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Today’s Challenge: Guess The Plot To The Recently Greenlit Entourage Movie With Emoji

My clever friend and fellow Entourage enthusiast (Is there a messageboard for us somewhere?) Pauline texted me this afternoon with a clever idea for a game to celebrate the recent news that the HBO show is heading for the SILVER SCREEN.

The game? Guess Entourage: The Movie‘s plotline using just the emoji in your phone. Here was Pauline’s initial submission and then my additional suggestion:


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I’m Not An A-List Actor, But I Play One On TV


For years, the show Entourage has confused us. Main character Vincent Chase and his lovable gang of loser sidekicks hang around in L.A., living off of Vinnie’s multi-million dollar salary because he is the Leo DiCaprio of this fictional world, the A-list actor everyone loves. And yet Adrian Grenier, the actor who plays the perpetually laid-back and unshaven Vinnie, is not. Grenier is B-list or maybe even C-list when it comes to his fame, not even coming close to the superhero roles Vinnie gets (remember the time he was Anne Hathaway‘s boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada? We barely do either!) I mean, how bad is it that the guy playing his agent is more famous than he is in real life?

So with the premiere of the new season of Entourage and poor Adrian/Vinnie as our inspiration, we thought of ten other actors who sadly are not nearly as famous as the roles they play on TV and in the movies. We have hope that some of them will someday make it to the big time, but unfortunately, for some others, the time seems to have passed. Click through our gallery to see the actors who wish they were their on-screen counterparts.

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Porn Star Sasha Grey Scores A Spot On Entourage


Adrian Grenier’s character Vince is going to have an interesting new romance on the next season of Entourage with notoriously sexy porn star Sasha Grey. The adult-film actress meets Grenier’s Vince Chase in a bar in the fifth episode and sticks around for the rest of next season. “You can’t believe she’s a porn star when you meet her,” Grenier told TV Guide while the show’s creator Doug Ellin said, “I wouldn’t have done this storyline if Sasha passed.” We bet Drama’s going to be hella jealous of his baby bro!

This is Grey’s second mainstream venture; she starred in Steven Soderbergh‘s “The Girlfriend Experience” last year. He also said that the entire story was inspired by Charlie Sheen‘s affair with former porn star Ginger Lynn in the late 1990’s. Wow. You heard correctly… Charlie Sheen was inspiration to someone.


Entourage And Seth Rogen Trade Disses


Entourage has always made jokes about the industry in Hollywood, but usually they make fun of the ridiculousness of it, not specific people. This week though, they took aim at Seth Rogen, which the actor didn’t appreciate.

On Sunday’s episode, Turtle (Jerry Ferarra) asserted that someone like Katherine Heigl would never date someone like Rogen in real life as she did in Knocked Up. Rogen, who has lost considerable weight recently and also, uh, is not a vapid celebrity the way the folks on Entourage so often are, responded to E!’s Daily 10 and dished it right back, as well he should.

Rogen told the show, “Yeah, those guys are assholes. I actually ran into MattKevin Dillon in a Starbucks. And he’s like ‘you know, I’ve got to kind of apologize because apparently the guy who created our show doesn’t like you so much.’ And I said ‘well I have reason to believe because I think [showrunner] Doug Ellin is a moron from all I can understand so it makes sense he doesn’t like me.’ And I’ve kind of said some disparaging things about the show. Although in our defense, [producer] Mark Wahlberg called us misogynistic in an interview, so I think they kind of started that…It’s on. Luckily I never have and never plan on watching Entourage.”

The most ironic thing about this, we think, is that Jerry Ferarra, both on the show and in real life, is dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Why isn’t anyone questioning that Bizarro-world match? [Photos: GettyImages]

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Kevin Connolly And Gary Busey Had A Tickle Fight


Gary Busey‘s reputation precedes him these days – he’s been a fixture on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, he shows up often on The Soup and he even accosted poor Jennifer Garner at the 2008 Oscars. So it’s no surprise that when he arrived on-set to play himself for a few episodes of Entourage, his co-stars might be nervous about his odd behavior. What they weren’t prepared for was the tickling.

Kevin Connolly, who plays Eric on the HBO series, said recently that while Busey was guest starring on the show back in 2007, he would try to physically pin Connolly down and tickle him in between takes. Said Connolly of the totally bizarro behavior:  “He’s looking at me… and he’s like, ‘Kevin, you and I are going to play a game called tickle and pee.’ I said, ‘Gary, please, I’m 33 years old. It’s emasculating.’ He’s chasing me around on the set. I’m running away from Gary Busey on my set and Gary Busey is freakishly strong. He caught me ultimately and he tickled me. I felt like I was in fifth grade again.”

We’ve heard of a lot of odd celebrity behavior, but this might be some of the weirdest. We just hope Kevin didn’t end up peeing his pants.  [Photos: GettyImages]


Adrien Grenier Says Paris Hilton Is ‘Ballsy’

Adrien Grenier poses for the new cover of Page Six Magazine. The Entourage star had a lot to say about his friendship with Paris Hilton, rumored relationship with Transformers star Isabel Lucas, and why he doesn’t have much in common with his alter ego Vincent Chase.

On Paris Hilton:
“I have a lot of respect for Paris. She’s ballsy.  She’s learned to play with the paparazzi attention and have fun with it, and she creates little mysteries in the tabloid arena. I have fun with her, but it’s always been platonic. [Our relationship] wasn’t sexual though I understand that sex sells.”

On Isabel Lucas:
“She and I have a very open communication. We’re friends with…

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