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Celebrate Anne Hathaway’s Style With 30 Photos Of Her Fashion Evolution

Anne Hathaway's Fashion Evolution Over A Decade

With movies like The Dark Knight Rises and Les Miserables on the cards, we have a severe case of Anne Hathaway on the brain. But she’s always been around somewhere in the mass consciousness, never once going off the radar, as she rose steadily to become the bona fide A-list movie star she is today. We have photographs here of Anne from a decade ago, in 2002, where she may have been a little rough around the edges, sartorially, but still had that amazing body and Cheshire Cat grin. Apt, because she did end up playing Catwoman. Over the years, through many premieres, events and awards show, you will see Anne’s style sense evolve steadily, in the gallery of 30 photographs we have created. It goes right up to this current time, where she’s a total it-girl in the fashion world. Fashion with a capital “F” really, as she’s a favorite of the most incredible designers like Valentino and Armani. The change really happened when she played the lead role in The Devil Wears Prada back in 2006. Before then, Anne was getting there — but little bits like messy hair, flared jeans and pointy-toe boots gave the fact that she wasn’t quite groomed away. Then TDWP happened, and boom: sleek, chic, hello, everyone! Fabulous actress, always an ingenue, and one of the main reasons why we want to watch The Dark Knight Rises,¬†flip through the gallery to celebrate Anne’s stratospheric fashion evolution.

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