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Erin Barry Speaks, “I Did Not Have An Affair With Tony Parker”

She took her time, but Erin Barry is finally speaking up about her supposed sexting scandal with Eva Longoria‘s (soon-t0-be) ex husband, Tony Parker. As a source explained to RadarOnline, “Tony had Erin’s personal information stored in an electronic program that only he could access. But one day he forgot to close the program and that’s when Eva found it.” Considering Erin’s been silent for quite some time now about her role in ending the Parker-Longoria marriage, it’s no wonder that she’s venting full scale in a “statement.” And by that we means paragraphs of denial.

Barry wrote, “It has been brought to my attention that people who do not know me think that I have had an affair with Tony Parker. I have received hundreds of emails and phone calls from supportive friends who do know me and know that what is being insinuated about me is a complete lie. I am so busy with my children and law school studies that to take even a few moments out of my day to address this ludicrous issue is an annoyance. I only take the time to explain myself because apparently my silence, as a result of my indifference, has been construed as an admission of guilt. These are my words and this is the last you will hear from me on this subject because I have more important things to do. I DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH TONY PARKER, nor did I “pursue” Tony Parker….”

You can read the whole statement here on her website, but we warn you, it gets very PSA in the end. But the question is: if there was nothing going on, then why were there sexts in the first place? Eva didn’t imagine them, and there’s no mention of them in this explanation.

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Eva, Tony And His Mistress In Grease Lip Sync? Tell Us More, Tell Us More!

What’s more embarrassing than a sex tape? An elaborately staged lip sync featuring you, your husband, and you husband’s mistress! In an unprecedented twist, this unbelievable video has surfaced featuring Eva Longoria, Tony Parker and Erin Barry acting out a musical number from the classic film Grease.

Apparently the video was made last year to encourage other fans of the San Antonio Spurs to make film parodies of their own to submit in a competition. Tony said he chose Grease because he counted it among his favorite films.

Eva dons a blonde wig to play the wholesome Sandy, while Tony busts a move in the bleachers with his leather attired pals, and together they dance through a high school. But the weirdest part occurs one minute and forty seconds in, when Tony’s alleged mistress Erin Barry appears as the ill-tempered Pink Lady Rizzo, who shoves Eva off a bench with her high heel. Who knew Grease had these kind of prophetic powers!

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Tony Parker Speaks Out About Divorce, Says He Wasn’t Blindsided

After much speculation that Eva Longoria filed divorce papers as a surprise to intentionally blindside her husband, Tony Parker discusses their divorce for the first time to say: oh, he knew it was coming.

In an statement issued by his rep this evening, Parker told People, “Eva and I have been discussing our situation privately. I was aware that she would be filing for divorce in Los Angeles.”  No word on Tony’s rumored mistress Erin Barry’s texts messages being the cause of the break-up, though we bet if they are real and Eva found them, Tony would have been informed repeatedly about their upcoming divorce. Like, on his voicemail, his e-mail, the hood of his car….

Continued Parker, despite rumors to the contrary “I did not file for divorce in Texas and did not hire divorce attorneys in either Texas or California. We plan to continue to keep our discussions of this matter private.” Good luck to both Parker and Longoria, but if there are scandalous texts out there somewhere? We think privacy isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

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Eva Longoria Gets Her Revenge on Tony Parker


Eva Longoria didn’t get mad at Tony Parker, she got even. At least if you believe the latest chapter in their split saga that’s making the rounds today. We know the pair agreed to divorce after Eva discovered intimate text messages on her husbands phone that were sent by Erin Barry, the wife of fellow San Antonio’s Spur Brent Barry. But according to Radar Online this had happened weeks ago. The two were apparently  still discussing when to reveal their breakup to the world when Eva sprung the divorce papers on him yesterday.

“Eva was hurt and she wanted a little revenge,” the source told Radar. “So she blindsided Tony with the divorce filing. They were working out the details about who was going to file and when. They didn’t want it to become a messy divorce. Then Eva got a little revenge and didn’t tell Tony she was filing and dropped the papers on him, catching him off balance for the media blitz.”

On top of that, she also made the relationship between her husband and Erin Barry public as well. Despite admitting to the text messages, both Erin and Tony deny that their relationship was ever a physical one. But as the two couples had been friends for some time, Longoria felt understandably stabbed in the back. “Eva is furious that Tony started a relationship with a woman she knew, a woman they went out with as couple friends. She felt betrayed by Tony and this is how she got a small measure of revenge.”

And it looks like the revenge rocked more than just Tony. Brent Barry is reportedly filing for divorce from Erin this afternoon.

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The Identity Of Tony’s Alleged Other Woman Has Been Tweeted!


The name of Tony Parker’s alleged mistress has hit the Internet, and as if we couldn’t have guessed it, it only took 140 characters to let the cat out of the bag. According to Sports Illustrated staff writer Bryan Armen Graham, the name of the woman bringing about Parker and Eva Longoria’s divorce is Erin Barry, wife of Parker’s former San Antonio Spurs teammate Brent Barry and someone who should sleep with one eye open forever, if we know Eva like we think we do.

Tweeted Graham, “Have it on good authority from entertainment sources that “former teammate” in Tony Parker-Eva Longoria affair is Brent Barry.” Graham tweeted even more damning evidence later, saying “Longoria said she found text messages from wife of a former teammate on Parker’s phone. Source says former teammate was Barry.” Oh, we would not want to be Tony Parker tonight. Or either of the Barrys. Or, well, anyone within a 500 mile radius of Eva’s scratching zone.

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