Emmy Awards 2010

by (@katespencer)

Oh ASkars, You Little Tease


We see what you’re doing here, Alexander Skarsgard. Out-cutesing and out-heightsing dumpy ol’ Stephen Moyer in one snapshot (though to his credit, he’s totally got some Tyra-approved smizing going on in this pic).

Honestly, there’s nothing you can’t do – besides Kate Bosworth – right. You are perfection glued to a 8 foot tall frame (JK, he’s only 6 foot 4). You are the light at the end of our tunnel. You are our anchor, our rock, the lighthouse who guides us home in the middle of the storm. When we’re in your arms (someday) the entire world goes dark and a sea of calm washes over us, bathing us in your love and cleansing us anew.

Wait, what are we talking about?

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Fred Savage Is Not Dead. Related: He Is Also Not Corey Haim


We can’t be the only ones who love watching the In Memoriam tributes at awards shows. It’s endlessly fascinating to watch a recap of celebrity death in montage form, and it makes us misty when we remember those celebrities we particularly loved or who died especially tragically. Sometimes we need to keep an eye out to read the name of someone we don’t recognize, a producer or composer usually, but the names are always displayed. Last night’s Emmy tribute was no different than any other, and we thought nothing of it, possibly because we were too busy plugging our ears while Jewel yodeled a song about you-shaped holes in her heart.

But it turns out, lots of people didn’t recognize Corey Haim during the montage and in a flash, the internet was all abuzz over how we lost that American treasure, child actor Fred Savage this year. Never mind the fact that Haim’s name was flashed on screen. Never mind the fact that Fred Savage has an active Twitter account or that he’s been busy directing episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia these days. Savage is 100% alive, and we’re┬árelieved by that. But forgive us for relishing this story for another reason – without it, we never would have discovered the above picture of Savage as a child – nay, as the most adorable child that ever lived.

In case you missed it, watch the whole In Memoriam tribute after the jump. R.I.P. Corey Haim and all the other small screen stars we lost this year.

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New Favorite Person: Manny From Modern Family


This kid is killing us. Rico Rodriguez, who plays Manny on Modern Family, may not have had glitz and sparkle like his TV mom, Sofia Vergara, but he was dressed to the nines last night and made quite an impression on us anyway. Wearing an outfit that fell somewhere between Nathan Detroit and Cedric The Entertainer, this kid stole the show when the Modern Family cast took the stage to accept their Emmy for Best Comedy Series. Check out some additional adorable pics of Rico celebrating (and fighting over) the Emmy with his cast mates below.

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The 20 Best Dressed At The Emmys: From Snoozeville To Sizzletown


Now that we’ve sent ourselves to the slaughter by placing Betty White on our worst dressed list, let’s save face by reviewing the success stories of tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards. The cast of Glee hit high notes with Lea Michele aiming for full-on drama in an Oscar de la Renta, Jane Lynch in a regal Ali Rahimi, and Heather Morris taking us all by surprise in Ina Soltani. Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss emerged from the shadow of her often more glamorous castmates in Donna Karan. Big winner of the night Claire Danes was flawless, while Kim Kardashian was white hot in a Grecian Marchesa.

While all fabulous, the Top 20 Best Dressed induced everything from quiet snores to sweaty palms. See how your favorite boob tube stars ranked below. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Emmy Awards 2010: A Baker’s Dozen Of Fashion Disasters


Many of our choices for Worst Dressed at tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards will make us unpopular. Alas, a lovely personality does not always lend itself to the wisest red carpet styling.

Some of the evening’s most hideous frocks were draped on the stars we’d most like to grab coffee with – we’re looking at you Betty White, Christina Hendricks, and Mindy Kaling. While fashion risks were refreshing in a sea of mostly black, white, and navy gowns, January Jones and Anna Paquin looked more silly than chic. Here are tonight’s 13 worst offenses.

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Did we miss any fashion flubs? Let us know in the comments.