Emmanuel Xuereb

by (@hallekiefer)

Stacey Dash Is Officially Single, Ready To Mingle

Stacey Dash’s divorce is finalized, which means you officially have a 0.0001% chance of her ever going out with you! Hurray, a reason to live another day! The Single Ladies star was granted her divorce this week from estranged actor husband Emmanuel Xuereb, whom she married back in 2007. Seeing as how she filed for divorce way back in 2010 and currently has a restraining order against Xuereb for alleged physical abuse, Dash is probably thrilled to finally be free.

To celebrate the actress making her show’s title a reality, enjoy these Stacey Dash photos, which also serve to celebrate a woman who looks like she was cryogenically frozen at the Clueless wrap party and thawed out just in time to star in a new TV show. Seriously, Stacey looks younger now than we did in middle school.

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