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Michelle Obama Vs. Ann Romney: Who Wore Her Hot Pink Better?

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney wore the same shade of pink at the presidential debate

We would have had this up sooner, friends, but we were a little distracted by the Mitt Romney-inspired Binders Full of Women Tumblr (personal favorite: all the Beyonce “put three rings on it” jokes). Thank you, Internet. Still what really caught our eye during last night’s presidential debate was the fact that Michelle Obama and Ann Romney wore the exact same shade of hot pink. Some suggested that this was a nod to Breast Cancer Awareness month, but it might also simply be a case of both ladies deciding to hop onboard a good trend. The shade looks good on both ladies, and it’s so refreshing that they’re not sticking to conventional reds and blues. We also rather like the vintage-inspired cuts of both dresses, though it was unfortunate that Romney’s dress suffered a bit from her seated position — as many dresses are apt to do.

Let’s put politics aside for a sec and look at these objectively — who wore her hot-pink dress better?

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Friday Night Lights‘ Peter Berg To Mitt Romney: “Come Up With Your Own Slogan”

The more we think about this story, the more we’d really like to live in a world where Eric and Tami Taylor could run for president (not sure which should be POTUS and which should be VP; maybe they could alternate?). But right now, we live in this world, a world in which Mitt Romney decided to co-opt the beautiful Dillon Panthers’ mantra from Friday Night Lights, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” That was pretty brilliant, actually. Just typing those words lifts my heart. Here’s a clip of Mitt using the phrase:
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Stacey Dash, Snoop Dogg Are Probably Not The Best Celeb Spokespeople For Romney And Obama

Stacey Dash endorses Romney

Clueless/Single Ladies alumna Stacey Dash practically broke Twitter this morning when she posted the above photo with the message: “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney @teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney.”

Before this past week, when Dash has been in the news thanks to the Clueless reunion Entertainment Weekly put together, she’s mostly made headlines for her rep as a diva. So we’re gonna go ahead and guess that this is not the Romney campaign’s secret plan to win over women voters. But we’re grateful to Stacey for giving us a reason to bring up a questionable endorsement for Romney’s opponent: the list Snoop Dogg/Lion reposted on Instagram last week, listing “Why I’m Not Voting for Romney” and “Why I’m Voting for Obama.” Read more…

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The Big Bird Debates: Our 8 Favorite Examples Of Last Night’s Meme

Big Bird Memes

Unless you are a major policy wonk, or were too busy doing other things, at some point during last night’s presidential debate you stopped trying to parse out Mitt Romney’s and President Obama’s opinions on Dodd-Frank and instead entertained yourself with everyone’s smartass commentary on Twitter. And given that at the time, there were 17,000 tweets a minute sent relating to Big Bird, chances are you and your friends were laughing about Romney’s comments that though he likes the giant yellow Muppet, he doesn’t think the federal government should borrow money from China to support PBS. For its part, PBS told Radar that as a 6-year-old, Big Bird doesn’t really care about politics. Before this amazing meme goes the way of Clint Eastwood’s chair, we gathered our five favorite examples of the Internet capitalizing on Mitt’s totally left-field reference.

1. The @BigBirdRomney Twitter account, which made astute observations about the avian economy, and helped make the above Shepard Fairey-inspired “Hope” image ubiquitous for the evening.
Big Bird Romney

2. @FiredBigBird also went viral with his “Will work for food” sign.
Fired Big Bird
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Barack Obama Tweets Jay-Z & Bey, Pirate Pics; Mitt Romney Won’t Do SNL – Whose Approach Will Win?

Obama with Beyonce and Jay-Z

Much to our disappointment, there weren’t any cameras allowed to document President Obama’s fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce last night. Well, none except the very official one that took the pic above, which was posted to @BarackObama earlier this afternoon. And that tweet was shortly followed by a nod to International Talk Like a Pirate Day (today) — a photo of the president talking to a pirate with the caption “Arr you in?” And Obama’s appearance on Letterman last night gave the show its highest ratings since 2010. Clearly, the president’s philosophy on mixing with pop culture is controlled but broad-reaching. It’s the kind of populist approach that garnered him the youth vote in 2008, so he’s sticking with it.

On the other end of the spectrum, we now know that Republican candidate Mitt Romney is very cautious about appearing on shows, as he said in his infamous (“47 percent”) fundraiser video posted by Mother Jones this week. Now that he’s appeared on Leno more than Letterman, he told supporters, “Letterman hates me now.” Though he was asked, he said he won’t be appearing on Saturday Night Live, because, “You want to show that you’re fun and you’re a good person but you also want to be presidential and Saturday Night Live has the potential of looking slapstick and not presidential.”
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SNL’s Jay Pharoah Vs. Fred Armisen: Whose President Obama Impression Is Better?

As promised last week, Jay Pharoah made his debut as the new Barack Obama on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. His version of the president, which he’d been practicing on the road this summer, replaced Fred Armisen’s familiar impression. It was a pretty funny cold open, in which Obama told voters that his secret campaign weapon was actually his opponent, Mitt Romney, who can’t help but put his foot in his mouth. But we’re not sure if we’re sold on Pharoah entirely — we get that it seems important to have a black man portray our first black president, but this skit lacked the same ease of Pharoah’s other impressions. His Will Smith, for instance, never ceases to crack us up. Maybe it’ll just take more practice for him to erase the memory of Armisen’s “Obama Plays It Cool” ad…

While we’re on the fence, maybe you’ve made up your mind. Tell us!

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From Natalie Portman And Scarlett Johansson To Clint Eastwood And His Chair: See Which Celebs Have Been Turning Up At The National Conventions

Celebrities at the national conventions

Election fever is starting to go full tilt as we cruise into fall, and celebs of all stripes have put in appearances at the national political conventions to show their support for their favorite presidential candidate! Democrats seemed to have the hotties in their corner, with appearances from Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Kerry Washington and Eva Longoria. Yeah, we all know about how most of Hollywood are Democrats (insert evil liberal media bias conspiracy argument here). But what can we say, the pictures speak for themselves! We also have some rap and R&B artists like Common, will.i.am and Mary J. Blige bringing the noise and the funk for Barack Obama. Even U.S. Gynmastic sweetheart Gabby Douglas got in on the red, white and blue fun!

Say what you will about their politics, but the Republican National Convention definitely rocked the hardest of the two. Mitt Romney and the gang had a hand from freakin’ Journey! But that’s not all. Axe-men from 3 Doors Down, Lynyrd Skynyrd shredded their strings for the GOP, and Kid Rock, Trace Adkins and Taylor Hicks also showed up to belt a few tunes. Plus, who could forget Clint Eastwood and his incredible empty chair? Head to the gallery below to check out all the famous folks who have made their voices heard at the national political conferences!

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Gabby Douglas Is A Busy Lady! DNC, VMA Appearances Come On Heels Of A Book Deal

Gabby Douglas at the Democratic National Convention

As if earning a gold medal and appearing on every talk-show and magazine in existence weren’t enough, Gabby Douglas has stepped up her nonstop media tour this week. She was with McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross in Los Angeles on Tuesday for a pre-VMA press conference, where Gabby got to announce Lil Wayne’s performance. Then she hopped on a plane to Charlotte, North Carolina, where she, Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber helped promote the Kids’ Health Goes Gold initiative by day and then she led the pledge of allegiance at the Democratic National Convention in the evening. We assume she’s en route back to L.A. for tonight’s VMAs. That in itself seems like enough on the plate of a 16-year-old, but today comes news of one more project in the works: She’s publishing a memoir.

People reports that HarperCollins will publish Grace, Gold and Glory, My Leap of Faith, the story of how Douglas grew up in Virginia and faced the tough decision to leave home to train for the Olympics. “Even before I competed in the Olympics, I always wanted to write a book,” she said in a statement about the memoir, which is set to hit shelves in December.

“Gabby Douglas shines even more brightly than her Olympic gold medals,” HarperCollins senior vice president Lisa Sharkey said. “The reason is her inner strength and strong faith.”

So what should be next for the gymnast? Acting gigs? Hosting her own talk show? More gymnastics? Maybe, possibly, enjoying being a teenager for a minute? Nah. That hardly sounds as fun as meeting Lil’ Wayne.

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Barack Obama’s Harold And Kumar Promo: Probably Not As Funny For Stoners As Eastwooding

It’s no secret that President Obama is making a big push to mobilize the youth vote for his reelection in November, and that he’s got his work cut out for him. Many of the young voters who made his victory possible in 2008 seem less fired up about this election year. We suspect that’s why Obama’s returning to the kind of appearances that gave him cred among that demo in the first place. Over the weekend, he appeared, via video, at Jay-Z’s Made in America music festival in Philadelphia. And today, he’s going viral online with a video promo that looks a lot like an appeal to the stoner vote.

“Listen, I need to know if you’re onboard,” the president says to an unseen party on the phone — after dialing a number he has apparently memorized. “OK, good, ’cause I’m counting on you. Everybody is. We have to get this right, so there’s a lot at stake here. Just remember that I’m trusting you on this, and I’ll see you there.”

He sounds more like he’s giving a speech to all of America’s youth rather than chatting with someone on the phone, and the soaring music that plays behind him doesn’t help. Then the scene flips to the other side of the conversation. As Kal Penn hangs up the phone, John Cho asks, “Dude, who was that? Sounded intense.” A dazed Penn says, “The president,” to which Cho responds thoughtfully, “Sweet.”

And no, there is no weed in sight, nor does Neil Patrick Harris appear, but the junk food, living room setting and sounds of a cartoon playing on the TV certainly imply that this is not the Kal Penn who worked in the White House as associate director of the White House Office of Public Engagement after leaving House M.D. Nope, Obama rang up his buddy Kumar.

So what’s the strategy here? We’re pretty sure any marijuana-smoking, cartoon-loving kid is already much more likely to support Obama than his straight-laced Mormon opponent. This looks more like a plea for marijuana-smoking, cartoon loving kids to get off their couches for a few minutes in November to vote. Or at least to tune in on Thursday night to watch Penn host a live-stream of his speech at the Democratic National Convention. We wonder if that will in any way be as entertaining to watch stoned as Clint Eastwood’s interview with Invisible Obama. Maybe he should promise free sliders and some slapstick comedy for good measure?

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Eastwooding: Our 5 Favorite Examples Of The Clint Eastwood RNC Meme … So Far

Clint Eastwood

We’re pretty sure Eastwooding rivals McKayla Is Not Impressed as the fastest meme to grow out of a live event. Actually, it might have spread so fast that by the time we publish this post, it might already be over. For those of you who have been asleep for the past 12 hours, we’re talking about the blog posts, tweets and Tumblrs that sprouted just as soon as your crazy old grandpa Clint Eastwood began to talk to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention, calling it President Obama. His hair disheveled, his speech rambling and clearly unrehearsed, the actor/director proceeded to pretend Obama was telling him to shut up and implied that he told him to do the anatomically impossible.

Someone launched the @InvisibleObama Twitter within the hour, and soon no chair was safe from being photographed and posted with the #Eastwooding hashtag. Here are our five favorites so far, but as we said, they’re bound to be outdated soon, so share your faves with us throughout the day!

1. First and foremost, the response from @BarackObama: “This seat’s taken.”

Obama This Seats Taken

2. @InvisibleObama isn’t just a site gag, he talks politics too:
Invisible Obama tweet
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