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LeAnn Rimes Wants Wendy Williams To Stop Making Fun Of Her Affair. Good Luck With That.

For a country singer, LeAnn Rimes doesn’t know much about cheatin’ hearts…or sneaking around. The singer is spitting mad that Wendy Williams mocked Rimes’ affair with Eddie Cibrian, saying “It’s all very sloppy.” Williams also took issue with Rimes’ calling Cibran’s sons “my boys”. Chastised Williams,”The boys have a mother, and her name is Brandi [Glanville].” If we were LeAnn, we’d just feel lucky Eddie’s ex hasn’t taken a baseball bat to our truck’s windshield, or some equally poetic revenge.

Rimes called Williams out after the comments, tweeting “I’m incredibly disappointed to see someone with that kind of platform use it for such negativity and could be so mean and judgmental about a situation they know nothing about”. Listen, this is Americah; if you are going to talk about your illicit affair in public, Wendy Williams reserves the right to rip you a new one. It’s in the Declaration of Independence, right where we doodled it in the margins.

Wendy isn’t the only diva putting his or her two cents in about LeAnn’s infidelity. Rimes’ ex Dean Sheremet chimed in to disagree with LeAnn’s version of their divorce, explaining “I was very content and satisfied. I put myself on hold to funnel all my creative energy into her career and our marriage… I was blindsided and shocked that she of all people would do this to the closest person in her life.” Next time you’re tempted to discuss sleeping around in Shape, LeAnn, just talk about your insane abs, not your inner most personal confessions. SERIOUSLY, those abs are sick.

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Adulterer David Boreanaz Sued For Sexual Harassment


And the hits keep coming. David Boreanaz just slid out of his whole extramarital affair mess (with super skank Rachel Uchitel, no less). Now the Bones star may have come out strong with his family post the blow-up, but get ready for round two. Well, round three actually. Apart from YUCKitel -who denied being involved – another woman was also trying to extort money from him, saying they were involved. He’s now being sued for sexual harassment by a mystery actress.

And to keep it all the family, Gloria Allred is the lawyer handling the case. Remember, she was the one who handled the last extortion case, contacting the Angel-no-more’s lawyer for a six-figure sum!  The actress will reveal who she is along with Allred when the papers are officially filed, which is today. Yipee! So the cat will be out of the bag very soon with all the dirty deets and we’ll be chronicling the drama. Is it just us, or does Allred scare the c**p out of everybody?

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