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The 10 Red Carpet Winners At The Teen Choice Awards

Our ten picks for Best Dressed at the Teen Choice Awards all have something in common: they each dressed in a way that best highlights their personal style. Kourtney Kardashian‘s flowy blue mini was pure California glam, Zooey Deschhanel‘s signature retro look was topped with enviable locks, Rachel Bilson kept it simple in white with killer (literally) heels, and Selena Gomez was youthful and elegant in an Erin Fetherston mini. Ashley Greene‘s Givenchy was sleek and elegant — just like her hair, Nina Dobrev was perfectly girlie in gingham and a high pony-tail, Zoe Saldana sparkled and twirled in her summer-y strapless dress, and Blake Lively‘s printed heels helped her sunny orange dress pop even more.

Two dudes also made it onto our list: the ever-dapper Darren Criss, who rocked a sweet little skinny tie and fitted suit jacket, and Taylor “Wait a second did he suddenly get really hot?!” Lautner perfected his action star look in leather. Yes, Taylor is officially doing the Tom Cruise look BETTER than Tom Cruise.

Check out our ten favorite looks in the gallery below!

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Justin Bieber Has Something To Say

You know what our favorite part of Justin Bieber‘s outfit is? It’s not the “F**k You” t-shirt, because that seems like a pretty obvious ‘only a seventeen year old would wear this’ clothing choice. Nay, it is the prayer beads (used by Tibetan monks for, you know, praying) hanging around his neck accentuating the ridiculousness of his shirt. The singer and his bodyguard, also in a ridiculous tee, did some shopping at the Armani Exchange at the Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood yesterday. Perhaps they’re in the market for some more message-y tees?

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Emma Stone Rocks Two Cute Outfits, One Great Pair Of Heels

Emma Stone arrived to and departed from the David Letterman Show in two very different outfits yesterday. She arrived in an Azzaro dress and Brian Atwood Venus pumps, which she wore on the show. The actress left the building and chatted with fans in skinny jeans and a casual cream sweater, while still teetering tall in those gorgeous heels. We’re kinda partial to denim, but damn we’ll take those shoes any day. What we wouldn’t give to have them on our feet…or even just to cradle on in our arms for a minute like a little shoe baby. Er, where were we?

Emma is busy promoting Crazy Stupid Love and The Help, and has Spiderman mania on the horizon, which only means more outfits for us to ogle at. Which of her looks would you wear out?

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What’s Up With Kate Bosworth’s Hair?

We’re so used to seeing Kate Bosworth perfectly put together in couture that this was a bit of a shock for us! The actress was seen sporting weird turquoise dip-dyed hair at a Coldplay concert yesterday at UCLA. This has got to be for a role, right? Is this her way of acting out after breaking up with Alexander Skarsgard? ‘Cause if we ever broke up with someone who looked like that, we’d be tearing our hair out, not dyeing it. Or is this Kate’s version of latent punk predilections coming out into the fore? Call us square, but we’re hoping it’s the former. What say you FAB nation?

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Carey Mulligan Bares Midriff At Comic Con

We love the understated style of Carey Mulligan, and what treat it was to see her back in action at Comic Con yesterday. The actress mixed sensible with sexy with this multi-colored dress, which showed off her stomach while still keeping her legs covered. The style teases the eye with a bit of skin yet still maintains the class we’ve come to expect from the Oscar nominee. We glad to see that she’s kept her signature cropped hair-do, too. We’re loving the length and the darker highlights!

Carey was in San Diego to promote her new movie Drive, which co-stars uber-hunk Ryan Gosling. Do you think she met up with fellow Brit Packer RPattz and his honorary Brit Pack girlfriend for drinks at the end of the day? We can only dream!

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Jennifer Aniston Promotes Horrible Bosses With Hot Boyfriend In Tow

Jennifer Aniston went out of her fashion comfort zone at London’s Horrible Bosses premiere, wearing a beaded off-white dress with gorgeous white heels. Her outfits for the photocall and after party at Shoreditch House were typical Jen — sexy n’ short LBDs with her signature strappy black heels.

Jen’s boyfriend Justin Theroux accompanied the actress to the after party in a slimming black suit complete with skinny tie. We’re liking Jen getting in touch with her hipster side. She’s apparently bringing Justin along as she house hunts in Beverly Hills, where they visited Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s $60 million mansion, for sale since June.  Could he be the guy who actually gets her to settle down? Hey — if he convinced her to wear that white dress then, well, we’re sold on him!


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Fashionista Chloe Moretz Is The New Teen Scene Queen

Chloe Moretz took in the Veuve Cliquot Polo Gold Cup Final in London this weekend, looking quite the hipster fashionista. Blue nails? Check! Orange sunnies? Check! New Kids on the Block-esque hat? Check! Equally as cute and hip arm candy? Ch- wait a second, what do we have here? While we love Chloe’s outfit and fierce posing, we’re most intrigued by the cute boy on her arm. Buddy? Boyfriend? Brother ? What do you think? Peruse the pics and check Chloe out in the trailer for the new movie Hugo (below the jump!)

[Updated: We think her guy pal might be her brother Trevor Duke Moretz. Also, we are now obsessed with Trevor Duke Moretz. Thanks @lindzspice for the tip!]


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Elle Fanning Is The New Face Of Marc By Marc Jacobs

Our favorite quirky tween, Elle Fanning, is the new face of Marc by Marc Jacobs. The Super 8 actress is still in middle school, but she’s got some of the best style we’ve seen on the red carpz, hands down. (See photos of Elle’s red carpet style) Marc by Marc Jacobs is known for it’s cool, downtown vibe and really, is there anyone cooler than Elle? She’s in good company too: Her sister Dakota is the face of Marc’s perfume, Oh Lola, and Queen of Quirk, Helena Bonham Carter, recently modeled for his main line.

We think Elle looks a lot like supermodel Jessica Stam in these pics, no?

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Zooey Deschanel Wins At Fashion, Responds To LA Times Columnist Who Called Her A “Cow”

Zooey Deschanel was all sorts of awesome on the red carpet this weekend, and we’ve stopped drooling long enough to gush about it. She hit up the BAFTAs Brits to Watch event on  Saturday night with husband and Death Cab for Cutie front man Ben Gibbard, looking all sorts of hipster glam in a gold Oscar de la Renta dress accentuated by sparkly heels and clutch. Sunday found Zooey posing at the Winnie the Pooh premiere in a bold flower print with a pair of neutral peep toes. She sported luscious Disney princess curls at both events — the stuff our hair-do dreams are made of.

We’re also loving the actress’ response to the LA Times columnist who called her a “cow” (uh, seriously?) and claimed she “worried aloud that the neighborhood around the fabulously restored Belasco Theatre might look shabby to the regal couple.” Zooey spoke out on HelloGiggles, the entertainment site she co-founded, writing to Patt Morrison:

“Let me be clear: the quote from USA TODAY that you used as the foundation of your piece was taken completely out of context. I NEVER said that Downtown LA was “the worst of LA”…In your piece, the character you’ve created of “me” is actually pretty funny. I don’t know who this person is, but it seems as if you’ve borrowed her from the Susan Lucci repertoire. You make so many far-fetched conclusions; for one thing, you state, “go back to your house on the Westside.” Well, I can’t do that because I do not live on the Westside. You also open your piece by calling me a “cow”, which might be your opinion, but I wish a journalist for the Los Angeles Times and KPCC had found a more sophisticated way of sharing a difference in perceived opinion.”

To quote FABlife writer Halle Kiefer via IM, “The day Zooey Deschanel qualifies as a cow is the day I literally put a bell around my neck and live in a field.” Word. Deschanel for the win-win!

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Keri Hilson’s Military Head Gear: Hit Or Miss?

True story: we once spotted the lovely Keri Hilson here at VH1 doing her own make up in our bathroom lobby, which confirmed our adoration for the singer. A lady with bold, adventurous style who isn’t afraid to touch up her own blush is a winner in our book. Not to mention she pens kickass dance tunes! “Pretty Girl Rock” is our ‘gettin’ dressed to go out’ jam.

Keri was in Las Vegas this weekend where she performed at The Gallery nightclub. We love her militaristic mini with the hint of neon peepin’ out at the top, and the mary-janes are an easy pairing with just about any look. But the hat! Oh the hat. We like the nod to the troops and the 1940s throwback, but we think the look would have worked better with some pin-up style victory rolls and dramatic red lips. What do you think about her head-cessory?