Family Guy

by (@hallekiefer)

Now He’s Teaming Up With Family Guy? We’re Seriously Enjoying Johnny Depp’s Mid-Life Crisis

We’re not saying that every guy who gets divorced and wears that many rings and necklaces has to be going through some kind of stereotypical mid-life crisis. But a guy who dumps his baby mama, rocks out with Marilyn Manson on stage and allegedly starts dating a beautiful blond 23 years his junior in addition to wearing that many rings and necklaces? Come on, people. Personally we’re enjoying the new, playful Johnny Depp, especially since it was announced today that he’s resurrecting Edward Scissorhands for a cut-away joke in an upcoming episode of Family Guy. Johnny’s cameo will be followed by a symphony of armpit farts and several hours of Diablo 3.

“When he was in the booth, he said that he felt like he hadn’t done that voice since he did it in front of the camera,” Family Guy executive producer Mark Hentemann told EW about the Lone Ranger actor. “He was able to snap right back into Edward Scissorhands once we pulled up a clip from the movie,” adding that “[h]e was amazing — and demonstrated extraordinary patience with all the fawning women in our office who swarmed him.” Uh huh, and did Depp roar away in a cherry red Mustang after offering them all unfettered access to his hot tub? We thought as much. Oh Johnny, you so crazy! Your glasses tried to tell us all along, but we weren’t able to hear it until now!

[Photo: Getty Images]