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Take Notes, Amanda Bynes: Tara Reid Didn’t Even Need A Car To Drunkenly Take Out A Motorcycle

Tara Reid Drunkenly Knocks Over Motorcycle

Someone get Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan a pen, a piece of paper and someone to take notes for them, because they both have to go lie down for a little while! As has been made clear from recent events/arrests, these ladies need to learn the best way to leave a party. Fortunately for them, Tara Reid is teaching and school is in session. TMZ has video of the American Pie star drunkenly tumbling over a parked motorcycle in St. Tropez, taking down herself and a friend before sheepishly wobbling back to a yacht. On one hand, the video goes from funny to uncomfortable to sad in a microsecond. On the other hand, hey, Tara’s not in a car! And if she was walking to a car when she ran into a motorcycle, at least she never got there!

As delightful as it is to see any celebrity stumble into a pile of bike parts and waving limbs, the whole thing takes on a more sober meaning when you remember that Reid went to rehab less than three years ago. On a related note, is it us or is Tara’s life nearly identical to that of 30 Rock‘s Jenna Maroney? Yacht parties aside, remember when Tara got married to Zack Kehayov in 2011…only to reveal later that the marriage wasn’t technically legal? Or the fact that she’s constantly hanging out with Jedward? Just don’t let that woman near Mickey Rourke. Or any more motorcycles.

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Party-Hearty Goldie Hawn Emerges Looking Quite “Happy” In London

Goldie Hawn still knows how to party, guys. She may be 66 years old, but we have a feeling she could more than keep up with any of us. Here she is emerging — or rather, teetering — out of Annabel’s in London, where she was with daughter Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy for their Hawn Foundation’s UK launch last night. Did we mention the time at which the pictures were taken? 4:30 a.m. You go girl! She also gets props for having a smile plastered on her face even though she looks … plastered. Check out the gallery below for more pictures, including a hilarious one of her being deposited into her car, back-to-front, by a grinning helper.

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