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Posh’s $6000 Heel-Less Boots Make Us Ill

There’s something about Victoria Beckham‘s boots that makes us sick to our stomach. Where are the f*cking heels!? These Antonio Berardi monstrosities, which she wore to her NYC fragrance launch on Friday, cost £3,300 (about $6000), go all the way up to her upper thing, and would have a five and a half inch heel if one existed. We hope Posh is happy suffering for fashion, because at this rate she’s not going to be able to walk by the time she’s 40. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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John McCain Wears $6000 Worth Of Makeup

Feel like having a girls day shopping at Sephora for new mascara and gloss? Maybe Senator John McCain will to join you! The presidential candidate is supposedly splurging on Hollywood makeup artist Tifanie White, an Emmy nominated face painter to the stars who’s dabbed cover up and eye shadow on the faces of American Idol‘s finest. Apparently McCain has doled out $5,583.43 for White’s services prior to TV shoots. And doesn’t he just look beautiful? [NYP. Photo: GettyImages]


Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Buy That Beckham And Lopez Are Buds

You know who has a lot of opinions about Victoria Beckham? Kelly Osbourne! Ozzy’s daughter was at the Marc Jacobs show where Posh revealed her new “pixie” do, and—judging from her interview with Heat magazine—spent a lot more time watching the Spice Girl (and alleged friend Jennifer Lopez) than what was on the runway.

I think she’s too skinny to have hair that short. To get away with that, you need to have something soft about your face. She looks too immaculate.

…I know it’s not my place to say, and I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve seen two people pretend to like each other more in my life. They were holding hands, but it looked like Victoria was holding a dirty bit of toilet paper. They were sat right next to each other but you could have sat a whole other person between them.

Do you believe the pair are pals? Check out the gallery and decide if Kelly knows what she’s talking about. [via AHN]

[Osbourne Photo: Wire Image]


Dita Von Teese Shows Off Her New Wonderbra

Now you too can be a sexy scientist! Dita Von Teese unveiled her new Wonderbra lingerie line by posing with two models and an oversized pair of her wares at a launch party in London earlier today. Check out the gallery to see the goods at work.

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Whitney Port Prepares To Bore World in Cute Shoes

So, it’s like, true. Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad‘s fashion conscious sidekick who has somehow managed to remain as neutral as Switzerland during four seasons of the show, has been let loose on Gotham as the star of MTV’s next big docudrama. Whit will be working for fashion designer Diane Von Fustenberg, and should start airing early next year. On The Hills, Whitney is good for a couple of weird faces and a shoulder to fake cry on, but how is that going to translate into a full thirty minutes? With a lot of help from her old friends the producers, we’d guess.  [Photo: MTV]


Supermodel Obsessions

Victoria’s Secret just gets sexier and sexier. The lingerie brand recently unveiled its latest collection, Supermodel Obsessions, which embodies “an effortless and relaxed sexiness.” Also embodying an “effortless and relaxed sexiness” is one of Victoria’s Secret’s newest Angels, Doutzen Kroes, who flaunted her bikini body while on the beach in Miami. Check out our gallery of this 5’10” stunner.


Did Project Runway‘s Nina Garcia Have A Bad Botox Reaction?

Page Six posted a blind item this morning about a reality show judge that missed two episodes of her show thanks to a bad reaction botox reaction (supposedly her face “swelled up like a cauliflower”). Dlisted thinks it’s Project Runway‘s Nina Garcia, and—unless someone can think of another reality show judge that was AWOL for two episodes recently, Scandalist is inclined to agree. She looked fine upon her return, though, so she must have made it through the wrinkle-smoothening storm—if it even happened at all!


Jonas Brothers Are Huge Fans Of Britney Spears, “Clothing”

The Jonas Brothers, like most young men, are an excitable lot. And, based in this video from On Air With Ryan Seacrest, nothing excites them more than Britney Spears songs and clothes. Because they’re actually young girls.

While the Bros can’t confirm the rumor that they’re collaborating with Spears, Nick says it would be “an honor” to work with a singer who’s “a legend at this point.” Kevin’s favorite song of hers is “Toxic,” while Joe sticks with earlier hits like “…Baby One More Time.” Naturally.

There’s no interband friction when it comes to creating a fashion line, though. “[We] definitely would be loving to do that,” says Kevin. “We’re huge fans of clothing, and things like that.”

Joe provides a slightly more specific response, suggesting they’d love “give it a try” to work with “some of [our] favorite designers, like Jay Lindenberg or Marc Jacobs…or Ralph Lauren!”

Hey, why don’t you guys try out for Project Runway next year! You sound like you belong on the Lifetime network more than Disney anyway. [via ONTD]


Jennifer Hudson To Marry Punk

It’s official. A rep for the Oscar-winning singer and actress Jennifer Hudson told People that she’s marrying I Love New York 2 cast-away Punk. The couple, who have kept their relationship as quiet as possible, got engaged Friday night on Hudson’s 27th birthday. Hudson and Punk — i.e., David Otunga (guess he just outgrew his nickname) — have been together for less than a year.

In an interview with the VH1 Blog, David was open about falling in love with New York during last year’s show, and we can’t help see irony in the fact that he’s now marrying a woman that has Dreamgirls under her belt and a new movie (The Secret Life of Bees) opening next month while New York is hussling to land a semi-respectable Hollywood gig.

Last year, we saw Punk on reality TV squirting whip cream on his bare chest in an attempt to turn on VH1’s H.B.I.C. This year, we’ll see him on the red carpet at the Academy Awards.