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Bobby Brown Denies Daughter’s Drug Use; Bobbi Kristina Sex Tape Turns Up

No father wants to be confronted with their kid’s alleged drug use in real life. We can’t imagine it’d be any better under the hot glare of studio lights! In an interview with ABC about his upcoming album release, Bobby Brown denied daughter Bobbi Kristina does drugs, despite the alleged photos of Bobbi Kristina doing coke that suggests otherwise.  “I don’t know anything about that. My daughter doesn’t do that,” Brown insisted. Given Bobby’s own stint in rehab, we would hope he’d be able tell if someone was going through the same struggle. On the other hand, rumors circulated that allegedly Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston had an intervention for Bobbi Kristina this past Decemeber.  That is to say, denial is not just a river in Egypt.

At least Bobby’s interview happened before rumors of an alleged Bobbi Kristina sex tape hit the Internet. MediaTakeOut claims to have been offered the tape, which would reportedly feature an under-aged Kristina, given that she only turned 18 recently. Looks like everyone’s in for some awkward silences around the dinner table this week.

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Andy Dick Photographed Allegedly Snorting Cocaine

Hello, train wreck! RadarOnline has just published photos of Andy Dick allegedly doing cocaine at an L.A bar’s parking lot! The supposed coke bender also had its fair share of groping a la Andy. A source at the Corner Club says that he walked into a bathroom and saw Andy hooking up with a woman commenting, “I walked in and I saw that freak Andy Dick sucking on a woman’s [breast]…. He was all over her in the men’s bathroom, she was lifting his shirt and he was kissing her naked breasts.” Our first though was ewww. Our second thought why would anyone let that washed up tool anywhere near their person.

Post his restroom make-out Dick and his lady pal went to their car where the source overheard the actor saying, “give me the coke, give me the coke”. The photos depict Andy supposedly snorting the coke off a CD sleeve in the car while intermittently groping his make-out buddy’s breasts. Class acts, these. The source added, “They were in their own little world. He was oblivious to everything except the cocaine and the woman with him.” Not the first time Dick’s been in trouble. We’re kinda losing track of his stories. The recent ones that come to mind are him harassing Tera Patrick and being thrown out of the AVN awards, the Dick being arrested for sexual abuse, and groping an underage girl. It’s enough to give Charlie Sheen a complex!

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Katie Holmes Sues For $50 Million Over Drug Allegations

Note to self: just because a celeb looks like she just spent the last eight days on the elliptical does not mean she’s struggling with substance abuse. At least that’s the lesson we’re taking away from news that Katie Holmes is suing Star Magazine. The actress just filed a $50 million dollar libel suit after Star alleged the actress has a drug problem. Their January issue featured the headline “ADDICTION NIGHTMARE Katie DRUG SHOCKER! The Real Reason She Can’t Leave Tom,” despite the fact that the article inside did not actually claim Holmes abused drugs. Given all the insane stories we’ve read about TomKat in the past, oh, six years, the fact Holmes would sue over this makes us think the lady means business.

Though maybe Cruise’s wife isn’t the only victim in the magazine’s ruse. What about all those poor suckers who picked it up in the checkout lane? “Star Magazine’s malicious claims about Katie are untrue, unethical and unlawful,” her rep said in a statement to TMZ. “Not only do they cruelly defame Katie, they play a cheap trick on the public, making ridiculously false claims on the cover unsupported by anything inside.” We’ll just have to make sure when we rip on Katie, like for her film The Son Of No One bombing at Sundance, it’s based on cold, hard facts.

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Top 13 Charlie Sheen Quotes From His Piers Morgan Interview

Aside from an increase in the number of apologies and the revelation that Mel Gibson, Sean Penn and Sylvester Stallone all think he’s awesome, Piers Morgan‘s interview with Charlie Sheen was a little low on “news”—Two And A Half Men is shuttered, Charlie’s howling like a loon to anyone who’ll listen, nuff said. The guy’s giving multiple interviews a day whether or not something’s happened since the last one. But somebody give Charlie a talk show of his own—not since Tyra Banks have we seen somebody who could fuel a hot-air balloon with their mouth. He’s so quotable he even quoted himself (“There’s this great quote going around, yes, I’m on a high drug, it’s called Charlie Sheen”)! Here’s thirteen of our favorite Sheenisms from last night.

  • “It’s been a tsunami of media. And I’ve been riding it on a mercury surfboard. Right off the bat, sorry.”
  • “That doesn’t matter. That was an old brain. I have a new brain. I have a 10,000-year-old brain and the boogers of a seven-year-old. That’s how I describe myself.”
  • “I have not [hit a woman], no. No, women are not to be hit. They’re to be hugged and caressed, you know?”
  • “She was attacking me, though, with a small fork, like a cocktail fork. And I think she had it with her. That’s the weird part. What was she doing with a shrimp fork in her purse? She stole it clearly from a buffet.”

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Charlie Sheen Plays Ball With Pros, UCLA Bruins: Is This Rehab?

Does anyone still think Charlie Sheen is really “in rehab” right now?The Two And A Half Men star spent Thursday doing some batting practice at UCLA with pros like Coco Crisp, Milton Bradley and others not named after popular children’s brands. While Elton John wouldn’t approve of this “rehab lite,” it wasn’t all fun and games. When asked by the UCLA Bruins baseball coach to give the team an anti-drug speech, Sheen gave an undoubtedly effective speech whose wisdom could only come form decades of addiction and regret: “Stay off the crack, drink a chocolate milk instead…that’s all I got!” Considering his difficulty in following his own advice, we’re just going to assume Charlie is lactose intolerant.

While we question the wisdom of excursions like this, there’s no denying Charlie had reason to celebrate: a judge approved Sheen’s divorce from wife Brooke Mueller yesterday (you remember, the one Charlie allegedly threatened with a knife over Christmas 2009). Due to a California law requiring couples to wait six months after filing, the divorce won’t officially be finalized to May—but it’s not like Charlie’s been living the life of a married man anyway.

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Bruno Mars Dodges Cocaine Conviction, If He Can Keep Away From The Bad Stuff

In an example straight from Celebrities Have It Better Than Us 101, singer Bruno Mars‘s drug conviction could be erased for good behavior. The Grammy-nominated singer made a deal with the Clark County District Attorney over charges related to his September arrest for cocaine possession. Mars scored a “deferred adjudication,” meaning if he keeps his nose clean, physically and metaphorically, for twelve months, his conviction will be wiped from his record. Hmm, a professional musician abstaining from coke for an entire year?  Maybe this deal isn’t as sweet as we first thought…

According to the arrangement set up by his attorney Blair Berk, Mars has to perform 200 hours of community service and undergo private counseling in exchange for a guilty plea. At the end of the year, it’s like his conviction never happened. We hope Bruno can power through 2011 drug-free, then he can go back to doing coke like crazy! That’s…that’s how the deal works, right?


Cameron Diaz Pretty Sure She Bought Weed From Snoop Dogg In High School

Weve always known Cameron Diaz was a California native, but we didnt know she grew up in the LBC with Snoop Dogg. Diaz told George Lopez last night that growing up in Long Beach, California, she was a year younger than Snoop and she remembers her high school peer well, because they both were fans of the marijuana cigarettes. Diaz said We went to high school togetherHe was very tall and skinny, wore lots of ponytails on his head. And I’m pretty sure I bought weed from him — I had to have. How is it that someone hasnt found the Before They Were Stars photo of Cameron and Snoop in the Long Beach High parking lot making a stealth transaction?

Diaz has never really been shy about being a pot-lovah and you may remember her public puffing in Hawaii with bestie Drew Barrymore, pictured above. We wonder if she and A-Rod chill out with a post-game doob once in a while, or if the Yankee is too uptight for such antics.

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Steven Tyler’s Drug Addiction Involved Lunesta-Snorting

There’s a reason that Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were once called the Toxic Twins. The pair was known for legendary drug use, and Tyler admitted to David Letterman last night that he was using drugs as recently as 2009, and not just any drugs. Tyler says he was crushing and snorting the prescription sleep aid Lunesta which he used for a “foot problem.” Because he wanted his feet to fall asleep, we guess?

Tyler jokes about how ridiculous it all sounds to Letterman and how his Lunesta-snorting led to him falling off a stage at a show in 2009. Tyler says “It’s not any news here about my drug use in the past…So a couple years ago, I was doing Lunesta because of some problems with my feet. I was snorting that, I fell off the stage.” DOING Lunesta! Hilarious. He continued “That shows you what kind of a drug addict I was…only the finest for me…I was looking for any excuse to get high.” An incredulous Letterman laughs throughout, asking the questions on all our minds “Is Lunesta good for your feet?” and “When you snort it does it have some kind of different reaction with the body chemistry than when you swallow it?” (Answers: No and Yes.) We assume that now that Tyler is going to be on American Idol twice a week now, he’s got a reason to stay sober—if he falls off the Idol stage he has a much bigger audience watching.


Drug Charges Against T.I.’s Wife Dropped

T.I. and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle may not be allowed to jerk off husband T.I. in prison, but at least she won’t be joining him there. The LA County DA’s Office dropped drug charges against Cottle upon her completion of 24 sessions of counseling back home in Georgia. The couple were caught with pills in their car last September.

Some of you might be wondering “hey, how come she just got treatment while T.I. went back to prison?” Fact is, TI was never charged for drugs at all! Nope, the 11-month stint T.I.’s serving stems solely from his probation violation. Thank goodness Tiny wasn’t stockpiling automatic weapons, too.

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Montel Williams Busted With Marijuana Pipe

Montel Williams

Considering he’s an open supporter (and user) of medical marijuana, we’re not shocked to learn that Montel Williams was found with a marijuana pipe at a Milwaukee airport yesterday. Frankly, if we had to go to Milwaukee, we’d want to be ripped too. What’s cheesing us off is how the cops found his pipe: he set off a metal detector in the security line. Dude! Do not put a metal pipe in your carry-on luggage! Your fellow fliers don’t need has-been talk show hosts stalling the line and wasting the precious time they’d otherwise spend in a Cinnabon.

Since the pipe was residue free (lame), Montel was let go with a $484 citation. But considering the guy’s pipe held up another line at Detroit Metro a few years back, we’re strongly pushing for a three strikes rule. Check your s— or go Bolt Bus, Montel.

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