Donda West


Kanye West Planned To “Take Over The World” As A Baby, His Mom Said – Will Babye Follow?

By Melissa Smith

With news of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s bun in the oven, we can’t help but wonder just how powerful their offspring is going to be. Just take the case of Blue Ivy, who reached number 7 on our list of celebs who dominated 2012 … just by being born! When it comes to Kimye’s spawn, the baby might actually be genetically primed for world domination, at least if he/she is anything like Kanye’s mom says he was as an infant.

Before Donda West tragically passed away in 2007, she sat down with VH1 News to talk about raising her son. Apparently there were very early signs of his powerful personality — even indications he’d like to rule the planet!

“I never saw that blank stare in Kanye’s eyes,” she told us. “Some babies come here, and it takes them a little bit longer to focus. It just seems like he came here knowing something, maybe something that I didn’t even know. … I looked into his eyes, and he had those two fingers in his mouth, and it just seemed like he was saying, ‘OK, I’m a few months old now; let me plan how I’m going to take over the world.’ ”
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