Edge Of Glory

by (@hallekiefer)

Lady Gaga To Drop New Single, Monsterfy Idol Finalists

Given that her whole shtick centers around shocking visuals, it strikes us as a little odd that Lady Gaga will mentor American Idol contestants for the May 11 show.  “Next week, @LadyGaga will mentor top 4 who perform songs by Leiber & Stoller,” the official American Idol Twitter confirmed.  Don’t get us wrong; the only thing that could inject life into another saccharine rendition of “Stand By Me” would be a biker dance number or a divalicious stoning. However, unless Haley Reinhart is going to smear lipstick on Steven Tyler‘s face with a golden prop gun while she sings “Hound Dog,” we don’t really see the point of bringing in Gaga based on vocals alone.

That being said, it isn’t the first time Mother Monster has graced the AI stage, and it certainly won’t be the last. Seems like it’s all part of the countdown for her new album Born This Way, for which Lady Gaga’s releasing “Edge Of Glory” on Monday. Lady Gaga’s American Idol finale performance should eventful at least, if for nothing else then the opportunity to see her rub pointy demon shoulders with the original white witch herself, Stevie Nicks. No word on whether they’ll duet, but unless Gaga somehow rigs up a slow-motion tidal wave to sweep her off the stage, we’re pretty sure Stevie will dominate this one.