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Keri Russell’s The Americans Makes Us Wish These 5 Other Former Teen Stars Would Turn TV Spies

Keri Russell, Kristen Bell, Katie Holmes, Alexis Bledel, Linda Cardellini, Neve Campbell

Former TV teens we love: Keri Russell, Kristen Bell, Katie Holmes, Alexis Bledel, Linda Cardellini and Neve Campbell

Now that we’ve seen how much potential Keri Russell’s upcoming FX series, The Americans, has — thanks to a trailer posted last week and an eerie scene up on Buzzfeed this morning — we are crossing our fingers that she is part of a trend. With former My So Called Life star Claire Danes busting terrorists on Homeland, and Felicity alum Russell working as a Soviet spy living deeply undercover on this new show, the way has been paved for other former TV teens to make huge comebacks in dramas of their own.

Kristen Bell’s been making a career of quirky romantic comedies, but now that she’s expecting her first child, we can imagine her going back to her Veronica Mars roots and settling down into another sassy detective role. (It doesn’t have to be the long-promised grown-up version of VM, but pretty please, TV gods, can it be?) We got all excited for Alexis Bledel’s small guest stint on Mad Men — could the Gilmore Girl have been testing waters for a bigger part on the small screen? Seeing that Vanity Fair Freaks and Geeks reunion made us eager to see more of Linda Cardellini. And though Neve Campbell and Katie Holmes probably got their fill of soapy angst on Party of Five and Dawson’s Creek, we think they could thrive in good procedural mysteries or the like.

What kinds of TV shows would you pick for these ladies? Flip through photos of them in their memorable roles and today, and then share your ideas in the comments below!

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Scott Speedman Will Have Sexy Shirtless Scenes On Last Resort, Producer Promises Us

Scott Speedman - Last Resort

It’s been 10 long years since Felicity left our lives forever and took Noel Crane (Scott Foley) and Ben Covington (Scott Speedman) with her. Since then, we’ve been secretly — OK, maybe not so secretly — hoping for Scott Speedman to return to our TV screens on a weekly basis. No offense to the other Scott, but Speedman always had our hearts.

Well, it looks like the TV gods have finally answered our call (now if only they’d bring back Malibu Shores)! Scott Speedman stars in the new drama Last Resort as XO Sam Kendal, who suddenly finds himself in charge of a submarine after his captain (24‘s Andre Braugher) disobeys a direct order from the U.S. government. And as if that isn’t enough to pique your interest, the creators of Last Resort have stuck our eye candy on a beautiful tropical island with lots of irresistible women, where there should plenty of opportunities for gratuitous shirtless scenes. Don’t believe us? We went straight to the source (we’re really connected here at VH1) to get the lowdown on Speedman’s shirtless-ness.  “We, by no means, wish to be just a political thriller. You know, in terms of love, romance, sex, all of that is part of the DNA of the show as well,” show creator and executive producer Karl Gadjusek told us in a conference call. So what about the shirtless-ness? Will Scott Speedman be shirtless? “Yes, I guess he will.” YES! YES! YES!

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Scott Speedman Stokes Felicity, Ryan Gosling Reunion Talk — Unintentionally!

Seeing Scott Speedman acting opposite Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in The Vow has made many of us a little more than nostalgic for his Felicity heyday. All week long people have been peppering him with reunion questions, and he responded jokingly, not realizing how crazy it would drive us.

“I think I made some offhand comment about me being a giant fat person [in a reunion show], but that’s not really what I’ve been wanting to do! I didn’t think that would get so much leverage,” he told us. “I think it would be fun to get together and see where the story is, but I don’t know, that’s probably not going to happen. There’s so many people doing too many different things right now.”

In all seriousness, though, Speedman is interested in coming back to the small screen. “Especially right now, there seems to be a lot of good television happening,” he said. “It’s hard after you do a show that people really like and you really like doing, it’s hard to just choose just to do anything. So I’ve been sort of picky about what I wanted to do.”

How about ringing up Felicity creator J.J. Abrams? “We’ve talked a little bit in the past about certain kind of things, but any time he would call, I’d be more than interested. He’s great.”

But there’s another reunion we’re dying to see: a re-teaming of Speedman with fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling, who starred with him in an episode of Goosebumps, “Say Cheese and Die,” in 1996. Big Morning Buzz Live dug up a clip of this fine example of their acting. Watch his thrilled, This Is Your Life-worthy reaction:
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Scott Speedman Doesn’t Think He Has A Fair Shot Against Channing Tatum

In all the months we’ve been doing weekly Hotness polls, we’ve never had the (embarrassing) honor of actually talking to one of its subjects while voting was under way. Until now. Scott Speedman stopped by VH1 to promote his role as the anti-Channing Tatum, as Rachel McAdams’ ex-fiance, in The Vow. That movie’s love triangle, he said isn’t quite as fair as the one that made him famous: the fight against Noel for Felicity.

“I feel like the Felicity one was more balanced,” he said. “There was more screen time for all in that one. This one [in The Vow] is more skewed one way.”

So, who does he think would win in a real-life love triangle?
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From Glee To Beverly Hills: TV’s Best Virginity Losses

According to TVLine.com, on tonight’s episode of Glee, “The First Time,” both Rachel and Finn, and Kurt and Blaine will have sex for the first time. Given the way the show has been hit-or-miss this season, we’re crossing our fingers the episode lives up to the buildup, kinda the way young couples cross their fingers about losing their V-cards. And as we wait for the big moment, we thought we’d bide our time by looking back at all the other great “losing it” moments in TV teen history.

Beverly Hills, 90210: Brenda loses it to Dylan in “Spring Dance” (Season 1)
“How many girls get to have sex for the first time with someone they love?” Brenda asks Dylan, before they do the deed in a hotel room while the dance is still going on. His smooth reply: “I don’t know. I’ve never really taken an opinion poll.”
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