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Soulja Boy Busted For Pot Posession

Soulja Boy was arrested early this morning for possession of massive amounts of marijuana in his car. For those of you who have seen this video,  this probably comes as the least surprising news of the decade. The 21-year-old rapper was driving with four friends in Temple, Georgia, when police pulled him over at 3:15 a.m. for a routine traffic violation. But when officers peered into the side window, they spotted “a substantial amount of marijuana and cash inside the car.” Arresting officers told TMZ that the money totaled more than $70,000! Damn. But we guess that’s chump change for a dude who just bought a $55 million jet as a birthday present for himself.

Authorities also found guns in the car, but it’s unclear whether or not they were licensed. Regardless, Soulja (real name DeAndre Cortez Way) and his friends were hauled into Carrol County Jail, where they’re currently being held. Today also marks the release of his DVD, Soulja Boy: The Movie. “Today is gonna be busy and huge very historical lots of interviews to be done,” he tweeted last night before the bust. Well, you’re right about the interviews part, Soulja. Although we think it’s called “questioning”…

The investigation is still pending, but we’ll report back.

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Lindsay Lohan Blew Off Community Service, Psych Visits, And The Dentist

Lindsay Lohan’s stare-down with the law is almost getting impressive, were it not so amazingly stupid. Despite promising that she’d keep her nose clean (*zing*) after getting released from custody in May, Lindsay has been found in double violation of her probation and now could face time in jail. Maybe even in a real jail this time, and not staying  in her house and watching DVDs, which some of us would call “the weekend.”

According to TMZ,  the actress has failed to see her court-appointed psychologist once a week, as outlined in her probation terms. Lilo claims that she was unable to attend her shrink sessions because she was working out of the country, but the court says this is no excuse. In fact, Judge Stephanie Sautner specifically forbade her from work if it would interfere with the terms of her probation.

On top of that misstep, Lindsay has also been “kicked out” of her community service gig at the Downtown Woman’s Shelter for “violating the rules several times.” Apparently she “blew off” a total of nine visits, and when she did decide to show, she’d bounce after only an hour instead of the required four. Part of her probation agreement was for her to serve 360 hours of community service by May 2012 and so far she’s done twenty-on, which the judge hilariously calls this “unimpressive.” Lindsay’s now reportedly been moved to a new community service program at the Red Cross. But we should go easy on Lindsay lately, because she’s apparently very busy. From the looks of Lindsay’s brown teeth, she hasn’t even had time to get to the dentist in a while, either.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Look: A Pop Quiz

Hey guys, can we talk to you about something for a sec? We’re gonna come right out and say it: we’re worried about that Lindsay Lohan. She showed up to the Saints Row: The Third premiere last night looking less than her usual youthful, natural, and fresh-faced self. Something about her just seems kinda…off. Are we crazy? She looked so tired, but it couldn’t have been that late. We hope she’s not feeling under the weather. The pollen count’s been pretty high this year. And her teeth seem so…brown. Has she been forgetting to floss!? And what the hell is that stuff all over her hands? We’ve done a lot of thinking, and here are some choices that might explain her less than radiant red carpet stroll.

A. Took the Nyquil when she meant to take the DayQuil.

B. Sleep debt from staying up to watch the Kardashian wedding special.

C. Really just doesn’t give a damn about Saints Row: The Third.

D. Sugar crash after eating Nestle Quik powder straight from the jar again. *bonus points for explaining her teeth*

F. Was up late making a homemade card for her probation officer.*bonus points for explaining her hands*

F. Wait a sec…the orangey fake tan….the wonky teeth….it all makes sense: She wants to become a Jack-o-Lantern!

Check out the gallery below and make your own conclusions.

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Chace Crawford Off The Hook With His Pot Court Case

This is one serious lucky break for Chace Crawford, whose marijuana case just got dismissed in a Texan court. To jog your memories, Chace was arrested last year in June because he was found with under  two ounces of marijuana in his possession while in Plano, Texas. The arrest was made a little after midnight when he was in a car with a friend of his and cops found one joint on them.

Now, more than a year later, the judge presiding over the case has dismissed it so Chace is off the hook. Apparently, the Gossip Girl actor made a deal with prosecutors which involved him doing community service and staying drug-free for a year. The former half of the agreement has already been done as Chace’s lawyers offered proof that he had performed 80 hours of community service a hospital and church in Texas. The judge seemed satisfied with the evidence so Chace is now out of hot water.

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Charlie Sheen Admits That He Was “Losing” During Mega-Meltdown

Charlie Sheen became something of a folk hero in the early part of this year for going Hollywood rogue and basically bringing out the bats–t crazy in all of us. He famously kamakazi’d his multi-million dollar part on Two And A Half Men, went on a bizarro PR campaign that makes Whitney Houston look like a librarian, and then hit the road on a stadium tour of people who just wanted to watch Chaz high on the finest Columbian Sheen. You know, just basically winning left right and center.

But that was the old (manic) Charlie. The new post-Comedy Central Roast Charlie is going around atoning for his showbiz sins, saying that he wasn’t #winning, but actually “losing”. Say what!? Who are you and what have you done with our beloved national treasure of a trainwreck!? The actor appeared on The Tonight Showlast night, and actually appeared sorry for all of the craziness of the winter. “I realized I was pretty much ‘losing!’ I thought I could come back…kind of like you did,” he told host Jay Leno. He also says that he has no grudge against the Two And A Half Men producers. “No, I’d have fired my ass, too,” he admitted. He also bears no ill-will towards the series new star, Ashton Kutcher. “I would just give him a hug and just say, ‘Make me proud, dude.’” Awww…*single tear of tigerblood*. We thought he’d release the warlocks on Ashton for sure!

Who knows, maybe Charlie’s starting to mellow. But not to worry, folks! You can party with 80s-90s era Chaz in the gallery below anytime you want!

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Amy Winehouse Toxicology Report Allegedly Turns Up Alcohol, No Illegal Drugs

With results finally emerging a month to the day of her passing, Amy Winehouse’s autopsy has allegedly revealed that there were no illegal drugs in the singer’s body at the time of her death, at least according to her family. Said their spokesperson Chris Goodman, “toxicology results returned to the Winehouse family by authorities have confirmed that there were no illegal substances in Amy’s system at the time of her death.” While Amy’s family reports that it is still unclear what killed the Back To Black musician, the results supposedly do show that “alcohol was present” in her body.

Winehouse’s rehab stint earlier this year, combined with her rocky history of substance abuse, had many assuming drugs would be a significant factor in Amy Winehouse’s death. However, prior to autopsy results, Amy’s family suspected alcohol withdrawal might have been a factor instead. There will apparently be a second inquest into the singer’s death in October, which will hopefully offer a clearer picture as to the exact circumstances around her passing.

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Charlie Sheen Spots Brooke Mueller’s Rehab Tab

Remember when  Brooke Mueller jetted to a Mexican rehab center last month? Turns out she only ended up spending 12 hours across the border before being scooped up by her ex, Charlie Sheen, who brought her back to the States via private jet. Confused? Yeah, so are we. This isn’t exactly ex-husbandly behavior, but he’s doing it anyway. In efforts to help her get clean, Charlie’s spotting Brooke’s new rehab treatment tab and it’s the same one he went through a couple of months ago when his Two and a Half Men swansong had begun.

Apparently, Charlie was uncomfortable with Brooke’s Mexican getting-clean program since it’s so controversial, which is why he intervened. Brooke’s is already at the facility and Charlie’s monitoring and paying for the whole thing. Hey, they may not be together, but they do have children. If this mutual support system works even though they’re not a couple any more,well, more power to them.

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Denise Richards Opens Up About The Charlie Sheen Hotel Incident

If you look back through the mists of time, you might recall that it was Charlie Sheen’s hotel meltdown that kicked off the actor’s epic tour de insanity, which ended with his exit from Two And A Half Men. Denise Richards sure can remember it. In fact, her memory is so clear, she’s finally telling her side of the bizarre story to USWeekly. The tale starts like most Charlie Sheen stories: with porn stars gathered around the supper table. “Charlie invited me to this dinner with ‘friends,’ and once I realized what these women did for a living, I thought, ‘It’s one meal; you can suck it up and get through it,”says Richards of the incident last fall. “It’s not my place to judge how they make a paycheck.” Maybe it isn’t your place to judge, Denise, but can’t we agree it’s your place to immediately tell everyone and their grandma about it? If it was our ex-husband, we would have been on the phone with the press before they hosed the cocaine off of him.

Later that night after putting daughters Sam and Lola to bed, Denise says, “About an hour later, I was awakened by sounds outside my door, including walkie-talkies, which is never a good sign. A few minutes later, the cops showed up. Several officers went into Charlie’s room, and a sergeant came into mine.” And the rest…is history. Really depressing history. Richards reveals even more true Sheen-ius in her new memoir Real Girl Next Door, describing interesting Charlie facts such as the actor’s unyielding paranoia. “His bedroom door…was bulletproof,” Richards writes. “A fire pole was in the closet (which one of our cats fell through, but he was okay) in case a quick escape to the ground floor was necessary. And the house had a panic room.” Scratch that: we would have had a reporter on the phone the second our cat fell down the poll. Lord only knows how the porn stars were managing it.


Amy Winehouse Found Dead In London

The music community lost a great talent today. Grammy-winning singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment. While the cause of death has yet to be confirmed, Winehouse famously battled drugs and alcohol the last few years of her life. She recently cancelled her European tour after being booed off stage in Serbia and admitting “she cannot perform to the best of her ability.” She was only 27.

[Source: CNN, Photo: Getty Images]

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Brooke Mueller Heads To Mexican Rehab

Brooke Mueller is off to rehab in Cancun, Mexico. She was spotted leaving L.A International Airport yesterday, after being discharged from a hospital on Monday post her alleged on-flight altercation last week. She was accompanied by her personal physician who’s coming with her for the program which isn’t a plush, celebrity holiday, as most soujourns in Cancun are. Brooke’s determined to kick her drug habit for good this time round and is even willing to try out something called “ibogaine”, which is illegal in the U.S,  for that purpose. That’s the reason why she has to go across the border.

Ibogaine is an experimental treatment that is supposed to stop drug cravings. Here’s the irony though — ibogaine itself is a hallucinogen. Her physician will be overseeing everything though, and it’s been approved in Canada and other countries as well. A source reveals that, “Brooke is absolutely desperate. She wants to be sober, and she thinks that this could be just the thing that will do it. Brooke is aware of the dangers of ibogaine, but she is going to proceed anyway.” Mueller’s going to be in rehab for a week. We wish her well and hope it works out for her! Desperate times lead to desperate measures but you never know what’ll do the trick. Her kids are being watched by their aunt and nanny, in case you were wondering.