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Shia LaBeouf Drops Acid, And 10 Other Extreme Things Actors Have Done For Roles

Shia LaBeouf might not get an Oscar for taking LSD for his role in the upcoming film The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, but he might get us to consider buying a ticket. “I’d never done acid before. I remember sending Evan tapes. I remember trying to conjure this and sending tapes. And Evan being like ‘That’s good, but that’s not but, that is,'” LaBeouf told MTV about dropping acid to prepare for his character’s drug trip. “You reach out to friends and gauge where you’re at. I was sending tapes around and I’d get 50 percents from people and that just starts creeping me out. I was getting really nervous toward the end. Not cause I wanted to be on drugs — I’m not trying to mess with the set or anything like that. It’s really just fear that propels people.” Maybe it was fear, but we’re betting Oscar gold played at least a tiny part in the other extreme things actors have done for roles…

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Mila Kunis On Her Extreme Black Swan Weight Loss: “All You Saw Was Bone”


Black Swan, the holiday film we’ve all been waiting for, is coming out next week and to get you ready, here’s more upsetting news about Mila Kunis’s Black Swan weight loss. Though Mila’s spoken about their punishing ballet routines before, now she admits that weeks of intense practice drove her weight down to a minuscule 95 lbs. Meaning she lost, what, three pounds? We gained that much just looking at pictures of pie online this morning.

Says Kunis, “My mom freaked out, She was like, ‘You have to promise me this isn’t going to affect you.’ I was like, ‘I promise it won’t, but it might take me a little time to be OK with having a little more fat on me.'” After seeing the toll the movie took on her body, Mila had to admit, “I could see why this industry is so f****d up, because … I would literally look at myself in the mirror and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I had no shape, no boobs, no ass … all you saw was the bone. I was like, ‘This looks gross.'” Ew, that’d be like looking in the mirror each morning and seeing a left-over Halloween decoration. Or Rachel Zoe.

However, despite the fact that Mila had the sensual appeal of a coat rack during filming, she claims her Black Swan sex scene with Natalie Portman is still going to everything we hoped for. Says Kunis, “In real life, I looked disgusting, but in photographs and on film, it looked amazing.” The magic of movies! In real life those ladies might look like two broomsticks tumbling around in a cement mixer; on screen they look like $12.50 well-spent (does not include popcorn/soda expenses). [Photo: Getty Images]

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50 Cent Feels Like A “Fat Boy,” Has Love/Hate Relationship With Cake

50 Cent still loves you like a fat kid love cake, except now he actually love cake a little bit more. Tweeting that he feels like a “fat boy”, 50 Cent has been sounding an awful lot like Cathy on his Twitter recently, grouching “I’m going to the gym I’m not but I feel like a fat boy I’m so use to training. When I take a few days of I start thinking I’m a blimp lol. I watch people over train all the time I only work out 45min my diet changes everything you have to do both.” Let’s see…moping about being a blimp, not going to the gym, and complaining about it to your friends on Twitter: yup, 50 Cent is officially a tenth-grade girl.

As you may recall, the rapper dropped an insane number of pounds this spring for his role in Things Fall Apart, going from 214lbs to 160lbs in two months. In our opinion, 50 looks excellent now that he weights more than Amy Winehouse after a long weekend. We just hope 50 Cent’s guidance counselor thinks to take him aside after Chemistry and reminds him that he is beautiful, just the way he is. [Photo: ThisIs50/]

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With A Purse Full Of Cocaine And A Car Full Of Weed (Allegedly), What Was Paris Doing With Albuterol?


As the world knows by now, Paris Hilton had herself quite the Friday night. She was arrested by the Las Vegas police on cocaine possession charges after the cops spotted her and boyfriend Cy Waits hotboxing on the Vegas strip. Whoops!

Well, TMZ is now reporting that prosecutors are planning to charge Paris with possession of a controlled substance as early as this afternoon, a charge that could land her behind bars for four years. According to police, Paris was in possession of 0.8 grams of cocaine — about a quarter of an 8-ball — which is enough to be considered a felony in the great state of Nevada.

However, the police report also notes that in addition to cocaine, marijuana and other drug paraphernalia (Zig Zags!), Paris also had a “broken tablet of Albuterol,” a prescription medication that is normally used to treat wheezing, in her purse. Assuming of course that Paris isn’t a closet asthmatic (Is she? Email us Nicky!), what would she be doing with Albuterol when she’s already high on weed and coke?

Well, according to the internet (always a reputable source!), Albuterol is a stimulant that “raises blood pressure, heart rate and helps the body burn fat.” Ah, we see, it’s a trendy new designer weight loss drug (that will no doubt skyrocket in popularity now that Paris had it in her purse)! Interestingly enough, it is frequently abused by bodybuilders when they’re trying to cut weight before a big event. Is there something you’re not telling us, Paris?

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