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by (@missmuttoo)

Eva Longoria’s New Boyfriend?

We spy, with our little eyes, Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz getting on a yacht in Miami. The latter being Penelope Cruz‘s younger brother who was last spotted getting quite comfortable walking around in Eva’s garage wearing a robe. Her rep dismissed it saying, “Eva and Eduardo are friends.” but her neighbors totally busted Eva, revealing that Eduardo is quite the fixture at her home.

And now here they are on a yacht with rumors buzzing even louder that there are, indeed, a couple. It’s just them, and pictures do speak a thousand words. So ‘fess up, Eva. Is he your sexy Spanish lovah?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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by (@missmuttoo)

Eva Longoria Spotted With Penelope Cruz’s Brother

Lot’s of ex-couples are finding quick solace in new partners after getting divorced. John Mellancamp and Meg Ryan for one, or the apparent “friendship” between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Supposedly, the latest newly-single celebrity to join this camp is Eva Longoria post her split with Tony Parker. And the person allegedly ushering in this period of contentment for Eva is Penelope Cruz‘s younger brother Eduardo Cruz.

The story is that the Desperate Housewives actress was looking quite comfortable, dressed in a short white robe and walking around barefoot in her garage on Christmas Eve. Sounds like nothing, right? But the kicker is that she was soon followed by Eduardo, in the same state of undress. A source revealed to OK!, “He’s there at least three nights out of every four—he turns up and he leaves the next morning. They are trying desperately to stay beneath the radar.” Longoria’s rep responded “Eva and Eduardo are friends,” but her neighbors were a lot more verbose, saying Eva’s been hanging out a fair amount with Eduardo (who is a Spanish pop singer). Doesn’t sound like “just friends” to us. And what’s up with the whole two degrees of separation in celebrity-land? Something you want to respond to, Eva?