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Obama’s Tears Will Cure All Your Cynicism Today

We interrupt this morning’s truly meaningful celebrity news (hi, Lindsay Lohan!) to bring you this touching moment that might just make you stand up a little taller and work a little harder today. Newly re-elected President Barack Obama gave a speech to young volunteers at his Chicago headquarters about how their hard work made everything he did meaningful. And he turned on the waterworks like we’ve never seen him do before. It’s kind of like that one time we saw our dads cry. We dare you not to feel some stirring of hope as you watch it. And then you can go back to thinking about Kirstie Alley‘s weird nonsexual relationship with John Travolta.

Barack Obama tears up while speaking to his young campaign volunteers.

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Diane Sawyer, Potheads And Big Bird: 10 Other People Who Won Last Night

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Diane Sawyer, Potheads And Big Bird: 10 Other People Who Won Last Night

Nate Silver, Michelle Obama, Diane Sawyer and Joe Biden are among the other winners of Tuesday night's election.

Barack Obama wasn’t the only winner of yesterday’s election day — and we’re not just talking about all those congresspeople and local officials who were elected. People were as glued to their laptops as they were to the TV, naturally, and their comments and retweets voted a number of other people, memes and causes into our hearts. Here are 10 more of the night’s victors:

1. Obama’s social media team, whose elated “Four more years” tweet became the most shared post in Twitter history, according to Mediabistro.

2. Diane Sawyer, whose loopy behavior and slurred speech was immediately a trending topic on Twitter, making many a CNN loyalist switch over to ABC. Hey, we were all drowning our nerves in alcohol, so we could totally identify.

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The 5 Sexiest Photos Of Poll Guru Nate Silver

Here’s how I am spending my election day: staring at people’s Instagram photos of their “I Voted!” stickers, shoveling peanut butter into my mouth with a spoon, and obsessively checking Nate Silver‘s website. Don’t know who Nate Silver is? Wait – LOL, why would I even ask that – EVERYONE knows who Nate Silver is: baseball statistician-turned political poll guru-turned most popular guy on the internet (most of the time).

In the past month it’s been impossible to scroll through Twitter or one’s RSS feed without happening upon some sort of mention of Silver, whether it be positive (Keep Calm and Trust Nate Silver), negative or just really weird-mazing. And because the world can’t stop thinking about him, I’ve channeled all my election anxiety into finding five of the sexiest photos of the pollster for this here post. Because the world loves Nate Silver forever and always (until he’s wrong).

1. Being all Nate-dorable on The Colbert Report this week.

2. Showin’ off his smarts at a TED talk.

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What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: Our Top 7 Favorite Moments Of The 2012 Election

Herman Cain, we hardly knew ye. Josh Romney, we’ll miss your menacing stare…unless your father wins tonight, in which case please stop looking at us like that! It’s creepy! Yet another election season comes to a end tomorrow, and with it goes all the weird, hilarious, awful and occasionally poignant parts of the democratic process we’ve enjoyed for the last two years. We’ve selected our seven favorite moments to look back on, but do you have a favorite election moment you’d like to savor a little longer? Let us know in the comments!

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Bradley Cooper Says Social Media Will Determine Election 2012, Stumps For Walter Mondale

Oh children, do you even know who Walter Mondale is? Do we need to get him a guest hosting gig on Redneck Island for better name recognition? Okay, so maybe we had to look him up on Wikipedia too, but if anyone can get Jimmy Carter‘s vice president and former Democratic presidential candidate on the ballot despite the fact he’s not actual running, it’s Mr. Bradley Cooper. “I think that Mondale has got a real shot,” the Silver Linings Playbook star joked with Vh1’s own Kate Spencer. Someone wake up Walter Mondale from his nap, find his glasses and tell him to put on his shoes! With Cooper’s power, money and influence behind him, there’s no telling what he can do!

Other than his amazing hair, Cooper thinks social media will be the deciding factor in the outcome of tonight’s election. “I think more people than ever, even though they think perhaps voting is going to be down this year, I’m curious to see,” Bradley mused. “Just the fact that so many people watched the debates, because social media has changed so much, it’s a new campaign. It’s a new race than it was four years ago.” Says Cooper, “Just the fact that the poles can change, can swerve so much after one debate shows the power of social media.” So get your butts on Twitter and start tweeting #WalterMondale2012! And seriously, someone find him his glasses. He’s 84, for pete’s sake!


Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian And Other Celebs Take to Twitter to Show Their Election Day Support

Politically active celebrities are flocking to the polls in droves today to vote for their 2012 presidential picks, but they’re also taking to twitter to make sure everyone else rocks their right to the big V. While some folks like Donald Trump and Mariah Carey  are posting pics of themselves actually doing the deed, others like Eva Longoria and Lady Gaga are simply showing their support for their candidates via tweet. In the weeks leading up to the election we’ve seen some pretty crazy endorsement stunts come out of the Hollywood community. Remember Snoop Dog/Lion’s instagram or Clint Eastwood’s chair?  But it seems like today celebrities are leaving the political smashing and bashing behind and just encouraging us all to just get out there and vote it up. So no matter who you’re voting for make sure you get up, get out, and let your voice be heard! But before you hit the polls, take a look at how some of our favorite celebs are spending their Election Day. Find out in the gallery below!

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Emma Watson For Prime Minister! Perks Co-Star And Director Launch Her Campaign

We here at VH1 are maybe getting a little election weary, so we decided to spice things up a bit in the last stretch before November 6. Our own Kate Spencer started asking stars at last week’s Hollywood Awards to nominate each other for office, and we absolutely love the response she got from The Perks of Being a Wallflower writer/director Stephen Chbosky and star Ezra Miller.

“You know, believe it or not, Emma Watson,” Chbosky said, nominating another of his Perks stars.

“Emma Watson is such a good choice!” Miller agreed. “I think she would be a brilliant diplomat or something. She’s an incredibly brilliant communicator, incredibly compassionate, too.”

“This is not red carpet stuff,” Chbosky assured us.

“Man, but she couldn’t be president ’cause she wasn’t born here,” Miller noted. But Chbosky reasoned, “Prime minister! There are other countries.”
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Stacey Dash’s Photo Op With Paul Ryan Looks Like Your Next Halloween Costume

Stacey Dash tweeted a photo of herself with Paul Ryan

All that backlash Clueless star Stacey Dash received earlier this month for tweeting her support of Mitt Romney seems only to have fired her up.

“Fighting the good fight. Godspeed. @reppaulryan @MittRomney #Romney/Ryan20,” she wrote yesterday, posting the above awkward photo of herself and Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. The unintended consequence of this photo, and its late October timing, may be that the unlikely duo becomes a brand new Halloween costume meme. We’ve seen so many Paul Ryans out there already, a Stacey Dash impersonator would get points for extra currency. (For added impact, we recommend those in warmer climates don the red Baywatch-esque swimsuit she wore in her first controversial twitpic.)
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Kerry Washington Is Serious About Supporting Obama, But Would She Ever Run Herself?

Maybe we’re giving most of our attention to the celebrities using humor to promote their candidate of choice, like Lena Dunham and Joss Whedon. And the ones whose political opinions we’re not sure we ever really wanted (ahem, Stacey Dash). We’ve been neglecting the stars who are taking this election very seriously. Kerry Washington, for instance, who gets serious about the ins and outs of D.C. every week on Scandal, and then spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Last week, she wrote an essay for the Daily Beast about why she’s voting for Obama, the same day she also chatted with our own Kate Spencer on the red carpet of the Hollywood Awards.

“In general, I’m very moved by the political process. I feel like we’re very blessed to be living in a country [like this],” she told us. “That’s part of why I’m so involved. But this president, in particular — I think it’s pretty extraordinary that we have a president who really cares about all Americans and not just a special few or a special interest. Not just the wealthy. He’s really invested in all Americans. Men, women, students, workers, everybody, black, white, Latin. It’s an exciting time for us to support him the way he’s been supporting us for the past four years.”

So, would Washington channel all that passion into a political career of her own someday?
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Be Clint Eastwood And His Chair For $20 Or Less: A Celebrity Halloween How-To

Clint Eastwood and his chair speech at the RNC

Did you just realize that even though Halloween isn’t until next week, all your parties are this weekend and you STILL don’t have a costume? VH1 Celebrity is here to save you. Our very creative staff has spent the past week putting off their much more important duties to come up with some clever (and timely!) costumes that you too can pull together with little time and a shoestring budget. We won’t even charge you royalties. First up: One of our favorite memes of election season: Clint Eastwood and his chair, a.k.a. Invisible Obama, from the Republican National Convention. If you’re lucky, this one can cost you less than $10.

1. Find a wooden chair. My husband, Allen (who came up with this whole concept), and I found this one on trash day in Brooklyn. He removed the seat with a very satisfying kick. If no one’s discarding furniture on your block this week, we’re sure you can find something similar at a Goodwill.

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