual Joyful Revolution Gala

I’m sure almost every night in New York and Los Angeles, there is a room that contains handfuls of celebrities, bankers and society ladies clinking glasses and pledging thousands to some cause or another. But, though I have been to a whole lot of those kinds of soirees, I feel like the one I went to last night, a benefit for the Joyful Heart Foundation at Cipriani Wall Street in NYC, is a little bit different from the others. I can’t imagine there are many other events where you would see Ice-T and Coco meet wide-eyed teenagers, Debra Messing loudly promising to kiss a stranger, Samantha Ronson teaching a Christie’s auctioneer how to hold a mic, and Hilary Swank dancing in her seat as Harry Connick Jr. improvised lyrics in praise of Mariska Hargitay. (I mean, it’s no Channing Tatum grinding with Elton John, but still.) And in-between it all we are moved to tears by stories of women surviving rape and abuse, and others fighting for a future where “Special Victims Unit” sounds like a quaint relic of the past on par with typewriters and scullery maids.

Variations of this scene have been going down for years, since Law & Order: SVU star Hargitay decided to make it her mission to heal the kind of victims she’d been helping onscreen as Det. Olivia Benson. And I can tell you from experience (and full disclosure, one of my BFFs works for Joyful Heart) that this isn’t some token cause for the actress. She throws herself into it, and brings her very famous friends along with her.
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Hugh Hefner’s Son Marston Pleads No Contest To Beating Playmate Girlfriend

Marston Hefner, Hugh Hefner’s 21-year-old son, pleaded no contest to corporal injury to a spouse or cohabitant in a Pasadena court yesterday, according to the Associated Press. He had been arrested in February for kicking and punching then-girlfriend Claire Sinclair, 2011’s Playboy Playmate of the Year. He is expected to be sentenced to a year of domestic violence counseling and to be ordered to stay away from Sinclair for three years, Assistant Pasadena City Prosecutor Chris Blankenhorn said.

“At the end of the three years, he can withdraw his plea, similar to an expungement. But it’s contingent upon him obeying all laws and court conditions,” Blankenhorn told the New York Daily News.
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Playmate Claire Sinclair Shows Bruises Hugh Hefner’s Son Allegedly Gave Her

Claire Sinclair, Playboy Playmate of 2011, spoke to E! Online yesterday to share the details of an altercation with now-ex-boyfriend Marston Hefner, Hugh Hefner’s 21-year-old son, that resulted in his arrest on Sunday night. The 20-year-old model said they had just moved into a new apartment in Pasadena, California, and that Marston was stressed out about it, but this wasn’t the first domestic dispute they’d had.

“We got into an argument about something really silly and it kind of escalated and it became violent,” she told E!, adding that he was “unstable” throughout the course of their relationship and inconsistently took his antidepressants. “Initially, he kicked me and I went backwards, I fell. Then he punched me and grabbed me up, and I scratched him to defend myself. It was very shocking.”

She showed the reporter a large bruise on her arm, saying Marston caused it by punching and grabbing her.
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Michael Lohan Arrested Again, Because He’s Michael Lohan

After being arrested on Monday on domestic violence charges, Michael Lohan is back in custody in the same Tampa jail he was detained at just two days ago, according to TMZ. Girlfriend Kate Major has been publicly denouncing him for his abusive ways, releasing photographs of her with bruises she says he gave her.

This time around, police say he jumped off a third-story balcony and fell into a tree in his attempt to escape the cops after contacting Kate again. He’s really that smart. But that’s the story — she claims he had been constantly trying to get into touch with her on the phone and generally harassing her. That’s when she called Tampa police. Unfortunately, Lohan happened to call her just as they were questioning Kate about his behavior. As the police believed he was a threat, they went to his hotel to arrest him, which is when the jumping happened.

[Photo: Splash News Online/ VH1]

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Weston Cage And His Wife In A Major Domestic Bust-Up

Domestic bliss, this ain’t. What it is, is some major anger issues that need to be worked out, stat. Post Weston Cage‘s crazed street fight, you would have thought he would have calmed down and taken some yoga classes or something. One would have also hoped that his newly-wed wife Nikki Williams would support his stress-free endeavors. Not so much.

They’ve graduated to domestic violence, which Nikki and Weston were just booked for yesterday. Felony domestic to be precise, after cops responded to complaints at around 7.30 am. What’s being reported is that Nikki went ballistic and went for Weston with a bottle, ending up cutting him on his arm, punching him like crazy and threatening to jump off the balcony. Wonderfully balanced couple, this. The police do believe that Weston got violent as well, and carted both off to the police station. As of now, Weston has posted bail of $50,000 and apparently told waiting photographers, “Don’t get married”. Nikki got him good because he looked super beat up! FYI, this happened just days after the both of them got out of rehab. We think a tad more therapy is required still, guys. This sort of violence can really spiral out of control again.