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by (@hallekiefer)

Kelly Brook Gets Lipstick Everywhere Except Her Teeth In Exhibition Nudes

We feel you, Kelly. We’re always trying to put lipstick on during a bumpy subway ride; next thing you know we’ve got it smeared on our chin, up to our nose, in our butt crack…you know how it is. We bet the British actress and feels our pain, if Kelly Brook’s lipstick photos for Exhibition magazine are any indication. In fact, Brook manages to look more red than she did in her last year’s Pirahnas 3D. On the plus side, she’s equally as nude.

Apparently new luxury magazine Exhibition highlighted Brook in their first issue, the only one to be published in 2011. Hmm, coming out with just one issue a year seems a little gimmicky, but so far they’re doing an excellent job of getting our attention. We haven’t seen someone smeared with so much lipstick since we got into our mom’s purse as a toddler. And we haven’t seen a body so banging since, well, ever. Maybe in a dream we had once, but even then…not as quite banging.

[Photo: Exhibition Magazine]

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