The Coke Queen

Helen Mirren is so gangsta. The actress who famously played a snobby, stoic Queen Elizabeth in The Queen, shockingly reveals that she loved drugs, was date raped, and stole. In her party days, Helen used to throw one wild tea party. “I loved coke. I never did a lot, just a bit at parties,” Helen Mirren tells the October issue of GQ.

However, after reading an article about how Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie had been making money from the drug in South America, the star of The Queen reveals, “all the cards fell into place and I saw how my little sniff of cocaine at a party had an absolute direct route”. Mirren also revealed that she had previously used marijuana, even though she “hated it”. “Dope always made me feel miserable and paranoid and unhappy. And I woke up one day and thought, ‘No more of that, thank you’.”

She also reveals that she was date raped “a couple of times” as a teen in London.

“Not with excessive violence, or being hit, but rather being locked in a room and made to have sex against my will,” she says.

To this day, she supports a woman’s right to say “no” at any point, but says she’s not always in favor of reporting attacks.

“I don’t think [a woman] can have that man into court under those circumstances,” Mirren says. “It’s such a tricky area, isn’t it? Especially if there is no violence. I mean, look at Mike Tyson. I don’t think he was a rapist.”

Helen also says she stole as a child, explaining, “I needed to shoplift for food.”

Who knew Helen Mirren was so street? [Source:Us Magazine; Photo: Getty Images]


Mackenzie Phillips Arrested For Heroin Possession

When it comes to drug dependency, age ain’t nothing but a number. Mackenzie Phillips just joined Tatum O’Neal in the “oh wow, still?” Celebrity Drug Arrest Hall of Fame after police found small amounts of heroin and cocaine on her during a search at LAX airport. Phillips’ drug problems first became known when she took a hiatus from TV’s One Day At A Time for a rehab stint in 1980. In 1983, she left the show for good rather than take another drug test. Phillips has claimed sobriety since the early nineties, returning to TV after an eight year break to play a drug counselor on the classic “Intervention” episode of Bevery Hills, 90210. Phillips is the daughter of John Phillips of The Mamas And The Papas, and the half-sister of Bijou and Chynna Phillips. [LA Times]


Artie Lange Finally Goes To Rehab

It looks like Artie Lange cares about his health after all. Years after inspiring a Death Watch website with his alcoholism, heroin use and morbid obesity, the Howard Stern sidekick and Beer League star has finally checked into rehab. The program is described as “intensive” but also “outpatient,” which means that Lange will still be able to appear on Stern when the show returns from its break. Despite this relative freedom, Lange has canceled a stand-up tour, as well as his planned appearance at Bob Saget’s Comedy Central Roast last Sunday, in order to focus on his recovery from…well, everything. You can do it, Artie! [E!]

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U.S. Dollar Is World’s Most Coked-Out Currency

Despite the patriotic efforts of Brits like Pete Doherty, Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse, the U.S. dollar contains more cocaine than any other form of currency. A study by Spanish chemists reveals that the average dollar bill contains 2.9 to 28.8 micrograms of cocaine, though some bills from 1996 contain up to 1,300. Don’t start rubbing cash on your gums, though. You’d need at least 1,000 of those primo 1996 dollars to make a gram. And a thousand bucks will buy a lot more than that. [LiveScience]

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#96: The Myth That Mick Jagger Ate Candy Out Of Marianne Faithful’s Vagina

Nowadays the Rolling Stones look like something out of The Nightmare Before Christmas. In 1967, though, the “Gimme Shelter” rockers were Public Enemy No. One, thanks to their affinity for sex and drugs. It was only a matter of time before the cops came knocking. Following a tip-off from the tabloid press, 20 police officers raided Keith Richards‘ Redlands estate in England. Richards and Mick Jagger were charged with possession of LSD and other narcotics, but the raid became legendary for a candy bar involving singer Marianne Faithful.

Cops on the scene swore they interrupted Jagger eating a Mars Bar wedged into his girlfriend’s holiest of holies before hauling him away for possession. “A cop’s idea of what people do on acid!” sniffed Faithfull, denying all in her autobiography. Even so, the story remains one of rock’s most celebrated myths. — Charles Bottomley

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#91: Todd Bridges’ Drug Woes

Todd Bridges paved the way for future f*cked-up child stars, carving out a destructive trail of drugs, violence, and murder that standardized the destiny of kid actors — especially those on his own hit show. The adorable teen — who ended his run as Willis Drummond on Diff’rent Strokes in 1986 — was busted just two years after the show’s end for attempting to murder a drug dealer while crazy on a coke binge. The actor was acquitted, but found himself facing the same charge in 1997 after attacking someone with a car — and was acquitted once more, making him one of the only child stars ever to experience good luck in later life.

Co-stars Dana Plato and Gary Coleman also endured the rough reality of post-sitcom fame. Dana posed for Playboy, was busted for drug possession a few times, and OD’d in 1999 at age 35. Gary went bankrupt and was nailed for assault while working as a security guard. But it was Todd — the first of the three to fall — who would prove the only one to come out OK on the other side of disaster.

The actor finally got sober and now spends his time speaking to kids about the dangers of drugs (he’s an expert, clearly), and attempting a second go at fame on shows like Skating with Celebrities and Everybody Hates Chris. Of his murky past, Todd admits, “The bottom line is I’ve made stupid choices. But I got my life together now and that’s the difference. I’m not the same idiot I used to be.”

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#84: Whitney Houston: Crack is Whack

We all knew Whitney Houston wanted to dance with somebody, we just had no idea she’d end up waltzing with a crack pipe. The singer had barreled through the ’80s and ’90s racking up #1 hits and the occasional flop (like marrying the dysfunctional Bobby Brown). After selling over nine million copies of The Bodyguard soundtrack and stockpiling six Grammys, she decided to move on to something more, uh, super f*cking illegal.

In early 2000, Whitney was busted lugging weed through a Hawaii airport. As if that wasn’t bad-ass enough, she inspired Lohans everywhere by skipping shows and losing enough weight to scare even Nicole Richie. Chatting with Diane Sawyer in 2002, she admitted to, well, everything. “My business is sex, drugs, rock and roll … I partied a lot.” When asked by Sawyer about her drug of choice — “Is it alcohol? Is it marijuana? Is it cocaine? Is it pills?” — Whitney answered, “It has been at times.” Sawyer: “All?” Houston: “At times.” But even Whitney had her limits: “I make too much money for me to ever smoke crack … crack is whack.” Whack enough to send the fallen songbird to rehab in 2004. She has yet to make a solid comeback — unless having her husband yank a “doody bubble” from her ass counts — but at least she’s made headlines dumping Brown for Ray J., brother of Brandy and on-camera lover of Kim Kardashian.

Whitney’s daughter is possibly continuing the family addiction tradition. Pics of then 13-year-old Bobbi Kristina exhaling what looked like marijuana smoke popped up on the Web in 2007. So much for teaching children well and letting them lead the way.

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#79: Rush Limbaugh Is A Drug Addict

Notorious bigmouth Rush Limbaugh began his career in radio as a DJ in Pittsburgh, and didn’t start clogging the airwaves with Righteous blabber until the mid-eighties. His show went national in 1988, and when the Republicans swept Congress in ’94, his fat-cat pals named him “honorary member of Congress” in thanks for all he did to ensure their majority rule. And with that, the King of the Conservative Party was born.

But just because this cigar-fiend dished a diehard conservative creed didn’t mean Rush lived by his own rules. In October 2003 — the chunky chat-man confirmed National Enquirer reports that he was addicted to prescription painkillers and was headed for rehab. When prosecutors lobbied the court to trash his doctor-patient confidentiality rights so that they could interrogate his docs, Rush found an unlikely ally in the ACLU, who went to bat for him. He was eventually busted for “doctor shopping” (visiting multiple providers to score prescriptions) and turned himself in on April 28, 2006. Prosecutors agreed to drop the charges if he’d cough up $30,000 to cover the investigation’s costs, undergo therapy for 18 months, and submit to regular drug testing. Rush took the deal, and the case was closed.

While Limbaugh’s drug disgrace could have ensured his downfall, the hoopla surrounding his shady pill obsession proved to be a lot of hot air — just like him! In July 2008 Rush signed a contract extension that will keep him gabbing through 2016 — for a record-breaking $400 million.


#77: Amy Winehouse Is A Drug Addict

When Amy Winehouse‘s breakthrough album, Back to Black, hit U.S. shores in early 2007, it was hard to say which Winehouse was a bigger mess: the lovelorn persona on record who explicitly said no to rehab, or the drunken persona in public whose YouTubeable antics implicitly said no to rehab. Mere months later, that the latter had the much bigger problem was abundantly clear. Like oh-my-god-she-really-might-die-any-second-right-in-front-of-our-eyes clear.

Though capable of temporary composure (like her gorgeous performance of “Love Is a Losing Game” at the Mercury Prize Awards), Winehouse has spent the past year or so in a drug-induced haze. Publicity shots of her looking positively zonked appear virtually daily on blogs, and a YouTube clip surfaced in which she pulls something from her hair and seems to snort it.

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#75: Courtney Love’s Heroin Binge

Courtney Love sat down with Vanity Fair writer Lynn Hirschberg to debut herself as Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain‘s wife with a rock star career of her own, but she ended up temporarily losing her newborn infant. “We went on a binge,” she told Hirschberg. “I did heroin for a couple of months.” The catch: her “binge,” in January1992, overlapped with her pregnancy.

When the article hit newsstands in September 1992, Children’s Services of L.A. removed baby Frances Bean from the Cobain household. After several months of legal wrangling (and a voicemail from Cobain calling Hirschberg and another reporter “insane c*nts”), the couple regained custody.

Despite her father shooting himself in the head when she was a toddler, being taken away yet again from her mother for 15 months when she was 12 (after Courtney’s 2003 overdose), and having an “alter ego” named Cherry Kookoo, Frances Bean appears to be relatively stable. In 2008 she became an intern at Rolling Stone, following in Hirschberg’s footsteps.