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Jessica Simpson Celebrates Husband’s Birthday With Maxwell, Writes Blog About Motherhood

Jessica Simpsons Blogs, Celebrates Eric Johnson's Birthday

Jessica Simpson‘s husband Eric Johsnson celebrated his 33rd birthday over the weekend and his wifey just posted some pictures of the celebration. Their daughter Maxwell was the center of attention, clearly. Jessica tweets linked to her website and the first one read, “Last year at Daddy’s party, Maxwell was in my belly. This year she’s in my arms!” Another tweet followeed by, “Daddy’s 33rd Birthday!” The two photographs you see above were attached to these messages and we couldn’t help but coo over  them. How adorable is little Max’s bow! Jessica’s been a busy mom this week as she also wrote a column for iVillage on motherhood. It’s the five points Jess has learnt since having Maxwell. One of them is, also seeing Eric in a new light as a did. She gave him major props, by saying, “Watching him as a dad is probably one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. There is something about having these big hands on this little baby that is, by far, one of the sexiest things in the world.” She also revealed that she’s become a germophobe, writing, “I’ve never been germ-a-phobic at all. And when we were on the plane and I was wearing socks and normally when I get up to go to the bathroom — I know it sounds bad — but I don’t put my shoes on. I just have socks on. And this time I was like ‘That is SO disgusting!’ My daughter’s going to be sitting in my lap!” There’s the Jessica TMI we know and love so much, right?

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Jessica Simpson Tweets Pic Of Her Massive Post-Pregnancy Cleavage, We Add It To Her List Of TMI Tweets

Jessica Simpson tweets racy twitter pic

Even Jessica Simpson seems shocked by he gigantic post pregnancy cleavage! The new mother tweeted this photo over the weekend, taking her seven week old daughter Maxwell on a stroll. “Just taking a walk around the block,” she wrote. “Street legal???” We’re gonna guess she might get a citation from the modesty police.

Jessica’s twitter walks that very fine line between being sexy, funny, and just plain gross. Say what you will about J-Simp, she sure ain’t shy! So we’ve assembled the eight most TMI twitpics she has ever shared with an unsuspecting internet. From her thoughts on fiance Eric Johnson‘s butt, to her trials and tribulations on the toilet, get ready to learn way more than you ever wanted to know about Jessica Simpson!

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Jessica Simpson Gives Birth To Maxwell Drew — Finally!

Jessica Simpson gave birth to daughter Maxwell Drew

After weeks of speculation that she’d secretly had her baby girl already, the seemingly pregnant forever Jessica Simpson has actually, really, finally gave birth to her daughter with fiance Eric Johnson. “Eric and I are elated to announce the birth of our daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson,” reads a pink announcement on And now we know why the singer/fashionista has looked like she was ready to pop for the past few months, Maxwell weighed in at 9 lbs, 13 oz. and is 21 and 3/4″ long.

“We are so grateful for all of the love, support and prayers we have received,” the announcement continues. “This has been the greatest experience of our lives.”

Between her healthy size and the name Maxwell Drew, we’re not sure if Jessica is following through on her plan to have a super girly girl. “I swear, I will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins!” Simpson told Elle in March. “Eric is so athletic. We’re gonna have this athletic girl and I won’t even be able to take her shopping.”

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Jessica Simpson Pauses Parenthood, Accepts Wedding Proposal, Resumes Parenthood

Jessica Simpson Engaged While Watching ParenthoodrnrnJust like US Weekly reminds us each and every week, stars really are just like us! Except, of course, way richer. And sometimes, mind you, also slothier and less romantic.rnrnWe speak, of course, of the newly engaged Jessica Simpson, the eternally classy dame that recently debuted her ruby engagement ring during an autograph signing session at the mall anchor store Dillard’s. Simpson’s engagement came hot on the heels of news that her ex-husband Nick Lachey popped the question to his fiery Latina bride-to-be, frequent bikini-wearer Vanessa Minillo, which caused many a naysayer to surmise that it was a revenge engagement of sorts. Well, as soon as you hear the romantic way in which her fiance Eric Johnson proposed, you’ll know for sure that this engagement had been planned minutes hours in advance! rnrn Read more…

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Jessica Simpson’s Boyfriend Skips Grad School To Spend More Time Listening To Her Fart


Someone needs to tell Jessica Simpson to stop thinking with her hormones. Her new boyfriend, ex-NFL player, Eric Johnson is obviously giving her lots of lovin’ (heehee, he used to play tight-end). This picture and message tweeted by J.Simp is evidence of that. She gushed, “Romance 101..getting kissed by my Yalie…me not lookin’ so smart…:) but YUM!”

Eric is apparently a secret nerd, but he’s dropped the idea of going to Wharton for the MBA program (yeah,Wharton) so he can spend more time with his lady love. A source says, “There were a lot of factors that went into his decision. Jessica supports him in whatever he wants to do. He has a lot going on.” Oh come on…it was totally her! She’s so not going to let him get away and you know it. They can’t take sexy time off in Italy if he’s plugging for a mid-term. Jessica Simpson ALWAYS wins (unless pitted against John Mayer, natch).

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