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Is Matt Smith Getting Ready To Leave Dr. Who?

Dr. Who star Matt Smith pretty much bowled us over at the 2011 Scream Awards last weekend. From his well-regarded work on the BBC/SyFy series, we already knew that he was equal parts dashing and down-to-earth, but VH1’s own Kate Spencer became a firsthand witness to the overall sweetness of the Best Science Fiction Actor award winner after chatting with him on the red carpet and backstage. During one of their conversations, Kate posed the question to Smith about his future on the program, and when American audiences could expect to be seeing more of him on these shores. Smith’s controversial reply?

“Well, hopefully soon, you know. I’ve got another year of Doctor Who, but then I’m certainly going to come and give it a shot – come and hang out in LA.”

The passionate Dr. Who fan community has taken this statement to mean that Smith might be preparing to leave the beloved franchise, which is just about to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary (!), when his contract expires next year. Smith has yet to clarify this statement by coming forward with his true intentions for his future as Dr. Who, but whether he’s just a savvy negotiator or feels it’s time that he tests the Hollywood waters a bit further, we’re pretty confident that if we had access to our own TARDIS time machine, we’d discover that he’s got a long and successful career ahead of him.

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Dr. Who Star Matt Smith: “It Must Be Tricky Being Robert Pattinson”

Dr. Who star Matt Smith took home the award for Best Science Fiction Actor at the Scream Awards, and I was enough lucky to chat with him twice through out the night, on the red carpet and backstage after his win. How do I say this without sounding like a creepy, fangirl weirdo: HE IS THE NICEST MAN ALIVE. Seriously, he was goofy and sweet and genuinely humble and he did not laugh at my usage of the term Brit Pack. The guy is a gem. He’s also an incredibly talented actor who’s destined for big screen greatness. Mark my words.

Matt mentioned that he had been videotaping parts of the show to send to his girlfriend, model Daisy Lowe (awww), and we got on the topic of celebrity couples (he doesn’t think they are one) and the unwanted fame that goes along with being part of an A-List duo. He touched on the challenges Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart face and echoed their same sentiments about celebrity and fame (they’re just not that into it). Watch his comments above. Oh how we wish we could hook these guys up on a friend date. They could hide in a pub and chain smoke and drink Heinekens and swap tips on avoiding the paparazzi.

The actor also spoke highly of his dear friend Andrew Garfield. “He’ll be brilliant” as Spiderman, says Smith. (Clip after the jump.) We definitely agree. Read more…