Emmy Worst Dressed 2011

by (@unclegrambo)

Controversial Opinion Alert: Jon Hamm Looked Kinda Fugs At The Emmys

Before we get started, let’s acknowledge the obvious: Jon Hamm is an insanely handsome man. I think that very few people, when posed with the question “Would you trade your looks for Jon Hamm’s?”, would answer in the negative. However, at the 2011 Emmy Awards on Sunday night, he didn’t quite look his usual Hammsian self. In fact, he just looked … REGULAR HANDSOME (which, for him, equates to fugs).

It’s hard to tell exactly what went wrong on Sunday, but a natural starting point would be his hair. What did he DO to that luxurious mane of his, anyway? As we have seen in his many red carpet and acting roles, the man is capable of pulling off every hairstyle in the books, from a slicked down Brylcream special to just-out-of-bed-head. But at the Emmys, it looked like he had just stumbled upon a case of expired Vidal Sassoon mousse leftover from the 80s moments before the show and just went hogwild with that shizz in the limo. His most egregious offense, however, was not taking a pair of shears to that one piece of straggly hair that cascaded down his forehead like a reverse rat tail.

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The 2011 Emmy Worst Dressed List: And The Award For Hottest Mess Goes To…

While the 2011 Emmy Best Dressed list might contain some undeniably gorgeous ensembles, the Emmy Worst Dressed List is equally long and illustrious. From Gwyneth Paltrow‘s midriff-baring goth prom dress to Paz de la Huerta‘s lavender lip gloss and runaway weave to James Woods‘ apparent Botox overdose, the stars were getting hot and sloppy at the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards. The question, of course, is: who was the hottest and the sloppiest?

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