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Why Did Emily Maynard Agree To Be The Next Bachelorette?

After her engagement to The Bachelor star Brad Womack came to a speedy end last year, we wouldn’t have blamed Emily Maynard for swearing off dating shows forever.¬†At the time, the single mom told People that she wanted to “move on and get back to normal.” But now it looks like the 25-year-old single mom is getting back on the reality wagon once more, by agreeing to star in ABC’s The Bachelorette! Although ABC has remained silent on the matter so far, show producers are reporting that Emily has inked the deal.

The move comes as something of a surprise, considering that she recently seemed against the idea of appearing on the show. Emily was rumored to have turned ABC down last year, and over the summer she straight up tweeted, “I don’t want to be The Bachelorette.” And it’s not like she’s in love with the show’s format. During her Bachelor tenure, she was reportedly very concerned about being a good role model for her 6-year-old daughter, Ricki. She made it clear that her overnight date in the “Fantasy Suite” with Womack only included talking, and at moments she seemed genuinely uncomfortable with the whole selection process.

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The Bachelor Wastes Our Time, Brad And Emily Are Broken Up Already

Congratulations on your engagement … or not. The Bachelor, Brad Womack, and Emily Maynard, the woman he picked to be his bride last night on the show’s season finale, have already broken up, reports PopEater. Someone should maybe tell ABC that their “happy couple” is more happy to be in separate rooms in separate cities. A producer told the website, “Emily is not able to forgive Brad for what she considers cheating week-after-week with other girls.” It can’t really be considered cheating when it’s in front of millions of people and you signed a contract to allow it to happen, can it? By this “retroactive cheating” standard, pretty much everyone in the world is an unfaithful slut.

“It’s always hard sending the couple back into reality after they have been living in paradise, but no one in the history of the show has had as hard a time adjusting as Emily,” the producer continued. “Since they both returned to their normal lives things have been a disaster.” Let’s just hope that things don’t end up as contentious as they were between Bachelor Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, those two have a mutual hate like no other.

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