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Lindsay Lohan Channels Charlie’s Angels For Court Appearance

In the past, Lindsay Lohan has dressed like a really expensive escort for her court appearances. Today she toned it down a bit, replacing that boob-hugging white dress with some high-waisted bell bottoms last seen in our mom’s high school closet. Mock though we may, the look suits LiLo, who complimented her Lanvin pants and shoes with a tight black turtleneck, a white scarf, some shades, and comically large lips full of injection juice. Lindsay is currently in the courtroom for her preliminary hearing in that jewelry theft case that just won’t go away. Hey, at least all this time in front of various judges is giving her ample inspiration for her next role as a mob princess!

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Add Saoirse Ronan To The List Of Stylish Teens We Love

It seems like we just might have an unhealthy obsession with some of Hollywood’s teenage actresses. Not in a creepy way, more like “How did these girls avoid an awkward phase and end up so cool?”

We love Chloe Moretz‘ fashion sense, and we think Rango star Abigail Breslin has come into her own, but now they have a fierce fashion competitor in Saoirse Ronan. Ronan has seen quite a few red carpets in her sixteen years and her style has matured well beyond her age. She consistently chooses age-appropriate, but still killer outfits that we covet. Check out some of our faves, including her look at last night’s premiere of Hanna, which opens tomorrow.

10. The Goddess

9. Committed to Sparkle (Motion)

8. Wonder Woman

7. Morticia Addams

6. Leggy and Lacy

5. Headband Over Heels

4. Master of the Mini

3. Susan and Saoirse

2. Barefoot and Purple

1. Her Skin Is Black Metallic

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KStew’s Shoes: 21 Pics Of Her Coolest Sneakers

You know what we love about Kristen Stewart, guys? Well yes, everything. But specifically her fashion sense, and the fact that she dresses like an actual human and not a BRATZ doll. While we swoon over her skinny jeans and sunglasses, we’re particularly fond of her sneaker collection, and fantasize about the massive shelving system it must take to hold them all. WHAT DOES HER CLOSET LOOK LIKE?! These are the things that keep us up at night.

We’ve often hit up red carpets with some sneaker questions for Kristen in our pocket, but have never had time to ask (you know, questions that have a bit more substance come first). But seriously – do you not love that the girl owns a gajillion pairs of Keds, Converse and Vans and wears them on the red carpet? What’s more relatable than a celebrity who hates heels?

We’re celebrating all things Kristen this week in honor of her 21st birthday, so please join us as we toast her enviable sneaker collection and her casual, cool style that is so uniquely her own. Now excuse us while we go try to look cool tying a knot in our t-shirt, and check back here tomorrow as we pay tribute to Kristen’s lengthy on-screen career!

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Uma Thurman Brings Sexy Back At The Ceremony Premiere

Not that sexy could ever go away completely with a woman like Uma Thurman, but lately it’s been on a little bit of a time out. Recently she’s gone the who earthy-but-unkempt route and we were getting so tired of her looking scraggly. That situation has been remedied as of now, considering she pulled out all the stops at the Ceremony premiere in Hollywood.

This metallic trench-coat inspired dress looks like liquid gold on her. And can we just say, with that fabric and that shine, you can’t have an ounce of extra cellulite on you, or it’ll show. Not that Uma needs to worry about that. We also love the Jimmy Choo stilettos. Also starring with Uma in the movie is Michael Angarano — also known as Kristen Stewart‘s ex-boyfriend — and BTW, we still wonder how the relationship proceeded from him to Rpattz? Bryce Dallas Howard also came to the premiere looking ethereal in an onion pink Reem Acra dress which you can check out in the gallery below.

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Selena Gomez Rocks Two Different Looks At The Concert For Hope

Selena Gomez seems to be walking a thin line between sweet and sexy. She channeled two very different looks on Sunday night at the Concert For Hope in Universal City, Califorina. For the red carpet before she looked completely adorable in a nautical black and white tunic with a red keffiyeh. We also love those boots! But on stage, it’s another story altogether. Don’t be fooled by the pink, the sparkles and the cutesy ballet flats. La Gomez has a seriously plunging neckline going on! At the same time, she’s so adorable that she’s never look trashy. On anyone else, that navel-baring slit would be way too much.

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Keira Knightley’s Sexy New Short Film For Chanel

We’ve fallen head over heels in love with Keira Knightley‘s new short film for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume. It’s been directed by Keira’s director of our favorite Pride and Prejudice, Joe Wright. We’re also very grateful because this film has introduced us to a certain actor-Greek God hybrid called Alberto Ammann. Joss Stone‘s totally surprised us as well. She’s not in the film, but she sang the ‘soundtrack’—a cover of James Brown’s It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World—and she nailed it. Watch Keira zipping around Paris, giving us breathtaking shots of sights like Place Vendome and the Place de la Concorde. She’s wearing a beige motorcycle jumpsuit designed by Karl Lagerfeld, which she takes off later to seduce Alberto. Hot! Hot! Hot!

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Kate Winslet Fails To Connect The Dots At The NYC Premiere Of Mildred Pierce

It hurt us to say this. It truly does, because all of us love Kate Winslet. We’d get behind any role she takes, and we normally do the same for her outfits. We just can’t support what she’s wearing to the New York premiere of the new HBO miniseries  Mildred Pierce. She looks flawless from the neck up as usual, those shoes are sexy as hell, but what is that dress?

We get that she wanted to have some fun with her fashion, but this Stella McCartney number is so not the right direction for her to go in! It’s like one side of her body  has the chicken pox! Sorry, Kate, but this half-and-half dress is just not working. Check out her sartorial disaster in the gallery below. And FYI, her co-star Evan Rachel Wood rocked it in a Elie Saab plum dress.

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Lady Gaga’s Monstrous iD Cover, Ghoulish Beauty Tips

Lady Gaga is almost working her angles; they just usually aren’t jutting haphazardly out of her face like a creature that slithered out of the mouth of Hades. Lady Gaga’s iD cover for their Exhibition issue combines Gaga’s monster face look with some high fashion styling. Gaga looks like an exhibition alright…at a medical oddities museum. Based on what her forehead looks like, we’re guessing we don’t want to catch a glimpse of whatever’s lurking under Mother Monster’s Thierry Mugler by Formichetti leather trench.

It’s not only while in costume that Gaga deals with gruesome beauty dilemmas. In an interview with People, Lady Gaga talks about her hair falling out; the natural brunette explained that she must “get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out.” We also might have found the source of the “freckles” on her cover photos: when asked how many nights of the week she falls asleep with make-up on, Gaga admits “Seven. That is not good for your skin, but I’m blessed with good genes.” If demonic cheekbones, bald scalps and blotch-covered faces are in vogue, then we’ll just take our culottes and fanny packs. As we sprint toward the nearest police station.

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Yes, Even James Franco’s Armpit Hair Is Sexy

Voila! While we sit around and wait for James Franco to @ reply to our fangirl-y messages on Twitter, we can admire him on the cover of Vogue Hommes. The actor was shot by creepy photo genius Terry Richardson, in various poses ranging from ‘I’m gonna bone this burger with my mouth’ to ‘Hey gurl, my armpits got into Yale’ to ‘I’M GRINNING LIKE A CRAZY PERSON!!!’ Yet in every picture he remains the James Franco we’ve come to know and lust: the trying-too-hard weirdo with a face of gold.

Check out more pictures at The Stylist Site.

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Poll: Who Had The Most Unflattering Outfit At The Go International Designer Launch?

We’re used to seeing Chloe Sevigny deck herself out in bizarro fashions on a regular basis, but she really outdid herself at the Go International Designer Collective launch party with her leopard-bow tie-garter ensemble. The things is, she seemed to take all the other normally trendy, stylish women in attendance down with her, which is unfortunate. Liv Tyler, Olivia Munn, and Lake Bell (pictured in our gallery below) all wore some weird variation of high-waisted mini-skirt and none of them really looked amazing, to tell the truth. Take out poll below and, in the grand tradition of American Idol, vote for the worst.

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