Fault Magazine

by (@hallekiefer)

Ali Lohan Busts Out New Face For Fault Magazine Cover

Ali Lohan’s face, and the plastic surgery allegations it inspired last month, had us kind of concerned about the younger Lohan’s modeling career. How would she keep booking gigs if she looked like a new strong-browed woman at every single shoot? Luckily, Ali Lohan’s Fault Magazine cover has her looking infinitely more modelicious than we would have predicted. Okay, so maybe you can’t see half of Ali’s head due to those gigantic sunglasses, and the use of black-and-white sort of makes her freckles look like a sun damage screening taken after she feel asleep under a lawn chair, but still! We can see the potential. The truth is, Ali’s alternate cover, complete with black lipstick, has her looking downright…fierce.

[Photo: Fault Magazine/ Splash News Online]