Eliza Kruger

by (@unclegrambo)

New York Jets Star Mark Sanchez In Hot Water After Alleged “Hook Up” With 17 Year-Old High School Student

Yesterday afternoon, the dirt digging sports blog Deadspin published a story called “The Somewhat Romantic Story Of Mark Sanchez And A 17-Year-Old Girl,” a not-so-heartfelt tale of a recent romantic dalliance between the handsome New York Jets quarterback and a Connecticut high school student. While Deadspin only referred to the girl as E.K., this morning the New York Post outed the student as Eliza Kruger, a “sexy rich girl” (their words, not ours) whose father is, in the words of Business Insider, “super-rich hedge funder” Chip Kruger.

According to Deadspin, Eliza Kruger first met the 24 year-old Mark Sanchez on New Year’s Eve at the Manhattan nightclub Lavo. The two exchanged digits and the textual flirting went from there. Eventually, Sanchez and Kruger went on a date at the famed sushi joint Nobu, after which the pair returned to Sanchez’s New Jersey home and “hooked up.” After the deed, she snapped some pictures of Sanchez’s bedroom, which Deadspin published.

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