Fab Or Fail?

by (@katespencer)

Lily Allen Makeover: Fab Or Fail?

British beauty Lily Allen burst onto the scene in 2006 after her music became a viral smash on MySpace. Soon she became known not just for her catchy tunes, but for her signature style – incorporating cute designer dresses with sneakers and giant gold earrings. But Lily’s look has grown since she first hit the stage, and the singer now prefers massive heels and designer duds to her previous childish look. These days, Lily can be found strolling the red carpet in gorgeous couture gowns almost as often as she’s seen being carried out of clubs drunk.

While Allen’s style has evolved, her body size and esteem has yo-yoed over the years. In 2007 she took to her MySpace blog, complaining about the “evil machine” of our body-obsessed society in a post entitled “fat, ugly and sh*tter than winehouse.”  Later that year, she turned to hypnotism to help her successfully work out and lose weight.

Are you a fan of the fabulously slender Lily, or do you love her original look?

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