Amy Winehouse Ignores Her Blake Soon-To-Be-Rehabilitated

If you read drama into Amy Winehouse‘s absence from Blake Fielder-Civil‘s prison release, you might be right. While she’s off smacking photographers and scaring small children, Sophie Schandorff, the model who mouthed “I love you” at his trial, has announced on Facebook that she’s “celebrating the return of her sailor.” Permission to dock granted!

But if Schandorff gets the seaman, don’t expect Winehouse to pay his rehab bills. According to a source for The Sun, “Blake thought he would click his fingers and she’d stump up the 30 grand. But so far she has refused. He’s not happy.” Blake, sneaking out of rehab (not a good sign), told the paper, “Tell Amy, ‘I love you and I wish I could be with you.’ I just can’t wait to get this over and done with and see Amy again.” The feeling isn’t mutual, though—Wino is reportedly meeting with divorce lawyers instead. Who knows? Maybe she’ll gain enough inspiration from the split to finally record another album.

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Joaquin Phoenix Is Trying To Tell Us Something

Joaquin Phoenix, wtf? First the Gladiator star mumbled about retirement alongside brother-in-law Casey Affleck.  Now he’s made an even bigger ass of himself by bungling a message to fans at the premiere of Che last Saturday. While his knuckles read “GOOD-BYE!” when he wrote on them, the fists proclaimed “BYE!-GOOD” to the world when he straightened his wrists back out. D’oh!

Unsurprisingly, Page Six reports that Phoenix was “out of it” this weekend, leaving half-way through a Paul Newman tribute and “wobbling back in a bit later.” Friends are concerned that the actor may have relapsed (ya think?). He may have written “BYE!-GOOD,” but he’s really saying “MEE!-HELP.”

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Elle Macpherson’s Reported New Man An Ex-Coke Fiend

Update: Elle Macpherson denies being romantically involved with Brian Burgess

It’s hard to find a good man, we know. But pity poor Elle Macpherson (if you can muster any sympathy for the stunningly beautiful multi-millionaire businesswoman and model), as she’s slipped down the dating food chain a bit. First she married legendary fashion photographer Giles Bensimon, then she had a long-term relationship with financier Arpad Busson — now engaged to Uma Thurman. She then was spotted with little-known British actor Ray Fearon, but now who’s Elle’s latest squeeze? Why, she’s hooked up with an Australian removals guy whose previous job was a cocaine smuggler!

After snaps surfaced of Elle driving around London with “Aussie Man With A VanBrian Burgess, it’s come to light that he was found guilty of trying to smuggle 4kg of cocaine out of the U.S. in 1996 and spent four years in prison before being deported to the UK. Apparently, according to his colleague John Hess, he’s now a bonza bloke and “spends most of his time counseling people with drug and alcohol addiction.” Actually, it sounds like he’s got just the right sort of past to fit in with any A-list crowd. You’re nobody unless you’ve been to rehab/prison/had an eating disorder/drug addiction, do you hear us? NOBODY. [Source: Daily Telegraph, Photo: WireImage]


Anjelica Huston In Tears Over Model Suicide

Katie Jane Evans, the wife of actor Danny Huston, took her own life last month by throwing herself off a California rooftop. The 35-year-old model had recently filed for divorce from Danny, with whom she had a 5-year-old daughter. Danny is the illegitimate son of John Huston and actress Zoe Sallis. Anjelica Huston is his half sister. “Everyone is devastated,” a Daily Mail source said.

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Isiah Thomas Overdoses

WCBSTV in New York is reporting that Isiah Thomas, the former head coach and president of the New York Knicks, was rushed from his home to a White Plains hospital after overdosing on sleeping pills. As a point guard from 1981 until 1994, Thomas led the Detroit Pistons to two NBA championships. He’s considered to be one of the best NBA players ever.

But his athletic ability didn’t translate into a successful career as an NBA coach and executive. During his two-year tenure coaching the Knicks, the team had an abysmal record of 56-108. Thomas was also embroiled in a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Anucha Browne Sanders, a former Knicks executive.

Isiah’s condition is not known at this time. [Photo: Getty Images]


Baked Beauty Queen Busted Over Unpaid Restaurant Bill

A sparkly tiara really gives some people a sense of entitlement, or, at least makes them think they deserve some free snacks. Lindsay Evans, the reigning Miss Teen Louisiana USA, and her three friends skipped out on their $46.07 bill at a Bossier city restaurant over the weekend. After racking up the charges, the ladies left the restaurant without paying, but the beauty queen accidentally left her purse behind.

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Good News! Pete Doherty Is Still On Crack

Wanna see Pete Doherty sleep in a hammock, light a crack pipe and get water dumped on his head by “the help?” Now you can! Petey is back and better than ever in this hilarious new YouTube video. It’s jam-packed with creepy shots of mannequins, kitties, and fire! And of course, that scene everyone is talking about – Pete in a hammock, grabbing for his beloved crack pipe. It’ll make you cringe and cry all at once!

  • Starring Pete Doherty, a cat, and his housekeeper!
  • Directed by Pete Doherty!
  • With a musical score by acclaimed junkie Pete Doherty!

Click here to watch it – Pete doesn’t let us embed his bloody video. Wanker.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Amy Winehouse Invents New Way To Be A Junkie

Just when you thought car-wreck Amy Winehouse couldn’t get more, well, wrecky, along comes this jaw-dropper of a rumor. The latest skinny on the skinny superstar is that she’s managed to combine her love of sweeties and other less-legal treats by mixing them up, literally. Yes, Amy has created “Coke Candyfloss.”

“It was Mik’s [Amy’s friend from Pete Doherty‘s band Babyshambles] idea. The candyfloss machine was Amy’s pride and joy and he thought it would be funny to give it a boost. He and some pals sprinkled a wrap of coke into the mixture and Amy started eating it before she realized what they’d done. She now thinks it’s a hoot to do the same,” a source told the News of the World.

Ew ew and triple ew. This is wrong on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start. Suffice it to say once mixing up your drugs and candy becomes the funniest thing you do, it’s time to get the hell out of the house. … [Photo: Getty Images]


Tim Montgomery, Olympic Gold Medalist, Gets Five Years For Heroin

What a wild decade it’s been for track star Tim Montgomery. In 2000, he picked up his second gold medal with the US relay team. In 2002, he beat the 100m world record by 0.01 seconds, becoming “the fastest man on earth.” In 2004, he was accused of using steroids, and stripped of all medals and records in 2005. In 2006, he was arrested for check fraud. In 2007, he was found guilty, and sentenced to four years in prison this May.

Just before his sentencing, Montgomery was arrested for selling heroin. Today, the fallen athlete was handed another five years in prison, directly following his current stint. Here’s hoping for a quiet 2009, Tim.

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Boy George: Amy Winehouse “Has To Help Herself”

Boy George knows what it’s like to be a British singer with flamboyant hair, gaudy women’s clothing and too much make up. He also knows what it’s like to be in the throes of a massive drug addiction. So will Amy Winehouse accept the advice the Culture Clubber offered to Times Online?

When you’re hellbent on destroying yourself everyone else is powerless, especially the people who love you most. Until she decides she wants to change no one can do anything.

…[She should do] therapy, maybe. Rehab. NA is amazing: there are people from all walks of life. It brings you down to earth. When I first went I was really scathing: they mentioned God and I was like, ‘I’m out of here’. I was quiet at the beginning, but you open up. You have to help yourself.

George credits NA with helping him kick cocaine last year, following an arrest that had George picking up trash in Manhattan (the U.S. has denied the British star any work visas since). His new single, inspired by the experience, is titled “Yes, We Can.” Timely!

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