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Should Jake Gyllenhaal Try Directing Movies? His End Of Watch Director David Ayer Sure Thinks So!

The adrenaline kicking End of Watch opens wide across the country today, staring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena as two L.A. cops who get on the bad side of a drug cartel. Costar Anna Kendrick admits to being serious knocked out by Jake’s renaissance man movie-making abilities, and thinks he has it in him to direct a feature film on his own. So what does End Of Watch director David Ayers think of all this? “Absolutely!” he answers emphatically when VH1 News caught up with him at the red carpet premiere. “He gets in everything. He’s brilliant, he’s meticulous, he’s very thoughtful, and he always has the interest of the movie at heart.” David explains that in addition to his stellar acting performance,  Jake also acted as his producing partner for the film. “He did a fantastic job,” he adds.

Jake was more modest about his Executive Producer credit, saying that he didn’t do it for the glory but because the finances for the film were so low! “We were asking for favors. I was calling up Eric Garcetti and being like, ‘Can you be the mayor in our movie?’ All the time there’s stuff like that.” In recognition for all of his wheeling and dealing, Ayers award Jake the all-important title. “It was one of the best days of my career so far,” he says of the moment he learned he was being named an Executive Producer. “I love making movies. To me it’s my life, I grew up in that. And to be honored as part of the film making process was just such an honor.” Will Jake follow in the footsteps of fellow acting A-listers like Ben Affleck, Angelina Jolie, and George Clooney and make the jump into the directorial part of the film process? We can see it happening!

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Matt Damon Vs. Jake Gyllenhaal: Battle of the Bald Badasses

So much is written when actresses chop their locks, but now it’s time to talk about some dudes who went for a dramatic new ‘do. A-List studs Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon have both gone under the razor recently and shaved their domes down to the scalp. It’s not a fashion statement; the men traded in their manes for their roles in upcoming movies. Damon is hard at work filming Elysium in Vancouver, while Jake is donning blues as an LA cop in End Of Watch. It may be a shock,  but the shiny-look is sure to keep them cool in the sweltering summer days still to come. Who do you think wears the cueball look the best? Let us know in the poll below!

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Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Method For Movie By Rushing To The Scene Of A Shooting

Jake Gyllenhaal is getting a lot more hard-core recently, from battling the elements with Bear Grylls on Man vs Wild, to rushing in a cop car to the scene of a shooting in L.A. “Jake is doing research for End of Watch and has been amazed by the professionalism of the LAPD,” his publicist told E! Reportedly Gyllenhaal and co-star Michael Pena were riding with officer Tami Bauman last night as part of their preparation for the upcoming cop drama. Once a call came in reporting the incident, the officer had to rush to the scene with the actors in tow. See, stories this bad-ass are enough to make you forget Bubble Boy ever happened. No, seriously, everybody. Let’s forget it ever happened.

By the time the group arrived, the suspects had fled. The victim had to be hospitalized, but as of earlier today he was in stable condition after having suffering graze wounds to the lip and arm. We can only assume today Gyllenhaal is in the process of stalking the city in hot pursuit of the shooter, all under the umbrella of “research.” There is a Batman reboot coming up in a few years, after all. They could do a lot worse.

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