Don Jon’s Addiction

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If Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Happy At Sundance, We All Win

“I remember watching Reservoir Dogs and Sling Blade and Swingers and Big Night and The Usual Suspects and all those movies that came through Sundance back when I was working on 3rd Rock From the Sun, and I said to myself, ‘One day I’m going to have a movie at Sundance,’ ” Joseph Gordon-Levitt told VH1 News at the Sundance (and world) premiere of Don Jon’s Addiction on Friday night. And boy has his dream come true in a big way. Since his days as a sitcom alien, Joe’s been in quite a few Sundance films, but Don Jon’s marks his writing/directing debut. You could say he was rather pleased about that: “I’m kind of astonished and flabbergasted and just happy!”

This meant the rest of us got to enjoy plenty of photos and videos of JGL being astonished and flabbergasted and happy as he partied at the Sundance Channel’s house on Friday night, along with co-stars Julianne Moore and Tony Danza. And we’re going out on a limb here and guessing that his beaming face is part of what helped him sell the film about a Jersey guy so addicted to porn that he gives up a relationship with Scarlett Johansson for it. On Monday, Relativity Media confirmed the huge deal they gave JGL that will land the movie on 2,000 screens this summer.
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Celebrates His Porn Addiction At Sundance, With Help From Tony Danza

Tony Danza, Julianne Moore, Joseph Gordon-Levitt at Sundance

OK, the Sundance Film Festival isn’t stooping to adult movie screenings just yet, but the festival was pretty excited to premiere a movie about pornography, so anything is possible. Actually, our friends at the Sundance Channel were also eager to share with us the photos from the premiere party (co-hosted by DirecTV), celebrating Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s writing and directing debut, Don Jon’s Addiction. He stars as the titular Jon, a Jersey boy who has no trouble picking up ladies as hot as Scarlett Johansson at the clubs, but for some reason still prefers watching porn to participating in the real deal. Tony Danza co-stars as his father — completing that 3rd Rock From the Sun/Who’s the Boss crossover fantasy you always had, right? — and Julianne Moore is a woman Jon meets at a night class.
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We’re Addicted To Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s On-Set Hotness In Don Jon’s Addiction

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Poses For On-Set Photos For Don Jon's Addiction

We’ve enjoyed looking at Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s handsome mug ever since he was our adorable zygote movie crush in 10 Things I Hate About You, but all evidence suggests that we’ll be enjoying the look of Joseph’s torso and face area in his upcoming comedy Don Jon’s Addiction even more. Based on these behind-the-scences images posted to the movie’s tumblr, JGL looks smoking in a very (dare we say it?) Jersey Shore way. The tank top? The biceps? The quizzical yet kindly expression? Seriously, replace Gordon-Levitt’s face with Popeye’s, and you have the spitting imitation of The Situation. Aw, you know what? We apologize for that joke. It was too mean. Sorry Popeye!

We weren’t surprised to see that JGL also wrote and directed the film in addition to starring in it; the man clearly knows how to work his angles. Costarring Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore and (be still our hearts) Tony Danza, IMDB claims Don Jon is about the “journey of a contemporary, porn-addicted Don Juan-type as he attempts to become less selfish.” We just hope Gordon-Levitt is ready for his day in court, when The Situation straight-up sues for the appropriation of his life story. Aw, that’s mean too. Appropriation means “the action of taking something for one’s own use, typically without the owner’s permission.” Now everyone is on the same page!

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