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Brandy Opens Up About Eating Disorder, Depression While Filming Moesha

What hath Moesha wrought? While the rest of us were watching Moesha Mitchell the fictional teenage deal with crushes, school and her adorably annoying brother Myles, Brandy Norwood the actual teenage was struggling with what sounds like a devastating eating disorder. “I wanted to be so thin. That was my main thing,” the singer reveals on VH1’s Behind the Music tonight. “So I started not taking care of myself — not eating properly, not eating at all, diet pills, regurgitating, and all of these things that girls do.” Oh god, Brandy‘s real life was a very special episode of Moesha. And it probably lasted way longer than a half hour minus the commercials!

The singer also discusses being “crushed” by her break-up with Boyz II Men‘s Wanya Morris. “People don’t understand that being the hottest star or making the most money does not mean anything,” she says. “I’m here to tell you I was making so much money — I was omnipresent — and I was the unhappiest teenager probably in the world.” Man, if Brandy was this miserable as a teen starlet, we don’t even want to know how Countess Vaughn was doing. Actually, of course we do. Leave a comment if you’re reading this, girl!

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Demi Lovato Still Struggles With Bulimia And Cutting, Breaks Our Hearts With New Doc

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Demi Lovato, come here so we can give you a hug. Forever. In her new documentary Demi Lovato: Stay Strong, the “Skyscraper” singer admits to an ongoing struggle with an eating disorder and self-harming; meanwhile, we’re struggling not to silently weep at our computers. It is not easy. “I cannot tell you that I have not thrown up since treatment,” Lovato told interviewer SuChin Pak during a particularly emotional part of the special, which aired last night. “I can not tell you that I have not cut myself since treatment. I’m not perfect. This is a daily battle that I will face the rest of my life.” Ugh, all these tears cannot be good for our keyboards.

The former Disney star has been nothing if not candid about her physical and mental issues, a journey that began with a trip to rehab in November 2010. “I was exhausted. I had so many issues underneath that needed to be taken care of, and we just kept putting band-aids over it,” Demi Lovato admits in the doc. “It literally ended up driving me insane.” Demi, we’re going to need you to get over to our house, put on this Forever Lazy suit and watch all of Gilmore Girls in one setting with us. We know that’s not going to fix anything; we just need to go with our first instinct.


Lily Allen Discusses Her Eating Disorder, Miscarriage On New Series

Pop singer Lily Allen has a roller-coaster of a personal life, and on her new television series, she’s been opening up about some of the darker moments in her past. On  the show Lily Allen: Riches to Rags, Allen talks about her bulimia, saying “I used to vomit after meals. It’s not something I’m proud of. But, I tell you what, a lot of people came up to me telling me how great I looked and I’d be on the cover of every magazine. I thought I looked good and it was great to be able to try on clothes and feel a million dollars. But I wasn’t happy, I really wasn’t. I would love to be the skinniest minniest person in the world but I can’t do that without being unhappy—I like food.”

Allen also talks about her very public miscarriage, which she suffered in October, 2010 as filming for her show was coming to a close. “It was a really long battle. I think that kind of thing changes a person,”Allen says after losing her baby six months into her pregnancy.

The rest of the series will focus on Allen and her sister Sarah as they open a clothing store in London. The first episode airs in Britain on Channel 4 on March 15.

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Full House, Empty Stomach: Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Her Struggle With Bulimia

reshaping-candace-cameronrnrnCompared to the very public struggles with drugs and eating disorders that the Olsen Twins went through, Full House star Candace Cameron Bure’s life always seemed to be genuinely blessed: She got married early to former NHL superstar Valeri Bure, had three lovely children and still has an active career as the star of ABC Family’s Make It Or Break It. However, in her new book Reshaping It All, Candace reveals that she too battled bulimia in the mid-nineties near then end of Full House‘s popular run.rnrnCandace tells People that eating disorders often evolve into a “very dangerous cycle that can just start to consume your life and really take over.” She found herself binging and purging during the first few years of her marriage, but thanks to an improved eating regimen and pursuing a more spiritual lifestyle, she was able to conquer her demons. We think this calls for a celebration. Pizza party, anyone?